Hunter Biden's Laptop

Uvalde Coverup

Is there a coverup going on about the police response to the Uvalde school massacre?

While the 18-year-old shooter was inside a classroom with elementary students, some who had covered themselves in their classmates’ blood to hide and others who may have been bleeding to death, 19 cops refused to enter the classroom for 90 minutes.

There were cops outside arresting parents who were trying to enter the school to save their children. There were cops inside the hallway. During this time, children were calling the police from inside the classroom. Texas law enforcement has said “oops. Our bad,” but they haven’t provided good reasons as to why they messed this up so bad. There was one honest answer from a law enforcement spokesperson that the cops were afraid the shooter might stop shooting elementary students to shoot at cops.

The Texas Department of Public Safety is no longer investigating the police response as it’s the investigation has been handed over to the Uvalde County District Attorney, who does not plan to share the findings with the public.

The narrative from Texas authorities has shifted numerous times in order to avoid casting blame on law enforcement. In order to shift blame from cops, you have to blame someone else, like teachers and doors.

Texas DPS Director Steven McCraw blamed a teacher for the shooter’s entry into the school, claiming the shooter entered Robb Elementary through a back door a teacher had left propped open. The story changed four days later when the teacher’s lawyer spoke to the San Antonio Express-News.

The teacher did open the door to get her lunch out of her car, saw the gunman coming who had started firing at the school, then she slammed the door shut, which didn’t automatically lock. The DPS now says there’s a video confirming the teacher kicked a rock out that was propping the door open, and she slammed it shut.

Conservatives LOVE LOVE LOVE hating on teachers. They accuse them of teaching Critical Race Theory, which they are not teaching (but schools should be teaching). They claim teachers have a gay agenda in order to attack teachers while being homophobic. Now, they’re blaming teachers for a school shooting.

It’s ridiculous to blame teachers for a mass shooting, especially when two of them are murder victims along with 19 of their students. Cops and Republicans are trying to cover their asses.

What we should blame are guns. We should also blame cops who refused to respond. And, we should blame Republicans who refuse to even debate gun legislation. You can’t have a serious discussion on gun legislation with people who show off their gun collection during the discussion.

We should totally blame Republicans because Republicans are leaving the doors open for school shooters.

Music note: I listened to several artists while drawing this, including M.I.A, and now I’m going to have “some some some a some I murder, some a some I let go” in my head all day.

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Cash and Coups

During most of the time Republicans were screaming about Hunter Biden’s laptop without any substance to speak of, Jared Kushner was sitting on top of $2 billion received from the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia. Yes, that’s the same crown prince who ordered the execution of a Washington Post journalist. Also, while MAGAts were screaming about Hunter Biden, there was the existence of texts from Donald Trump Jr. to Trump chief-of-staff Mark Meadows about stealing the election before the election was called.

Republicans have been screaming about this laptop bullshit for over two years without providing any substance as to why it’s important. So far, the bulk of their argument is that since it exists, it means there was corruption from Hunter Biden which means there’s corruption from President Joe Biden. They also say there’s evidence of Hunter using drugs, which we already know, and that the laptop has images of Hunter having sex with minors, which is not true.

What is true is there’s an email from a business contact in Ukraine thanking Hunter for introducing him to Vice President Joe Biden at a dinner with a dozen other people in public. There’s another email, after the Obama presidency from a Chinese business contact, that mentions giving Joe Biden a cut, and there’s a third email from Hunter saying Joe Biden wants nothing to do with the deal, which never got off the ground. A lot of this is in code, but that’s all they have.

Photos have been posted that Republicans claim show Hunter smoking crack, but Hunter’s drug use and addictions are public knowledge. Hunter and his father have been open about this. Also, how do you know it’s crack he’s smoking? Photos of someone smoking crack or marijuana are just photos of someone smoking. They don’t fly in court. The claim that child pornography is on the laptop comes straight from InfoWars. Also, keep in mind that this laptop was in the possession of Rudy Giuliani.

One thing that is a fact is Hunter Biden was never a member of the White House staff in the Obama or Biden administrations or ever given the responsibility of international diplomacy. But Jared Kushner was.

Jared Kushner, along with his wife, was on the staff of the Trump White House (sic). In case you forgot, Jared is married to Ivanka, Donald Trump’s daughter. In case you’re a Republican, that makes Jared Donald Trump’s son-in-law.

Jared was put in charge of a lot of stuff, like immigration and denying states medical equipment during the COVID pandemic. He was also involved with foreign policy, outside the boundaries of the State Department which frustrated the entire department. Part of Jared’s job was to build a relationship with Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman of Saudi Arabia.

