Roughs, Volume 165

This looks like a large batch of roughs, but I didn’t draw all of these last week for CNN to choose from. A few of these were done days after and I decided to include them in today’s blog.

I don’t know if this would have worked but it made me laugh. I think cat people would like it. As a bonus, I hid a cat in the tree in this cartoon.

I thought this was a bit too obvious and someone else would do it, but I haven’t seen it yet. Maybe I should have done it.

I was told that we were probably going to go with a cartoon on Kyrsten Sinema or Brittney Griner for the newsletter. I tried to do both in one cartoon.

I kept trying with this concept but I couldn’t stick the landing.

I don’t know if this one works at all. If you don’t know, then don’t go with it.

I kept trying.

I knew someone would do a Grinch/Sinema cartoon, and I was right. Someone did. His name is Michael. Fun fact: Every other political cartoonist is named Michael. There are only two Clays and we both kick ass, and despite our styles looking nothing alike, I occasionally get tagged with his cartoons. I don’t think he ever gets tagged with mine.

I tried two with the skunk but didn’t like either of them.

This is the same idea but a better angle.

This is the rough that became the cartoon for the CNN Opinion newsletter and it did really well on social media.

I thought this was funny and it almost became the cartoon for the newsletter. Keep in mind, the HQ for the newsletter is in NYC. At least free agent Aaron Judge stayed with his team.

I drew this earlier in the week and it was intended to be the official cartoon, but I wasn’t digging where it was going, so I began again on a new canvas. I liked the way it turned out and several of my clients ran it. I thought it was an obvious concept but hadn’t seen anyone else take it on, until AFTER I did my cartoon. But that’s not really important.

I got this idea on Tuesday night and planned to draw it Wednesday morning, except on Wednesday morning, one of my proofreaders didn’t get it at all and the other got it for the wrong reason. But, I had a backup that I had also thought of on Tuesday night.

The proofer who didn’t get the Monopoly Man cartoon got this one while the one who did get the Monopoly Man cartoon didn’t like this one. That happens every now and then and I usually move forward with the idea I prefer anyway, but this time I thought I could do better. I also showed both to a few other friends and that just really messed me up as everyone had a different favorite.

I decided to start writing again. Everybody liked this except for one of my proofers who asked why the Monopoly Man would be asking SBF to do the bribing? I was going to do this anyway but then…

…I thought of this and everyone was happy…except for one fucker and I said, “I will come through this computer monitor and kill ya.” Just kidding. I started drawing that morning at 8 A.M. and finished around 2 P.M. This job is work.

So which of these are your favorites?

Facebook Suspension Update: I’m still suspended for typing the word “Taliban.” Facebook needs to send me a list of words I’m not allowed to type.

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