Laptop Wishes

Here’s a Santa’s lap cartoon about Hunter Biden’s laptop. I’m not a big fan of using the Santa’s lap cliché in political cartoons, but I liked the correlation here. Maybe I’m the only one who will get it. But I also wanted to take the opportunity to use Christmas to point out once again that there is NOTHING on this laptop incriminating or that provides any evidence of illegalities by either Hunter or his father, President Joe Biden.

Republicans make a lot of noise about Hunter Biden’s laptop and the Twitter Files without stating what’s in them or what they’re about. Most of the time when they mention either, it’s the mentioning that’s supposed to raise the alarm bells. But when they do claim that something is in them, they’re often lying. And some of the actual stuff that’s on the laptop they mention doesn’t really mean anything.

I was going to analyze and go over this cartoon for all the lies in it, but decided it’s not worth the time or grief it’ll bring, but trust me…everything in it is a lie, like on the level of a Ben Garrison lie. It’s ironic it’s titled “Except for the Facts, why worry?” when it doesn’t actually contain any facts. But what else would you expect from an American citizen and so-called journalist who works for a Russian state-owned propaganda outlet?

Republicans have nothing with this laptop business, but they’re going to make a lot of noise about it over the next two years without proving anything. Nothing criminal will ever come from it.

If you’re younger than ten, stop reading right here, but Santa Claus doesn’t exist…and neither does anything incriminating on Hunter’s laptop.

Music note: I listened to Outkast, but not to “Hey ya.”

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  1. The right-wing media slow rolls stories like this through the news cycle for as long as they can. It stirs up the rumor-mill and fuels the imagination of the faithful.

    …and thus a nothing burger becomes a four-course meal in Republican rhetoric.


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