Hate Mail

On this page, you’ll see some fun feedback. I don’t edit and all the grammitical errors are theirs. I remove names and contacts so they’re not bombarded by my readers. There are years of these emails but I just now decided to share them on my site.
rust me, these are real.

From an newspaper editor in California (really).
“Dear Clay,
Your sense of humor is getting darker as you fall even further in to your delusions.Good work though… you definitely have talent for satire, just not for discerning the truth from fiction. Publishing this would be irresponsible propagation of destructive viewpoints.You just happen to be on the wrong side of history right now, or your afraid of the woke left you support with your work. You certainly aren’t serving as a comical pressure valve to release societal tensions, which should be your role in such a polarized environment. We should all be okay as long as we can just agree that it’s okay to disagree and not force our viewpoints on others.Merry Christimas. Warmly,(I redacted his name)Freedom Loving American”