The far-right troglodyte court of religious zealots had a very busy week.

First, they ruled that religious private schools can receive taxpayer money. Naturally, this violates the separation of church and state which is in the Constitution.

Claiming they can actually comprehend the Constitution, SCOTUS’ next move was to allow people to carry concealed guns in New York City. I’ve been looking but I can’t find “concealed-carry” in the Constitution but I did find “well-regulated.”

Finally, SCOTUS did exactly what we expected them to do and that was to overturn Roe v. Wade based, not on the Constitution, but on their religious zealotry. If you’re a right-wing gun-humping religious zealot who wants to control women and tell them what they can and can’t do with their bodies, then you had a good week.

SCOTUS is overriding their function. They are legislating. Take the abortion case for example. They were hearing a case about banning abortions after a set number of weeks. Instead of just issuing a decision on that case, they created new laws. This is literally legislating from the bench.

The case they were hearing didn’t ask the court whether abortion is or isn’t constitutional, probably because most of the justices on the court have said that abortion is precedent and settled law.

The scary thing is, this is establishing a new precedent (irony abounds) for the court to strike down laws they’re not even hearing arguments about.

What will the Supreme Court strike down next that nobody’s asking them about?

Music note: I listened to a bunch of girl rock while drawing this (which took a while). I jammed to Paula Cole, Alanis Morrisette, the Cranberries, Melissa Etheridge, and Soul Asylum. Siri thinks Soul Asylum are girls.

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  1. Clay, There’s no way I can possibly pass up your monumental work that so clearly illustrates the ABSOLUTELY SHIT WEEK that we as Americans and me, in particular as a woman have suffered under this bullshit excuse for a Supreme Court! Ruth Bader Ginsberg must be spinning in her grave after all this crap.

    As a retired person, and now a childless widow for the past 15 months, I’m seriously considering moving to Europe, in particular, Ireland or Spain. How could it possibly be any worse than the absolute deadly fuckery that’s going on here???

    My mother in law is 95. My dad is 85 and my stepmom is 76. After they’re gone, and my VA benefits and Social Security have been sorted out, there sure isn’t anything keeping me here! There’s MENSANS in Europe too, so I won’t lack for social interactions. I’m dead serious. Our country is fucked.

    Please send me a signed copy. I’m sending payment through PayPal.

    Your huge fan and JEOPARDY lady, The Real Lisa Simpson

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    1. I got your donation and order, Lisa. But you can’t leave for Europe without me. Your print should going out in tomorrows mail (depending on print shop).


  2. They also gutted Miranda last week. So unless you have the warning memorized from Law and Order or other cop shows you are going to be SOL when you get arrested. Assuming, of course, that we will still have the rights listed in the warning.


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