Jared and MBS, the Crown Prince, liked to communicate through WhatsApp, a phone app that’s encrypted and is an excellent way to talk in secret so your conversations are NOT archived, as required by the Presidential Records Act. Basically, it’s a great way to talk privately when you’re involved in some sketchy shady shit. Jared is a big fan of back-channel communications and asked the Russians to create a backchannel to talk to the Trump administration (sic).

The Crown Prince is not a nice guy. He ordered the murder of Jamal Khashoggi, a Saudi journalist under the protection of the United States and employed by The Washington Post. Khashoggi was murdered inside Saudi Arabia’s Turkish embassy where they dismembered him with a bone saw. Jared, who probably sees himself as a prince, is buddy-buddy with the Crown Prince, a ruthless person who orders murders. Jared helped broker $110 billion in weapon sales to Saudi Arabia over the next decade and defended the Kingdom from congressional criticism over its involvement in the Yemeni Civil War and the murder of Khashoggi.

During this time, Jared’s failing 5th Avenue property, 666, was bailed out by a Canadian asset company that signed a 99-year lease and paid a near-century’s worth of rent upfront. This saved Kushner from defaulting on a mortgage he couldn’t afford which would have brought all his debtors down on him. One of the owners of the Canadian asset company is the nation Qatar. The deal came through right after Jared helped negotiate the end of Saudi Arabia’s blockade of Qatar. I’m sure the timing was just a coincidence. Qatar even denied they knew it was going down even though it was widely reported and Jared’s company had sough investment from them before. But the Canadian company was a much better attempt at hiding their involvement.

Jared had financial involvement with multiple foreign nations before Trump became president (sic). That should have automatically disqualified him from working in the White House. It took over a year for him to receive a security clearance as he had to reapply three times as he kept omitting important business and relationship details on his applications. Remembering stuff is hard. Finally, Trump, as president (sic), ordered that Jared and Ivanka both be given security clearances despite what the background checks found.

Jared’s newly formed private equity firm, Affinity Partners, received $2 billion from a fund led by the Crown Prince six months after he left the White House. The Saudi fund’s advisory board objected to the investment. According to the minutes of the meeting, the board cited “the inexperience of the Affinity Fund management”; the possibility the kingdom would be responsible for “the bulk of the investment and risk”; due diligence on the fledgling firm’s operations that found them “unsatisfactory in all aspects”; a proposed asset management fee that “seems excessive”; and “public relations risks” from Jared’s prior role as a senior adviser to his daddy-in-law, President (sic) Donald Trump.

Basically, the advisory board cited that Jared had zero experience in this sort of business enterprise, is inept, is shady as fuck, and that eventually, the Saudi fund would end up eating its investment because it fucked up and got into business with a Trump.

Mohammad bin Salman ignored the advice and invested $2 billion anyway. This was back in July of 2021 and we just now finding out about it. The $2 billion probably isn’t all from MBS, as it’s a fund, but that amount is probably nothing to him anyway as reports put his net worth between $10-18 billion. He’ll be worth a lot more when he’s king.

This deal is not illegal. Jared had a right to do business with foreign nations after serving in a presidential administration. But, it sure does seem like a payoff of some sort for services already rendered. You would need testimony and documents to prove this was discussed while Jared was in the Trump administration and remember, he and MBS used WhatsApp.

There were tons of sketchy foreign deals with Javanka during the Trump presidency, like that time Ivanka was granted three trademarks in China the very same day she and daddy Dingdong had dinner with the Chinese president. What another coinkydink. And if photos had come out of Ivanka smoking crack during the dinner, Republicans would still be talking about Hunter Biden’s laptop.

Steve Baby FishMouth Mnuchin, Treasury Secretary for Trump, also received $1 billion from the Saudi fund.

Before the Trump administration (sic) was over, Donald Trump Jr was texting Mark Meadows about how his father could stay in power despite losing the election. Before there was a coup attempt, Jr was suggesting a coup attempt. In November 2020, before the election was called for President Biden but while it was still in the air, Jr texted Meadows on how they could overturn the results. They knew they were going to lose the election.

This included having Republican-controlled state Houses discard the electors legally won by Joe Biden, and putting forward “Trump electors” in their place. Referring to recounts and audits, he texted, “It’s very simple. We have multiple paths We control them all.”

He was also suggesting they at least create enough confusion that the election was never called or confirmed by Congress, then have the House vote for the president by state delegations. Even though the House was Democratic Party controlled, Republicans had the most state delegations.

Looking at how much money the Trumps were making off the presidency, it’s no wonder they tried to steal the 2020 election. The Trump presidency may be over but the Trump Crime Family is still in business. But hey, let’s keep talking about Hunter’s laptop.

