Claytoonz Merch

My newest item is a jigsaw puzzle.


This is a 1,000 piece puzzle and I made it as cheap as I possibly could. I’m only getting a five percent markup on it which is like two bucks. It was a struggle to make the cartoon fit the format required but if this proves popular, I’ll attempt to make more economical puzzles of this which will have fewer pieces. I already tried that but the format was screwing with me again. If there is a demand, I’ll make it happen.

T-Shirts and Stuff

ClaysShirt  Mandyshirt1

Do you want to showcase your politics and love for irreverent humor on your chest? Do you want liberals to give you smiles and high-fives in public? Do you want Trump supporters to scowl, yell, and offer to punch you in the face? Want a conversation piece that’s sure to be a hit, or get you hit, at Thanksgiving dinner?

After much demand (Yes. Really), I am now offering T-Shirts and other stuff with my cartoons on them.

The shop is hosted at Redbubble. Check out a few of the samples.

Feel free to leave a comment on this page about which cartoons you’d like to see. If you don’t see a particular cartoon you want on a product, just ask by leaving a comment here or email me at

After you get your shirt

Tell me what you think of it. Tell me how people have reacted. Tell me your story, or stories. And, send me a picture of you wearing your shirt and I’ll share it on social media while giving you a shout-out.


Kelsey in her new Notorious hoodie.