This is where you’ll find links to news stories, interviews, videos and even embarrassing moments all about yours truly.  Enjoy!!!

Do Awards Still Matter?

I was part of a panel with fellow cartoonists Lalo Alcaraz and Signe Wilkinson discussing if cartoon awards, specifically the Pulitzer Prize, still matter. This took place at the Billy Ireland Cartoon Library at Ohio State University and was presented by the Association of American Editorial Cartoonists during the 2022 convention in Columbus.

Protect Our Democracy
October 22, 2022

I participated in this event but the news outlet only mentioned one of the participants but it wasn’t me, the member of the General Assembly, or the President Grant impersonator.


The Columbus Free Press
October 8, 2022

While I was attending the convention for the Association of American Editorial Cartoonists while in Columbus, Ohio, the Columbus Free Press invited me to speak at an event they were having.
I start speaking at the 54:49 mark of the video.

The Sigma Delta Chi Award
June 24, 2022

I won the SDX Award for Best Editorial Cartoon given by the Society of Professional Journalists.

The virtual ceremony
The Society of Professional Journalists
Bado’s Blog
The Daily Cartoonist
The Association of American Editorial Cartoonists

The 2022 RFK Cartoon Award
May 24, 2022

I won the RFK Human Rights journalism award for editorial cartooning.

The virtual ceremony
The Daily Cartoonist
The Association of American Editorial Cartoonists
The Columbus Free Press

Mike Rhodes’ list of previous winners (the company I’m in)

The Streak

An interview about my five-year daily streak on GoComics. I’m tired.

I’m a guest on the podcast “This Is Fine,” hosted by Alexandra Bowman.


I’m a finalist for the 2020 National Headliner Award.

The list of winners.

The Cover of the AAEC newsletter.

The Association of American Editorial Cartoonists made my cartoon on “perilous times for political cartoonists” the cover of their trade publication, The Notebook. Funny thing, I’m currently not a member. But, I promised them I’ll join soon. Also, the use of this cartoon on the cover has prompted several colleagues to speak out against it.


Photo taken by Bruce Guthrie at a cartoonist party hosted by Politico’s Matt Wuerker.

A new interview promoting my book Tales From The Trumpster Fire.

I’m a 2019 Herblock Prize Finalist

The Herblock Awards Ceremony


The Free Lance-Star

The Moderate Voice


Interviewed by Mr. Media.


I’m kinda proud of this one. This is a fringe, right-wing, conspiracy site that’s not a fan of my work. But, the fact they’ve even noticed me is pleasing. That the writer conducting mental gymnastics grouped me in as part of a conspiracy theory with a correspondent for The Washington Post and the fringe, left-wing website Democratic Underground is like receiving an award. Though, this will probably send more trolls my way.


An interview with me in the Spring/Summer 2018 edition of FLAR, published in Fredericksburg. My interview starts on page 76.


Here, one my cartoons is displayed on Velshi & Ruhle.

Virginia cartoonist declines award from Iran’s Trump cartoon contest

I declined a citation from an Iranian cartoon contest.

An article from Heat Street about the Iranian contest.

A slight mention at the beginning of this Washington Post article.

The Jewish Museum of Berlin

The Jewish Museum of Berlin is featuring an exhibit on the persecution and prejudice toward Muslim women for what they’re wearing and they’re using one of my cartoons. This feature aired on ZDF, which I was told is the biggest network in Germany. It includes my cartoon. I wish I spoke German.

English Version from the Jewish Museum of Berlin

The Rachel Maddow Show
In May, 2011, shortly after bin Laden was killed, Rachel Maddow highlighted one of my cartoons.  My phone rang so much that night I never did go to bed.

CNN A piece about how Trump never smiles and is always pouting.

CNN A piece about conspiracies over Hillary Clinton’s health.

Beachcomber Interview

Shortly after signing up for my syndication service, The Beachcomber interviewed me. It was fun.

David Wasting Paper Cartoonist Survery #111

I was really flattered this guy wanted to interview me.  This was published online in 2010.

The Costa Rica Star

An article published in Central America quoting me.

Bado’s Blog

The state of editorial cartooning, including input from me.

Comic Riffs

An article in The Washington Post on obituary cartoons which quotes me.

The Independent Take 1

Here’s some heavy criticism of my work written by an editor at The Independent, which is a client of mine and usually runs every cartoon I draw. I actually enjoy reading criticism of my work so this didn’t really anger or annoy me.

The Independent Take 2

And then the same writer did it again. Hmm.

Clay leaves The Free Lance-Star
Daily Cartoonist
Comics Reporter

Clay Loses A Bet

Back in 2008 the Redskins were going to Seattle in the playoffs.  I thought it would be really clever to make a bet with Eric Devericks who worked at The Seattle Times at that time.  If the Redskins would have won Eric would have jumped into Puget Sound wearing a Redskins jersey.  If the Seahawks won then I would have to write a song, within a week, about the the situation and post it on youtube.  You can see what happened.


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