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Did You say “Laptop”?

The next time you hear a Republican bring up Hunter Biden’s laptop, which will probably be within the next 30 seconds, just ask, “What’s on it?” His answer will most likely be a blank expression. But, let’s back up.

This entire laptop thing started when a legally blind right-wing goon who owns a computer repair shop took a laptop he claimed belonged to Hunter Biden, President Joe Biden’s son, and gave it to Rudy Giuliani. Right out of the gate, it’s suspect.

The man says Hunter Biden brought his laptop to his repair shop and never returned to pick it up. Since the man is legally blind, he can’t tell you if the computer’s owner looked like Hunter Biden but he did sign his name as Hunter. The computer repair dude claims he called the FBI in regards to this laptop before handing it over to Rudy Giuliani, but to his horror, he discovered that owning a laptop is not a crime. You would think a guy who repairs computers for a living would have known this. He said the FBI expressed no interest in Hunter’s laptop, but Rudy called him back immediately. The laptop was dropped off at the shop in Delaware in April 2019. The goons started circulating a story about this laptop in October 2020.

So, according to this story, Hunter took a laptop with incriminating evidence of his illegal activities, that would also implicate his father, dropped it off at a repair shop with a bunch of MAGA signs on the windows, and never came back for it. There should be an investigation into how Rudy actually acquired this laptop.

The repair guy saw a lot of stuff on the laptop he found scandalous, so he made a copy onto a hard drive and gave the laptop to Robert Costello, Rudy Giuliani’s lawyer. Copies of this hard drive were then given to The New York Post, Steve Bannon, and other assorted MAGA goons. I’m not a computer expert but I do know that when you make copies from copies from copies, and not from the original source, they get damaged. Data will be missing. And with it coming from Republicans, it’s as trustworthy as if it came from Sputnik through Weekly World News through Breitbart through RT through Daily Wire through Tucker Carlson through Jeanine Pirro through Newsmax through InfoWars through Donald Trump Jr through Kyle Rittenhouse through Ted Rall, and finally to you.

The laptop contained a lot of information about Hunter’s personal life, including details of his drug addiction and his sex life. But there were also emails and files pertaining to his foreign work with a Ukrainian gas company and Chinese businesses. Republicans claimed this is evidence of Hunter Biden’s corruption, which implicated his father, who is now president of the United States of America.

The mainstream media mostly ignored the story. Why would they do that? They ignored it because there was no authenticity to the story and it was coming from Rudy Giuliani, who had spent the past few years screaming about Joe Biden’s corruption in Ukraine without anything to prove anything. There was also concern this was a story being pushed in October of an election year by Russian propaganda. The media didn’t want to help that. Neither did social media as Twitter blocked most stories on the laptop, even suspending the New York Post’s account for over a week, and Facebook did fact-checks on stories from the Post.

The New York Post is a right-wing sensationalistic tabloid. It often runs headlines that aren’t supported by the articles. Several employees of the Post protested the publication of the laptop story for the failure of any verification and even questioned why it was a story. One of the reporters who wrote the article refused to have his name on it.

Republicans who cried that the mainstream media ignored the story are now shouting that they’re running corrections…but you don’t run corrections and retractions on stories you didn’t publish.

Republicans who screamed about the Steele Dossier and had high standards for FISA warrants were all about exposing Hunter Biden’s private emails and documents in a goon tabloid.

Now, it’s back in the news after The New York Times published a story about the Justice Department’s investigation into Hunter’s taxes and foreign work, and cited emails it described as “from a cache of files that appears to have come from a laptop abandoned by Mr. Biden in a Delaware repair shop.”

The New York Post ran an editorial stating, “The Times finally admits: Hunter’s laptop is real.” But, the Times didn’t do that. Technically, the Times only vouched for certain emails they’d “authenticated” with the help of “people familiar with them and with the investigation.” The Washington Post hired two computer forensic experts to authenticate the files from the laptop, which was given to the Post by Jack Maxey, another Republican operative. The Post’s forensic people were able to verify 22,000 emails from over 286,000 user files.

Note how it was given to the Post by a Republican activist. Note how it was passed around from one Republican to another Republican. Note that the drives were copied and re-copied and re-copied repeatedly. Also, since the FBI finally took possession of the laptop, with a warrant, for their investigation into Hunter’s taxes, the files keep changing. Someone, or someones, with access to the drive from a cloud keeps changing and adding to the drive. This laptop is damaged goods and after all the handling through the hands of partisan political hacks, it would be hard to ever enter into a court of law, even if there was evidence of corruption.

