These are my animated political cartoons. I am trying to post a new animation once a month but there is not a fixed schedule. There is no payoff for me in doing these other than making myself laugh, making you laugh, and occasionally getting a contribution from readers for my efforts. Admittedly, to appreciate these, you probably have to be as weird as I am. I created this page so it’ll be easy for people to go back and find them.

For some of these, I’ll write details on its creation.

These things are a lot of work. After one is completed, I don’t even want to think of doing another one for a couple of weeks and I’m glad to resume my normally hectic schedule. These animations provide a new level to my madness and warped sense of humor. They’re silly, goofy, ridiculous, and created like I didn’t study animation or even have a proper program for it. Enjoy.


This is the most extensive so far and the one I’m most proud of. It took four days. I started this on a Saturday and when the sun started shining into my eyes because my desk is at a window, I took it down the street to Starbucks. Each time I thought I was almost finished, I’d get another idea for it that I HAD to include. I had a lot of ideas that didn’t make the cut for this one. This animation is over 300 frames which required over 1,200 files.


Continuing the pattern of weirdness.


I had taken a few months between animations and I put pressure on myself to create another one even though nobody was clamoring for it. This one got weird and I discovered it’s how I want them to go from now on.





This is the very first animation I created. It’s rougher than the rest and it taught a lot. You learn by doing. Each animation contains aspects I wish I had done differently.