Domestic Infant Supply

What was leaked out of the Supreme Court last week was a draft and not the final written opinion for the majority. Chief Justice John Roberts has confirmed its authenticity but has declared this isn’t actually the final vote, though it is. But, I’m sure the draft will change because what we saw from the leak is a rough draft before someone was able to tell Justice Samuel Alito not to say the quiet part out loud.

I’m sure at some point, a law clerk would have suggested they remove the line about women being cattle.

At first, I thought this was some social media meme propaganda. Liberals do that stuff too which really pisses me off because we don’t have to make shit up to fight Republicans. They give us all the facts we need. And it sounded so ridiculous that I immediately smelled bullshit. A Supreme Court Justice wouldn’t really write a line in a legal opinion that views women as cattle. But, this is true. I fact-checked this and yes, the brief has a line about “domestic infant supply.”

On page 34 of the 98-page draft of the majority opinion, Alito wrote, ““Nearly 1 million women were seeking to adopt children in 2002, whereas the domestic supply of infants relinquished at birth or within the first month of life and available to adopt had become virtually nonexistent.”

I don’t know where to start with this. Oh, wait. Yes, I do. Bullshit!

It doesn’t matter if there’s a dropoff of “infants” available to adopt to justify stripping away a constitutional right women have had for the past 48 years. The reads like the majority views women as cattle who should be used as birthing boxes for people who can’t have their own children. It reads like women should be used to create an inventory for Babies-R-Us.

During oral arguments on this same case, Amy Coney Barrett said she “might not be inclined to protect a woman’s right to an abortion,” since adoption is an option. This isn’t less of a legal opinion and more of a moral one from someone who doesn’t have morals. I don’t care if you are a Supreme Court Justice, it’s not your place to make those decisions for other people. Yet, that’s what they’re going to do.

Justice Barrett, just because you had seven kids doesn’t mean every woman in the nation should be forced to have seven kids. The seven kids thing is scary as it gives me the impression Barrett, who plans to force others to live by her morals, is also opposed to birth control.

The majority of the Supremes, not the cool ones who sing “Baby Love,” are justifying destroying a constitutional right on religious zealotry, not the law.

Justice Clarence Thomas said Friday that the court can’t “give you only the outcome you want,” or be “bullied,” echoing a line in the draft opinion that says the court shouldn’t let society’s opinion impact their decision. This motherfucker’s wife helped plan the insurrection after voters didn’t give Republicans the outcome they wanted. Obviously, the Thomases don’t believe society’s opinion (votes) should impact who they want for president…or dictator.

What should be unconstitutional is five uptight fuckwads with sticks up their butts forcing America’s women to become baby factories. Hell, it sounds like Amy Coney Barrett is a baby factory all by herself, but that doesn’t mean the rest of the women in this nation should be forced to be breeders.

Liberals often argue that if Republicans really want to decrease pregnancies, then men should be forced to have vasectomies since they’re reversible. But they don’t want to decrease pregnancies. That’s not the business. Do you really believe the majority of the court wants to reduce rapes when one of them has been accused of attempting rape?

But the truth is, there are plenty of children available for adoption. What the Supremes want are more options, more selections, more choices. Can’t find the kid you want to adopt? Then maybe we can have one made for you. What do you want in an adopted infant? Blonde hair, blue eyes, light skin…oh, are you OK if they come with a tail and flippers? Yeah, there’s gonna be those since we’re forcing girls to give birth to their uncles’, brothers’, and daddies’ babies. In a lot of states, they want to force the birth of the infant even if the doctor knows the baby can’t survive outside the womb.

And for the infants who can’t be adopted by the perfect white families, fuck those infants. Republicans have spent the past 48 years trying to force women to have babies that Republicans have made no plans for. Republicans’ concern for the unborn stop after they’re born. They oppose every public effort to house, feed, educate or provide healthcare for poor children.

How in the hell can you be the party that wants to force more poor people to create humans while also opposing social welfare? You want to force poor women to have babies while gutting the schools those children will attend where you have taken away their lunch.