But, what’s on it? What’s on the laptop that makes it so relevant? Again, if you ask a Republican, they’ll give you a blank look. They believe there being a laptop is enough to prove President Biden is corrupt. But I’m here to tell you the best they got is nothing.

There is one email the New York Post labeled as “blockbuster” from an executive at the Ukrainian gas company, Burisma, thanking Hunter for the “opportunity to meet your father” in 2015. There was a dinner in Ukraine that the then-vice-president attended along with at least a dozen other people. If you’re not a Republican and you’re capable of comprehension, you’ll see this is not a smoking gun. If this dinner is a smoking gun then what was that meeting at Trump Tower with the Russians?

What Republicans were trying to prove in 2019 and 2020 was that as vice president, Joe Biden used his influence to have a prosecutor in Ukraine fired to protect the gas company his son worked for from being investigated. The problem with this claim is that the entire European Union were with the United States in having this prosecutor fired, not because the EU was so interested in protecting Hunter Biden, but because this was a prosecutor who they deemed as corrupt who WOULD NOT investigate corruption. And even if the Burisma was corrupt, that doesn’t prove all the people who worked for it are corrupt. Republicans suck at comprehending this stuff.

There’s a second email the GOP is harping on about involving a business venture Hunter was embarking on in China in 2017. Joe Biden was NOT in office in 2017. The email mentions the equity split would include “10 held by H for the big guy.” A former business partner of Hunter’s claims “the big guy” was Joe Biden. But, there’s a reply to this email from Hunter stating his “Chairman” gave him “an emphatic no,” and a further email clarifies that the chairman is his dad. Oh my gosh…did the GOP inadvertently expose that Joe Biden refused a payoff and is not corrupt? Yes, yes they did.

The emails don’t have the goods the Republicans claim they do. Out of over 22,000 emails, they can only cite three that don’t even suggest Hunter’s corrupt, not to mention his father.

Is it unseemly, or at best, tacky for the child or relative of an elected official to make money off that official’s name and position? Yes. I’m not naive enough to believe Hunter Biden was able to swing big money energy deals in foreign nations without any experience with energy companies. But, it’s not illegal.

These Republicans don’t really care about corruption because if they did, wouldn’t they have asked over the past five years about Ivanka Trump’s trademarks getting fast-track approval in China while her dad was president (sic)? Wouldn’t they have asked about Jared Kushner’s businesses getting multi-million dollar bailouts from Persian Gulf nations? Wouldn’t they have asked about all the Trump towers and resorts in foreign nations? Wouldn’t they have asked about Trump’s hotels and resorts doing big business with foreign diplomats? Wouldn’t they have asked about Trump holding mini-summits with the leaders of Japan and China at Mar-a-Lago, where I’m sure he didn’t give them free rooms and meals. wouldn’t they have asked about the president (sic) having debts to foreign banks? Wouldn’t they have asked about the president (sic) not paying taxes? Wouldn’t they have asked about the president (sic) lying on tax filings and loan applications about the value of his businesses? Wouldn’t they have asked about the president (sic) raising campaign money and spending all that money for events at his resorts? Wouldn’t they have asked about his scam university or scam charity? Wouldn’t they have asked why a business partner paid off Trump’s $25 million settlement to Trump University victims? Wouldn’t they have asked about Trump offering a bribe to Vladimir Putin to build a Trump Tower in Moscow? Wouldn’t they have asked why the government had to pay millions to Trump for Trump to play cheating golf at his shitty bedbug-ridden resorts? You’d think at least one would ask why Trump charged the Secret Service golf cart rentals to protect him.

Do they make hard drives large enough to contain all of Trump’s corruption?

Donald Trump is corrupt. We have real evidence of that and he’s under multiple investigations, criminal and civil. The man tried to overthrow the government and told a Secretary of State to “find the votes.”

There is nothing about President Joe Biden being corrupt. Nothing at all. He has a long history in politics and he’s squeaky clean. Is his son a bad guy? Possibly, but this laptop doesn’t seem to prove that he’s a criminal. And if there’s something on it that did, I think the GOP would have shown it to us by now after having the laptop for nearly three years. And again, why should we trust anything on it after they’ve had it for three years? Have you heard all their lies about the stolen election?

So with this laptop, I have to ask Republicans, “where’s the beef”? There isn’t any. There’s a lot of bark and no bite.

And that’s why you don’t hear any of them telling you what’s on the laptop or what makes it relevant. Don’t believe me? Next time you see someone post about it, ask. When you read headlines and articles on this laptop story, comprehend them. Republicans aren’t.

Music note: I had my window open in 50-degree weather and listened to the traffic in the rain while drawing this.

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