Who’s That Man?

Who’s That Man With Mr. Lincoln, Mommy?” is a 2018 book by John Darrin illustrated by 24 of the best political cartoonists working today.

Who's That Man with Mr. Lincoln, Mommy?: John Darrin, Jane Perini ...

It’s a children’s book for adults described as “A Child’s Parent’s Guide to the Trump Presidency. The other cartoonists are Nick Anderson, Steve Artley, Pat Bagley, Darrin Bell, Randy Bish, Stuart Carlson, Barbara Dale, Jeff Danziger, Al Goodwyn, Ed Hall, Phil Hands, Joe Heller, Keith Knight, Jimmy Margulies, Rick McKee, Robert Matson, Joel Pett, Ted Rall, Ingrid Rice, Jen Sorensen, Joe Sutliff, Rob Tornoe, Monte Wolverton, and me, Clay Jones. I actually helped John Darrin by suggesting cartoonists and being the contact for a few.

Now, John has sent me a huge box of these books. He was selling them for $14.95 and I’m going to sell these, SIGNED by me, for an even $20.00 apiece which should cover shipping and handling.

The book is 63-pages long and in full color.

You can purchase it by sending $20.00 through PayPal to clayjonz@gmail.com.

If you don’t like the PayPal thing, you can snail mail a check, money order, or a wad of cash in an envelope to:

Clay Jones
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