This has nothing to do about caring for children and has everything to do with religious zealotry. These Republicans want women to be cattle. Just because Amy Coney Barrett thinks she’s a cow doesn’t mean other women should be treated that way.

Women, if you don’t want to be herded by Republicans, vote in November because Mitch McConnell is also saying the quiet part out loud. While the Supreme Court says this is about states’ rights, McTurtle has already talked about making a federal law banning abortion nationwide.

Keeping Republicans from taking the House and Senate in November may be our last opportunity to save women’s rights.

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15 Weeks


Abortion is doomed, and with it, so is the Constitution.

Donald Trump is gone from the White House but his lingering stench will be smelled for at least the next 30 years. This is why Mitch McConnell stole two Supreme Court seats, one from President Obama and the other from President Biden. A juvenile pig like Donald Trump shouldn’t be allowed to order for himself off the McDonald’s kids menu less enough to have three nominations for the Supreme Court.

America, you got robbed.

Amy Coney Barrett, who was the second pick stolen from Democratic presidents by McConnell, tried to make a case that abortions weren’t necessary anymore since women could just drop babies off at police stations and firehouses. This is the best legal mind Trump could find? Forget legal arguments and let’s go with batshit crazy religious zealotry.

Barrett also stated, “There is, without question, an infringement on bodily autonomy, you know, which we have in other contexts, like vaccines.” This is zealotry. I suppose Barrett never caught polio because of an “infringement on her bodily autonomy.”

Mississippi is trying to ban abortion. They enacted a law banning abortion after the 15th week of pregnancy. Texas has it around six weeks (when a heartbeat is detected). The Supreme Court established in 1973 a constitutional right to abortion and prohibited states from banning the procedure before fetal viability, currently around 23 weeks.

Brett Kavanaugh asked the lawyer for Mississippi, “In other words, that the Constitution is neither pro-life nor pro-choice on the question of abortion but leaves the issue for the people of the states or perhaps Congress to resolve in the democratic process?” He’s arguing it’s not a Constitutional right. He’s setting a precedent for their upcoming ruling, which we’ll probably get around June.

The people who argue against abortion are basing it on religion instead of a Constitutional right. Religion should not be a factor in constitutional decisions other than it’s protected. The Supreme Court, which has upheld the separation of church and state, is using the church to decide on matters of states. The Supreme Court is full of zealots.

The Supreme Court didn’t have to take this case, but they did so they can ban abortions. I expect the court to make it legal for states to ban abortions outright…and give Congress the right to ban it nationwide in the future. Vote Democratic, people.

Justice Sonia Sotomayor asked, “Will this institution survive the stench that this creates in the public perception that the Constitution and its reading are just political acts?”

Too late.

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Burqas and Babies


Whining about mask mandates is a first-world problem. The debate over vaccines is a first-world problem. People in a lot of other nations can’t debate vaccines because they don’t have access to them. Here in this country, we have the privilege of faux outrage. We have access to vaccines to refuse to take. If we didn’t have the vaccines, Republicans would have to go back to screaming about Critical Race Theory and whether or not Mr. Potato Head has a ding-dong.

White Republican males have to be the most persecuted people in the history of persecuted people. They even claim that teaching about other people’s persecution is persecuting them.

Conservatives are screaming about mask mandates in schools. They refer to masks as muzzles which only demonstrates their stupidity. They’re attacking scientists, doctors, and educators because they’re trying to save lives. The fact is, face masks do save lives. Anyone who is willing to expose their child to the coronavirus for their partisan politics should have child protective services called on them.

Meanwhile in Afghanistan, women don’t have the luxury of debating covering their faces. In Afghanistan, mandatory means mandatory. Here, you can at least opt out with a doctor’s note. Even places that require vaccinations will give you an out if you have proof of a recent negative covid test. There are no excuses in Afghanistan. Women in Afghanistan have been beaten for not covering up. When people start beating you for not wearing a face mask at Walmart, let me know.

The real irony is that the people in the United States protesting mask mandates and vaccines while shouting about freedom are closer aligned to the Taliban than they are to democracy. MAGA and the Taliban are both cults.

While our failure in Afghanistan is an international embarrassment, so is the refusal to be vaccinated in this nation. It’s a huge embarrassment to the world that so many Americans refuse to protect their children in service to their cult.

Being outraged over having to wear a face mask is a first-world problem. Your being a whiny little…baby…is a luxury.

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Tucker’s Ass


“Fuck Tucker Carlson.” No, those aren’t my words. That’s from a tweet from a United States Senator.

Senator Tammy Duckworth of Illinois tweeted, “Fuck Tucker Carlson” and added, “While he was practicing his two-step, America’s female warriors were hunting down Al Qaeda and proving the strength of America’s women.”

Senator Duckworth lost both legs fighting for our country. Tucker Carlson may have gotten a toe blister while shimmying on Dancing with the Stars.

Tucker’s natural instinct is to discredit those who attack him because he’s unable to go after the merit of an argument. In 2004, when Jon Stewart went on Crossfire where Tucker was a co-host at CNN, all Tucker could do was attack Stewart’s credibility instead of the merit of the argument, that basically Tucker and the entire show were “partisan hackery.” Stewart told Tucker and co-host Paul Begala about their show, “It’s hurting America. Here is what I wanted to tell you guys: Stop. You have a responsibility to the public discourse, and you fail miserably.”

Tucker told Stewart he was funnier on his own show to which Stewart replied, “You know what’s interesting, though? You’re as big a dick on your show as you are on any show.” And then, Crossfire and Tucker’s contract was canceled.

And today, Tucker has proven Jon Stewart correct. He was as big a dick on Crossfire as he is on any show. Today, he’s being as big a dick on Fox News where he hosts their number one show “Dicks with Tucker.” I kid. That’s not the title, but then again, Republicans love dick.

Carlson started one of his shows this week ranting about President Joe Biden “feminizing” the military. Tucker said, “So we’ve got new hairstyles and maternity flight suits. Pregnant women are going to fight our wars. It’s a mockery of the US military.” No, Tucker. You’re a mockery of journalism.

The thing is here, these maternity flight suits were started up during the Trump administration. Tucker forgot to mention that. But, so what?

Can we get beyond the myth that Republicans care more about the military than Democrats? Can we get beyond the false belief that Republicans own patriotism? Can we get beyond the bullshit that Republicans are more American than anyone else? We need to accept the fact that Republicans will abandon any pretense they were ever American-troops-supporting patriots for a charlatan in a cheap suit who makes them feel good about their racism.

The military can be questioned and criticized. We’ve all done it. The biggest critics of the military are members of the military. But what Tucker did was an unwarranted sexist attack on members of our armed forces without any substance or merit.

After Tucker was berated by the military, he went on the attack and criticized the military for not being able to finish off the Taliban.

Tucker said, “We were almost rattled. Then we realized if the woke generals treat us like they’ve treated the Taliban, we’ll be fine. Twenty years later, the Taliban are still here.”

“Maybe we ought to promise the Pentagon that we’ll get rid of traditional gender roles on this show. Change the pronouns, defeat the patriarchy, and all that. Then they’d send us billions in unmarked $100 bills as a reward. They’ve certainly done that before. And that might really kickstart our struggling opium poppy business.”

That’s where you’re supposed to laugh because Tucker was trying to be funny.

Tucker also praised China’s military, saying, “While China’s military becomes more masculine as it’s assembled the world’s largest navy, our military needs to become, as Joe Biden says, more feminine.”

So Tulip Toes Tucker Carlson attacks American service members while praising China’s military.

Tucker is right on one count. China does have a larger navy than we do if you go by the number of boats. But while China’s collection of boats amounts to about two million tons, the United States Navy weighs in at 4.6 million tons. While China spends about 261 billion a year on their entire military, the United States spends over 731 billion a year.

And what does Tucker know about our military? When Donald Trump claimed he rebuilt our military along with our nuclear stockpile (Eric Trump claimed he built aircraft carriers), Tucker never called him out for those lies. When Donald Trump said we have invisible airplanes, Tucker never said, “What?” When Donald Trump displayed ignorance of what the nuclear triad is, Tucker never did a show explaining it to him.

We already know Tucker Carlson is a racist. We already know Tucker Carlson is a sexist. We already know Tucker Carlson is a dumbass. Now, thank you, Tucker for providing proof that you do not support the men and women who fight for and defend our nation. Now we know.

One’s support for our military and patriotism should not waver back and forth depending upon which party the Commander in Chief is a member of. Now, instead of supporting the United States armed forces, Tucker Carlson and his ilk support white supremacist terrorists who attack our government and Constitution. I don’t recall Tucker going after the Capitol insurgents over the women in their ranks. “Hey, your white Nazi treasonous terrorist organization is becoming too feminine! You’re supposed to be ‘Proud Boys,’ not “Nazi Babes Gone Wild!”

Tucker Carlson is as much of a fraud as a patriot as he is a journalist.

I know several women in the military and each of them could kick Tulip Toes Tucker’s lily-white ass. I’m pretty sure if the mission was granted, each of them would volunteer to kick Tucker’s ass.

Fox News is now promoting itself as the “opposition” channel. With Tucker at the helm, they need to ask themselves if they really wanna be the “Anti-American” channel.

I’m with Tammy. Fuck you, Tucker.

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Just Peachy


Donald Trump has spent his entire life disrespecting women, but over the past week, he’s made racism and misogyny a campaign tactic by attacking four women of color who are members of Congress. He would rather go after them than go after the other presidential candidates, Nancy Pelosi, or focus on his job. He is truly the most divisive president in American history, and he has no intention of ever acting presidential or being president for more than his base.

When I say that Donald Trump is not my president, I truly mean it. Other presidents I didn’t vote for still represented me in the way they represented the nation, even while I disagreed with them. A racist, sexist narcissist with the comprehension and reasoning abilities of a flaming bag of excrement left on a porch does not represent me. Also, Trump has no interest in being my president. He only wants to represent the racists who shout “send her back” at one of his hate rallies. These are people he calls patriots.

In the midst of all of this, you have to wonder, where is Melania? You remember Melania, right? A woman who is an immigrant. In fact, she’s been an American citizen for less time than Ilhan Omar, Trump’s favorite woman of color to attack. A brown, Muslim woman who Trump accused of marrying her brother this week. Do you remember Melania’s “Be Best” anti-bullying campaign? Yeah, me either.

For that matter, where is Ivanka? I know you remember her because she’s really quick to show up at the G20 and shoehorn herself into conversations with world leaders and allow nepotism to seat her at the big table and into photo ops. She was more than eager to skip into North Korea just so she can say she skipped into North Korea. She made sure her face was photographed in a window of Buckingham Palace. But, where is this White House champion of women empowerment?

There are reports that Melania and Ivanka advocated for Donald Trump to repudiate his crowd’s “send her back” chant. A day after kinda sorta doing that, Trump returned to embrace the racist chant and he told reporters that reports of his wife’s and daughter’s advice were “fake news.” That means it probably happened.

When Alabama wingnut and mall food court aficionado Roy Moore ran for Alabama’s senate seat, Ivanka spoke out against him for being an accused pedophile. After her dad endorsed him, she was silent. She has been silent throughout all his attacks against women and even the over 20 allegations of groping, assault, and rape against her daddy.

Since Trump became president, hate crimes have skyrocketed. Nazis have marched and killed people. Mosques have been attacked. People have been murdered in synagogues. Much of this has been done by perpetrators echoing Trump’s rhetoric. Now, he’s contributing even more to this atmosphere of hate because he thinks it’s good politics. Trump’s targets are receiving death threats. How long before someone acts on one of those threats? Meanwhile, wasn’t that a great picture of Ivanka at the palace?

Trump doesn’t care what happens to other people or this nation. He only cares about his poll numbers and ratings. Maybe he would pause for a moment if someone like Ivanka, who’s supposed to be in Washington as a presidential adviser and not just for photo ops, and who claims she’s working on women issues, would speak out against his hate campaign.

Ivanka needs to stand up and show the nation she’s not just there to be a wallflower. This is her opportunity to prove she actually has something to contribute and not just there because of nepotism. She needs to condemn her father’s rhetoric publicly.

I’m not sure she’s capable of doing that because it would require thinking on her own. At this point, all she’s proven to be about is nepotism, photo ops, and handbags.

I’m sure when Ivanka’s children and grandchildren look at her photos from her time in Washington, she’ll have answers for when they ask where each one was taken. But what will her answers be when they ask, What exactly did you do in Washington? What did you contribute? How did you serve the nation? What purpose did you serve at those big tables?

Ivanka is an unpaid adviser to the president and so far she’s proven she’s worth every penny.

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Greetings For The 116th


Yesterday was a historic day for Congress.

Nancy Pelosi became the first person elected as Speaker after leaving the position since Sam Rayburn in 1955. She remains the only women ever elected to the position.

There were several other historic achievements for women with the 116th Congress.

We saw the swearing-in of the first Native American women elected to Congress, Deb Haaland and Sharice Davids, the first Muslim women elected to Congress, Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar, and the youngest member ever elected, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Cortez has become the Right’s favorite new symbol of scary women. Google “Alexandria Ocasio Cortez Brietbart” and see what comes up. They’re obsessing about her almost as much as they are about black crime.

Yesterday, Republicans groaned and booed her when she cast her vote for Pelosi. She was the only person they booed for voting. Republicans also released a video of her dancing with friends from her college days. Nothing salacious, evil, or malicious about the dancing, as they were doing a play on The Breakfast Club. But for some reason, this is a scandal for the GOP. If Footloose Kevin Bacon becomes a transexual and runs for Congress, they will totally flip out.

Mike Pence, a man afraid to be alone in a room with a woman who is not his wife, got a little thrill when he not only had to swear women in with a Quran but also the first openly bisexual woman elected to Congress. Kyrsten Sinema chose to be sworn in on a law book instead of the Bible. Pence probably experiences as much discomfort with the Constitution as he does with the Quran and “nasty” women capable of having their own thoughts.

The Women’s March in 2017 continued into the halls of Congress yesterday, and Republicans are petrified. They don’t know how to gerrymander the women vote.

More people are voting for Democrats now than for Republicans. In 2016 and 2018, the majority of the nation voted against Donald Trump. Despite controlling the Senate, more people voted for Democratic candidates. Women aren’t just voting and getting more involved with activism, they’re running for office. Cortez, an educated, socialist, woman who is not white represents everything they fear. The future.

I personally believe we need to keep electing more women, non-whites, and people with different religious beliefs to positions of power. We are a diverse nation. Our government should represent that.

Yesterday presented us with two contrasting images. One was of the most diverse Congress in history being sworn in. The other was Donald Trump surrounded by a bunch of old bald white guys griping about immigrants.

Guess which one represents your future.

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Silence Breaking New Year


Yesterday, I summarized the dumpster fire that was 2017. Today, I’m focusing on the largest positive to come from the last year, and it’s a shattering one. Shattering for Republicans.

I personally wanted Time Magazine to select Colin Kaepernick as their Person of the Year just to spite Trump. The Twitter tirade would have been glorious. But the magazine made the correct pick in selecting the “silence breakers.”

Time focused on women who came forward who were sexually harassed, assaulted, or both by powerful men in politics, entertainment, business, and journalism. That is just a part of the power women exerted in 2017. Women were a force to be reckoned with in 2017, and they delivered results. I expect them to grow louder and more powerful in 2018, and I think it’s the best thing we have going for our nation right now.

There will be midterm elections in 2018 for seats in the House and Senate. Traditionally, the president’s party loses seats and often control of Congress. Democrats may not take control of either chamber of Congress, and may even lose a seat or two in the Senate, but they’re definitely gaining seats in the House. Donald Trump is the least popular president in American history and a tidal wave is coming. A very pissed-off tidal wave.

Trump’s cabinet selections left Congressional vacancies in Montana, Georgia, Kansas, and South Carolina. It also left a vacancy in the Senate in Alabama. Naturally, these were Republican seats which should have been safe for their party. Republicans did win each of the elections for the House but only by narrow results, sometimes by single digit numbers which were much less than the previous Republicans had won.

Alabama was a different story with Democrats taking the seat. Granted, the Republican nominee was an accused pedophile who should have been rejected even before the accusations came to light. He was a lousy candidate who was kicked off the state Supreme Court TWICE, believed in conspiracy theories, wasn’t aware of current issues, exhibited bigotry, waved a gun at a rally, couldn’t ride a horse, and he still hasn’t conceded. However, it’s still huge that Alabama is sending a Democrat to the United States Senate. This is a state where Trump has his highest approval rating, and the state still ignored his endorsement of the accused pedophile.

It wasn’t just women who put a Democrat in Alabama’s Senate seat, it was black women. Does anyone else think it’s ironic that the horse was female?

Republicans are in trouble. There are 23 GOP-held seats that were won by Hillary Clinton. There are 17 additional seats Trump won with less than 50 percent. While some of these contain entrenched incumbents, there are more than 24 opportunities for Democratic Party gains, which is the number the party needs to win control of the House. I hope the Democrats take the House because it will be fun watching Trump deal with Nancy Pelosi.

Voter turnout, especially among Democrats, is usually lower in non-presidential years. That hasn’t been the case so far. Left-leaning voters, and people generally sick of Trump are voting, particularly women. Usually, only Republicans who watch Fox News are in a constant state of being pissed off.

Women’s impact was felt in the elections for Virginia’s governorship and General Assembly. Many experts predicted we’d have a Republican governor. Instead, Democrat Ralph Northam won with 53% and Democrats also took the offices of Lieutenant Governor and the Attorney General. Even more surprising, Republicans lost 15 seats, and possibly a 16th depending upon the results of an upcoming court case and potential coin toss.

Eight of those seats were held by Republican male incumbents, and they were knocked out by female candidates. The odds are always against challengers to unseat incumbents, but this is an even more amazing accomplishment in districts gerrymandered in favor of Republicans.

Democrats won 61 percent of the women vote, and in New Jersey (which voted on the same night), women gave Democrats 55 percent of theirs. Republicans, y’all in trouble.

The year kicked off with a Women’s March held the weekend after Trump’s inauguration, meant to send a message to Trump and his administration that women’s rights are human rights. It was reported that at least 408 marches were held in the United States and 168 in 81 other nations with over five million people attending.

Donald Trump does not like women. He is threatened by them. He takes a different tack and tone when it comes to attacking them, especially if they’re minorities.

Trump is decades beyond becoming an enlightened individual. If the guy was ever going to gain maturity it probably would have happened before he spent $85,000 calling for the death penalty of five innocent black and Latino Harlem teenagers in 1989.

I don’t expect Trump to start acting presidential over the next eleven months. I don’t expect him to stop attacking women and minorities. I don’t expect him to stop being a racist dumbass on a Twitter rampage. I do expect women to remain outraged for the next eleven months.

I’ve already joined them.

Creative note: This is a really simple cartoon. The Old Man New Year/Baby New Year cliché is one I use almost every year. I don’t mind this cliché because you can always put a spin on it. This cartoon is either going to go over really well or with a big thud. A lot of people may just go “meh.” But, since this was really simple for me and I have a few other ideas and subjects I want to hit this week, you’re getting another cartoon later today.

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