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    1. I am writing from 2023 and there are just so many problems with Texas leadership I cannot even start to address them all. Everybody gets automatic weapons which is the republican’s solution to the MANY mass shootings in Texas the past few years.


  1. Dear Clay,

    I saw your cartoon in today’s edition of the Seattle Times (Jan. 24, 2015), and I felt compelled to write. You are clearly a talented artist, and your cartoon is bold and well-crafted. However, I feel that there are two possible interpretations of this cartoon, and I’m curious as to which one you intended. The cartoon is of charter schools represented as a big, shiny apple and teacher’s unions are the sickly green worm coming out of the apple.

    Interpretation A (my first impression): Charter schools hold a lot of shiny promise like a big, juicy apple, and teachers’ unions are preventing charter schools from being allowed to operate and proliferate in WA. The implication here is that charter schools promise an excellent education to children and teachers’ unions don’t. In other words, teachers’ unions are holding back the promise of success that charter schools make and are, in short, bad.

    Interpretation B (my second thoughts after mulling over this for several hours): Charter schools appear to hold promise, like a shiny red apple, but they can’t deliver on what they promise. There is plenty of research showing that charter school students do NOT perform better than their public school peers. In addition, there is also research showing that charter schools cost more to administer than public schools. Furthermore, charter schools should not be receiving public funding since they do not operate with elected school boards and therefore do not meet the definition of a “common school.” This is why the Supreme Court of WA ruled that charter schools are unconstitutional. Finally, there are many corruption scandals with several leading charter schools in other states. They are not a model to emulate in any shape or form. So, in your cartoon, the flaws of charter schools are possibly being uncomfortably brought to light by teachers’ unions.

    I don’t think that Interpretation B really works, though, do you? Because teachers’ unions are not responsible for bringing the shortcomings of charter schools to light.

    There is also one major character missing in your cartoon – private schools (I mean independent schools, not charter schools which really are run as private schools even though they receive public funding). The billionaires who have major influence over the attempted destruction of the public education system (e.g. Gates, Broad, Zuckerberg, Walton, even Andre Agassi!, etc.) and have contributed substantial amounts of money towards charter schools do not send their own children to charter schools or public schools. They send their kids to private schools. Likewise, many highly educated folk in the middle and upper classes also send their kids to private schools, often favoring low-tech schools like Waldorf over the public schools which they push their tech products onto. Imagine if all of the super-entitled private school parents sent their kids to public schools – do you think they would put up with all of the standardized testing and the deplorable conditions in many schools? I highly doubt it. Change would happen, because those people have the time, the money, and the lawyers to make it happen.

    Private schools have to be put in the picture. How would you include them in your cartoon?

    Which interpretation did you intend, A or B?

    I look forward to your response. (Please e-mail it to me, if you do respond, in addition to replying on this blog.)

    Kind regards,

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  2. Your Beyonce as empowered black women cartoon may have gotten you a lot of publicity but it misses the mark. Conservatives love empowered black women like Condoleeza Rice who distinguish between racist and non-racist police, and who don’t irresponsibly call for violence against the police as the Black Panthers and Malcolm X did. Civil Rights leaders like Coretta Scott King and Rosa Parks were empowered black women who did not directly or indirectly call for violence against the police. When one black person does wrong, it doesn’t make sense to stereotype blacks and tar them all with the same brush. The same holds true with the police. In both cases, fix what is broken, resist stereotyping, and resist the immature, misguided, simplistic and violent responses.

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      1. Yes I was/am. I received a new cartoon almost everyday until last week when all of a sudden they stopped. I even checked my spam folder to see if the went there and they don’t. I am a huge fan and would like to get them again. What do I have to do?

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  3. I don’t know how you can repair that. It must be a WordPress thing. I haven’t had anyone else report to me about having an issue. I would do the dumb guy trouble shoot which is like rebooting. Unsubscribe and then subscribe again. See if that works.
    The subscription is something WordPress offers and I don’t operate or maintain it all. I just had the power to turn the feature off and on. I can’t even see the full list of subscribers. I don’t know who’s getting these things.

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    1. Nope. Sometimes I don’t think the booty lips works for the expression I want. Other times I just don’t want to overkill. I do the same thing with the hair and tie. Sometimes they’re more wild, sometimes less.

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  4. I keep seeing ads for Gavin McInnes an alt-right nazi, and racist on your page. I would prefer to not see his ads on your page. I suspect you would prefer that as well. Please see if anything can be done about this. Thanks Ulrich.

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  5. 9 hours of testimony #Ford & #BK now the 115 #USACongress for unity to have obligation for confirm job to judge to @Scotus but never for life only can be for 6 years Term its established by imperative Amendment XVII,XX,XXII & with 2/3 votes of 100 = 67 Senators & To put #END #ElectoralCollege for make work Amend XII for count votes will day install last on 1.3.2017 and never more treason of made was omitted for not count votes invalid of unconstitutional candidate rigged woman #HillaryClinton not eligible for president reach 65 M vs. 63 M he candidate born in USA he #POTUS now oath for term for All Us citizens no distinction. US citizens for your determination for your future Voice & Votes Count 2020. constitutionus. com

    Brett Kavanaugh’s friend Mark Judge speaks out after Christine Blasey Ford’s testimony

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    1. OK. No offense but what the hell are you talking about? I admit this was from 2018 but my GOD i never read such gibberish. I can’t tell if you were fooled by Kavanaugh’s testimony or not. You seem to be against the electoral college and if you are I agree. You also seem to be in favor of putting term limits on the justices in which case I am with you there as well. What has Hillary being born in the US have to do with anything? I hope your mind is not as confused as your comment.


    1. I’ve just been reading some very old comments of Clay Jones cartoons and came across yours. I don’t know which of Clay’s cartoons got you so upset but they are always funny and always have a sting in their tails so that even dimwits like you can understand them. I am writing from May 2023 and Clay is even more popular. How are you doing?

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  6. Hi Clay,
    I’m following you on Twitter. I find you very interesting and love your cartoons & commentary.
    I wonder if you’d be open to talking on the phone? We could be phone friends?
    Vivian Martinez
    707-327-3922 😃

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    1. Since when would a cartoonist with a loyal following NOT like the 1st amendment. I am very fond of the 1st amendment as long as it is not used for purposes that would harm the US and its citizens. If some idiot translated all of Hitler’s speeches then went on fox and started reading them I would hope that someone would have the good sense to find a way to stop him. It is bad enough that we have a neo-nazi like DJ Dumph yammering all the time.


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