What Editors Are Saying

“My colleagues in the next cubicle must wonder why I laugh out loud on occasion. It’s because I’ve just opened up a Clayton Jones’ cartoon where he’s made a timely comment using wit, context and great caricatures.” Liz Allen, Public Editor, Erie Times-News (Erie, PA)

“Clay Jones is fearless, funny and prolific. He cranks out layered cartoons that consistently make readers laugh — because they’re amused, uncomfortable, or both. He’s a regular on our editorial and op-ed pages because he always makes them more interesting.” Glenn Cook, Editorial Page Editor, Las Vegas Review-Journal.

“Jones often pushes the edge with his cartoons in a way that gets readers thinking — and writing letters! — about  issues that matter.” Amy FuhrmanEditorial Page Editor Statesville Record & Landmark (Statesville, NC)

“Clay’s cartoons are funny, poignant, timely and quick. They zip right to the point. ” Dawn Miller, Editorial Page Editor, The Charleston Gazette (WV)

“Clay’s political cartoons have been a valuable addition to our editorial page. He knows how to push buttons and create buzz with his take on current events in the nation and around the world. I highly recommend.” Scott WrightManaging Editor, The Post (Centre, AL)

“Clay Jones has been great to work with, open to feedback and very professional. His cartoons are incredibly timely, relevant and unique. We initially planned to publish our favorite of his once per week, but they’re so consistently good we’ve opted to publish them with more frequency.” Josh WarburtonPresident, The Independent (St. George, Utah)

“During the time that we have been considering cartoons by Clay Jones for our Holton (KS) newspaper, we have found the
cartoons received to have timely national and international political themes and to be well-drawn.” David Powlseditor, The Holton Recorder (Holton, KS)

“Our paper is much more interesting with the addition of the insightful cartoons created by Clay Jones. In addition, his professionalism makes for a very easy relationship that we also appreciate.” Sharon Kennedy, editor, Fullerton Observer (Fullerton, CA)

“The Boyne City Gazette has been utilizing Clay Jones’ cartoons for several months now. We have found his work to be on time, timely and of good quality. Mr. Jones always turns his cartoons in when he says he will and his prices are fair. I would recommend his editorial cartoons to newspapers of any size.” Benjamin J. GohsNews Editor, Boyne City Gazette (Boyne, MI)

“The Las Vegas Review-Journal’s editorial page leans right, taking conservative and even libertarian stances on many issues. But the editorial board believes it serves readers well to balance that whenever possible, and Clay Jones has proven a great avenue to do that. Jones swings for the fences, generally from the left side of the plate. Many times, he hits a home run, with the occasional foul ball that you’d laugh at, but might not publish. But he at least pushes that line, and he’ll even pull out the occasional surprise that’s right in our editorial wheelhouse. Jones has been a very worthwhile and reasonably priced cartoonist to add to our syndicated stable.” Patrick Everson, Editorial Writer, Las Vegas Review-Journal.

“Kudos to our new cartoonist, Clay Jones. We’ve run only one cartoon in a few of our papers, and they have already gotten people talking. That is one of the goals of the Opinion page, to get people to have a conversation, with us and with each other.” Kathleen R. Merrill, Managing Editor, The Issaquah Press (WA)

“Jones joined the company in August and has had an immediate impact on the Daily Dot’s comic section. His work has consistently collected thousands of Facebook likes and comments from our readers. This level of engagement has helped propel the Daily Dot past the one million like mark.” Fernando Alfonso III, Comics Editor, The Daily Dot




  1. I echo all the editor’s comments, their observations are as clever and unique as Clay Jones himself. I’m taking my laptop to Maui, just so I don’t miss one of Clay’s cartoons or his impressive commentary.

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