Did you hear about the messed-up business cards? You probably have if you follow me on social media. I made a huge mistake and it’s all my fault. I can’t blame the printer because it’s what I sent them and I can’t blame my proofreaders because I didn’t ask them.

I agonized over the artwork (I was choosing between Trump and another drawing) so much that I didn’t pay enough attention and I misspelled “Fredericksburg” and made it “FredericksBUG.” Ugh. Since I probably can’t convince the city to change its name, I was gonna have to either stick with the bad cards and have people correct me 250 times in the future or order new ones. I tweeted about it. It’s the kind of thing that will drive me crazy until they’re all gone.

Then, VistaPrint swooped in and said they were going to correct the typo and send me new cards…at no cost. I offered to pay for shipping but they declined. VistaPrint rocks and I highly recommend them. But, I still have 250 bad cards.

And people love them. A lot of readers have asked for a FredericksBUG card, but I can’t pay a bunch of postage to mail cards to everyone who asks so…

You can pay for it yourself. If you’re weird enough to want one of these cards, send a self-addressed stamped envelope to the address on the card (just get the PO Box and zip correct) and I’ll send you a card or two. Maybe I’ll even sign it.

*While supplies last.



    1. If I’m going to pay for stickers, then why not just buy new cards? Hmmm? Also, VistaPrint is sending me new ones. At what paragraph did you stop reading?


  1. Absolutely weird enough here Clay. Count me in! Sent autocorrected email with details and envelope in the mail!


  2. draw the “fredericks-bug”. six legs, a shell, maybe wings, funny eyes. This is a merchandizing dream come true. political gnats, Political mosquitos, Political fireflies and now the political fredericks BUG. Call me. we can brainstorm on this…


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