Fake Editing


Even before the major reasons why Donald Trump should not have been seriously considered for the presidency, I had a few that may appear petty but point to larger problems with the guy.

Trump’s inexperience, stupidity, sexism, and racism are all great reasons why the man shouldn’t have gotten farther than the rent-is-too-damn-high guy. But stuff like not paying people who work for him reveals a dishonest person who can’t be trusted. Stealing from his own charity also reveals dishonesty along with corruption because he’s a con man.

His insecurity and pettiness are exhibited by trophy wives, an extremely bad comb-over, and suits that don’t fit despite the fact he’s a billionaire who owns his own clothing line. But one of the kickers for me, as a journalist, is his love for the National Enquirer, a gossip tabloid that pays for stories and is sold at checkout lines next to Weekly World News (which is a much more entertaining read).

Put aside Trump’s penchant for labeling any real news and facts he doesn’t like as “fake news,” and his attacks on the press as “dishonest” and an “enemy to the American people.” Look at the judgement of a guy who believes the Enquirer should have won a Pulitzer and its editor should be in charge of The New York Times.

Trump has a friendship with the Enquirer. Its owner, David Pecker, is a pal. You can count the number of newspapers that endorsed Trump with both hands and have fingers left. The Enquirer is one of them. In addition to the endorsement, the paper would pay for the exclusive rights to stories from women claiming affairs with Trump, only to kill the stories.

Sam Nunberg, an early adviser to the campaign, compared the Enquirer to a campaign mailer. While a mailer was expensive, sent to prospective voters, and hardly ever read, the Enquirer was seen at every checkout line in the nation. Everyone reads the headlines while standing in line. Now, we’re learning those headlines were approved by Trump.

According to three sources with the weekly rag, the paper would send stories, photos, and mock front pages to Trump’s attorney/fixer Michael Cohen for approval. One story sent for approval was on Hillary Clinton’s health with a headline stating she only had six months left to live. Why vote for a dying candidate, right? That was published in September 2015 and in case you haven’t noticed, Hillary Clinton is still alive in 2018.

During the primary, the paper ran stories linking Ted Cruz’s father to JFK’s assassination, and even more unbelievable, rumors of Ted having multiple affairs.

A newspaper can print whatever it wants as long as it’s not libelous. They can publish lies. There isn’t even a law saying a publication can’t coordinate with a campaign. But, if a candidate exerts control over a publication then that can violate federal election laws.

The company that owns the Enquirer said they never sent stories for approval, but they also told us there were multiple women willing to have sex with Ted Cruz.

According to the sources, stories didn’t just go through Cohen. Trump would often have his assistant Hope Hicks contact Pecker (the publisher, not Trump’s little soldier) with story ideas, and would often call the guy himself.

According to one of the people with knowledge of the practice, the sharing continues. The source said, “Since Trump’s become president and even before, [Pecker] openly just has been willing to turn the magazine and the cover over to the Trump machine.”

Federal prosecutors subpoenaed American Media Inc., the Enquirer’s owner, as part of their investigation into Michael Cohen. They probably found a lot of interesting files related to the paper after raiding Cohen’s office, home, and hotel room.

I’m not sure if the paper violated any laws, and I would defend their First Amendment rights, even if they really are “fake news.” However, it goes beyond being a member of the free press and journalism if they acted as an extension of the Trump campaign.

I wouldn’t want to read a newspaper that favors Donald Trump, like the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette which just fired their cartoonist Rob Rogers for drawing Trump cartoons. It’s even worse when the publisher allows Trump to dictate their coverage.

I hate the term “fake news.” If it’s fake, it’s not news. And neither is the National Enquirer.

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Baby Prison Nightmares


We’ve had tension and threats of war with North Korea since that nation was created at the start of the Korean War. Donald Trump took it to new heights when he started calling his fellow narcissist childish names like “Little Rocket Man” and threatened “fire and fury,” and Kim Jong Un returning the favor with “dotard.” After their summit, which didn’t produce anything concrete except blank checks that will have to be cashed at a later date, Trump took credit for defusing the situation. It was a crisis Trump created.

Now he wants credit for ending another crisis he created.

For the past six weeks, Trump, Attorney General Jeff Sessions, and Department of Homeland Security Director Kirsten Nielsen have waged a no-tolerance policy against people committing the misdemeanor of entering the nation illegally. Border Patrol can no longer use discretion in charging migrants with a crime, thus separating families. Border Patrol has backed up checkpoints, forcing migrants to enter at other points seeking asylum from violence in their own country, thus forcing them to break our laws before they can request asylum. From there, they are arrested and Trump and Company throw children, even babies and toddlers into detainment centers featuring murals of Trump, which are former Walmarts and tent camps in deserts.

Trump thought it was a great idea to hold children for ransom to get his border wall. Though, to win the optic war he would have to claim the policy was created by Democrats and the baby prisons were actually “tender age” detention centers.

Who could have seen the public would react so negatively to families being ripped apart and baby prisons? Apparently, the new normal isn’t ready for that yet.

Nielsen claimed the policy didn’t exist. Then she said the policy that didn’t exist couldn’t be fixed by the president. And then she watched the president supposedly fix it. She even got to keep the pen he used to sign it.

Trump made the same claim repeatedly. Finally, the optics got too bad for him. