Clarence Thomas

Supreme Gaydar


Right now, someone at Hobby Lobby is crying their homophobic balls off.

The Supreme Court decided by a 6-3 margin, that the 1964 Civil Rights Act also protects gay and transgender workers from workplace discrimination. Let me put this so the fucknuts can comprehend it: Your boss can’t fire you for being gay…so you can come out now. He can’t even fire you if you work in a bakery refusing to bake gay wedding cakes. How a cake can be gay, I don’t know but still…they can’t fire you.

The real shocker with this ruling is that two of the court’s more conservative justices voted in the majority. John Roberts, who is the Chief Justice and has sided with the liberals in the past, and the occupier of Merrick Garland’s seat, Neil Gorsuch. In fact, Gorsuch wrote the majority opinion.

Gorsuch breaks it down for you also, writing, “An employer who fires an individual merely for being gay or transgender defies the law.” Before this ruling, even with gay marriage legal, it was still legal in half the states in the nation to fire someone simply for being gay, bisexual, or transgender. Now, all those right-to-work states are going to have to go back to firing people without giving a reason. That’s still legal. They can fire you for being gay as long as they don’t tell you why you’re being fired.

Donald Trump, the president (sic) who nominated Gorsuch for that stolen SCOTUS seat, said, “I’ve read the decision and some people were surprised, but they’ve ruled and we live with their decision. He added it was a “very powerful decision, actually.” The truth is, he’s not happy. His administration has been busting gay rights since he came into office.

Donald Trump has urged the court to rule against gay workers. He’s barred most transgenders from serving in the military. Just last week, the Department of Health and Human Services issued a regulation that removed protections for transgender patients against discrimination by doctors, hospitals, and health insurance companies. Even though Donald Trump said Caitlyn Jenner could use the bathroom at Trump Tower (watch out, Caitlyn. There’s a bunch of goons at the doorway), he’s not really progressive with LGBTQ issues.

Justice Samuel Alito wrote the dissenting opinion saying, “The common understanding of sex discrimination in 1964 was bias against women or men and did not encompass discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity. If Congress wanted to protect gay and transgender workers, he wrote, it could pass a new law.”

Let me break down Alito’s argument: Because homophobia was more acceptable in 1964 when the anti-discrimination act was written and the creators of that law had no intention of protecting LGBTQ people, that law should not protect LGBTQ people.

Seriously…this guy is on the Supreme Court? That was basically reasoning you could find in the parking lot of a Trump rally but presented with much more eloquent words than, “fuck the gays.”

Thank you, Justice Neil Gorsuch. You did the right thing. Now, if you want to continue to do the right thing, before every vote you should ask yourself, “What would Merrick Garland do?” Then do that.

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Purging With Ginni


Donald Trump believes Supreme Court Justices Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Sonia Sotomayor should recuse themselves from all cases involving him. If that actually happened, he’d be winning all his cases, in the worst-case scenario, by a 4-3 vote.

There’s already a conservative majority on the bench. Most cases go 5-4 for conservatives. But, there are occasions where Chief Justice John Roberts sides with the liberals.

Republicans already cheat at everything. They cheat at elections. They change the rules of appointments in the Senate. They stole a Supreme Court seat from President Barack Obama on a fictional rule Mitch McConnell now says he’ll disregard if the situation repeats itself for Trump. So even with a 5-4 majority that they had to steal, it’s still not good enough.

Donald Trump wants Ginsburg to recuse herself from all of his cases because four years ago, she called Trump a “faker” and that she couldn’t imagine him as president. She later said her comments were “ill-advised” for a Supreme Court justice and promised that “in the future, I will be more circumspect.”

But because Ginsburg doesn’t like Trump, if that’s the case, it doesn’t mean she can’t be fair when judging cases involving him. People have opinions. And for what it’s worth, I still can’t imagine Donald Trump as president.

With Sotomayor, Trump is upset she issued a dissenting opinion last week against an order by the court allowing the Trump administration to proceed with a plan to deny green cards to immigrants who are deemed likely to become “public charges” reliant on government aid programs. Sotomayor argued that the Trump administration had become too quick to run to the Supreme Court after interim losses in the lower courts.

Sotomayor wrote, “Claiming one emergency after another, the government has recently sought stays in an unprecedented number of cases, demanding immediate attention and consuming limited court resources in each. And with each successive application, of course, its cries of urgency ring increasingly hollow.”

Of course, Donald Trump didn’t read that and wouldn’t understand it if he did, but he did cite Fox News’ Laura Ingraham, one of his favorite goose steppers, and tweeted, “Sotomayor accuses GOP appointed Justices of being biased in favor of Trump.” Sotomayor did not do that.

He also tweeted, “I only ask for fairness, especially when it comes to decisions made by the United States Supreme Court!” Obviously, ignoring that he stole a SCOTUS seat from Obama and his second appointment was ram-rodded through with changed rules and with minimal investigations into charges the nominee attempted rapes during the heavy-drinking days of his youth.

I’m surprised he isn’t yelling for the Chief Justice to recuse himself for scolding Trump when he said there were “Obama judges” and “Trump judges.” But, Roberts rules in his favor 99% of the time.

Fairness in Trump’s orbit is purging everyone who may be a “never Trumper” and ruining their careers. In that matter, he has former never Trumper Ginni Thomas. Thomas? Where have we heard that name before? Oh yeah! She’s Clarence Thomas’ wife. You’re familiar with Clarence Thomas, right? Supreme Court justice.

While Ginni may be a former never Trumper, she’s also a former cult member (true) so she probably feels right at home in the Trump cult. But, you don’t hear Trump calling for her husband to recuse himself from Trump cases despite his wife’s involvement with Trump. But then again, Clarence has a long history of not recusing from Supreme Court cases where there’s a conflict with his wife, as she is an attorney and lobbyist whose clients are constantly parading cases for her husband to decide on. When I say they “parade,” I mean they trudge through that D.C. swamp every Republican and Trump cultist scream about.

Attorney General William Barr was hoping Donald Trump would stop tweeting so much at legal cases, like where he’s attacking a member of a jury over his corrupt buddy’s trial. Barr’s hopes, or the act he put on, were in vain.

And for everyone who’s worried about Bernie Sanders praising Castro’s literacy program or wanting to turn us into a socialist state, it’s interesting that you don’t have any qualms over a president yelling for an equal branch to reduce its powers.

What’s next? Will Trump attempt to purge judges like his buddy, Recep Erdogan, has done in Turkey? Or maybe Trump’s allies on the court will remove their colleagues whom Trump considers “disloyal,” as the president of the Philippines, Rodrigo Duterte, has done.

Attacking the courts over and over is banana republic-like shit. That’s headed to an authoritarian state and there aren’t enough Republicans, or people in general, having issues with it. What happens with our three branches if Trump wins reelection? Will the second branch help his branch weaken the third?

The Senate and courts are giving Donald Trump everything from stealing money from the military for his racist vanity project to asking foreign nations to help him personally to making money off his office to purging everyone he deems disloyal. While Republicans are worried that Bernie Sanders will turn us into Venezuela, Donald Trump is emulating Hugo Chavez.

The hypocrisy and double standards are amazing. What’s unfair to Donald Trump is when he’s treated fairly.

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Jury By Jello


They say a president’s legacy are his appointments to the Supreme Court. I believe that. George H. W. Bush has a shameful legacy with his placement of Clarence Thomas to the highest court in the land.

Thomas replaced a Civil Rights pioneer so it’s ironic he was the lone dissenter in a case regarding racial bias regarding jury placements. SCOTUS reversed the capital conviction of a black man from Georgia because the prosecution used its peremptory challenges to strike all the black members of the jury pool. Prosecutors actually made notes on the potential jurors who were black by placing a “B” by their names.

There are staunch conservatives on the Supreme Court and each of them voted to reverse the conviction, except for Thomas. Thomas argues that the case was one for state law, not federal. It’s kinda bizarre that the right to a fair trial isn’t an issue for the federal government in Thomas’ eyes. Thomas also failed to see any problem with excluding potential jurors based on race.

I believe in a fair justice system. Call me naive, but I also believe everyone deserves a fair trial, no matter how heinous the crime, especially when a life is at stake.

I don’t know if an all-white jury would help Bill Cosby in his upcoming sexual assault case, but I’m sure a bunch of Republican dudes who can’t provide the definition of rape, and who also like Jello, wouldn’t hurt.

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Clarence Gets Chatty


He speaks!

For over a decade Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas has not asked a question during  oral arguments before the court.

A lot of people speculate that it’s because he’s not very intelligent, doesn’t know the cases that well, doesn’t want to embarrass himself, or he just doesn’t care. Others just think he’s sleeping. I don’t think it’s any of that.

Since he first arrived to the court Clarence Thomas had a voting alignment  with Antonin Scalia that was above 80 percent. Some believe he followed Scalia while others think it was the opposite. Thomas has stated that if you wait long enough, someone will ask your question. I believe Scalia covered most of the questions Thomas would have asked. The evidence that lends to my theory is that Thomas felt a need to finally ask a question in the first court session after Scalia’s death.

What might surprise some is that Thomas’ best friend on the court is the liberal Stephen Breyer. Thomas would often pass him notes with his questions so Breyer would ask them.

Thomas’ question was concerning the right of gun ownership for those who have committed domestic violence. I really hope he was playing Devil’s advocate but I kinda doubt it.

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