Uvalde Coverup

Is there a coverup going on about the police response to the Uvalde school massacre?

While the 18-year-old shooter was inside a classroom with elementary students, some who had covered themselves in their classmates’ blood to hide and others who may have been bleeding to death, 19 cops refused to enter the classroom for 90 minutes.

There were cops outside arresting parents who were trying to enter the school to save their children. There were cops inside the hallway. During this time, children were calling the police from inside the classroom. Texas law enforcement has said “oops. Our bad,” but they haven’t provided good reasons as to why they messed this up so bad. There was one honest answer from a law enforcement spokesperson that the cops were afraid the shooter might stop shooting elementary students to shoot at cops.

The Texas Department of Public Safety is no longer investigating the police response as it’s the investigation has been handed over to the Uvalde County District Attorney, who does not plan to share the findings with the public.

The narrative from Texas authorities has shifted numerous times in order to avoid casting blame on law enforcement. In order to shift blame from cops, you have to blame someone else, like teachers and doors.

Texas DPS Director Steven McCraw blamed a teacher for the shooter’s entry into the school, claiming the shooter entered Robb Elementary through a back door a teacher had left propped open. The story changed four days later when the teacher’s lawyer spoke to the San Antonio Express-News.

The teacher did open the door to get her lunch out of her car, saw the gunman coming who had started firing at the school, then she slammed the door shut, which didn’t automatically lock. The DPS now says there’s a video confirming the teacher kicked a rock out that was propping the door open, and she slammed it shut.

Conservatives LOVE LOVE LOVE hating on teachers. They accuse them of teaching Critical Race Theory, which they are not teaching (but schools should be teaching). They claim teachers have a gay agenda in order to attack teachers while being homophobic. Now, they’re blaming teachers for a school shooting.

It’s ridiculous to blame teachers for a mass shooting, especially when two of them are murder victims along with 19 of their students. Cops and Republicans are trying to cover their asses.

What we should blame are guns. We should also blame cops who refused to respond. And, we should blame Republicans who refuse to even debate gun legislation. You can’t have a serious discussion on gun legislation with people who show off their gun collection during the discussion.

We should totally blame Republicans because Republicans are leaving the doors open for school shooters.

Music note: I listened to several artists while drawing this, including M.I.A, and now I’m going to have “some some some a some I murder, some a some I let go” in my head all day.

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  1. I have a friend (retired ad guy now living in florida because all of his Chicago union buddies are there) who sends me memes all the time. This morning he sent your cartoon with the female teacher in the classroom, “Now go in there and tell her she can’t say gay.”

    I responded and said, I think I know the guy who drew that. He was impressed. Actually with you, after I told him about the RFK award. Congrats,by the way, and thanks for sending the prize winning collection. I know someone famous!

    What do you know about Ogden? We just got bought out by them last week. They seem OK. We have a zoomer with all the editors on Tuesday. I’m sure a zoom with 60 people is going to be productive.

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  2. In my opinion, you forgot to mention the gun manufacturers. I do not care the government says they are not responsible for how their products are being used. In my opinion, they have as much responsibility as anyone, and everyone, else.


    1. But aside from that, when isn’t there a coverup going on. I complained to the RCMP COMPLAINT BOARD about an encounter I had with two of their officers, over a family of puppies I was fostering for one night. Puppies of all things. They attacked me at 4:00 AM when I went out to investigate noises in my yard. They tried to accuse me of not caring for the puppies. I only had them for one night. I could not prove anything, of course, it was my word against 2 of them (they needed two RCMP officers in two seerate vehicles with lights flashing in the middle of the night to investigate to investigate a cruelty to animals charge that some unknown and unknowable person had phoned in?) They even showed me timed and dated video of them walking calmly up my front sidewalk and entering my back yard through the gate of a tall fence which blocked the view of the confrontation. Bullshit! I watched them run across my lawn with their guns drawn! But that car video disappeared. Aside from finding that no cruelty was going on, and, since the puppies were gone the next day, no charges were laid. But I was in fear for my life that night. But their video proved they never attacked me, just made a quiet house call at 4:00 AM. Yeah. Sure. If they cover up their actions on something as minor as that, imagine what they cover up on real cases!


  3. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    This IS the bottom line … “What we should blame are guns. We should also blame cops who refused to respond. And, we should blame Republicans who refuse to even debate gun legislation. You can’t have a serious discussion on gun legislation with people who show off their gun collection during the discussion.”


  4. We need to start importing all of our schoolhouse doors from Canada and European countries, because US-made schoolhouse doors can’t keep our children safe!!!


  5. This was a flashback of the San Ysidro McDonald’s massacre, when law officers declined to attack while Latinos and a baby were systemically murdered.

    It has occurred to me to wonder if law officers should be permitted to organize voluntary squads. Presumably the officers huddled in the hallway in compliance with orders. If some portion of the group were inclined to pressure or attack the massive murderer, they should be permitted to designate a squad leader, and proceed on their separate initiative.

    I have to say, I can’t picture myself entering that classroom.


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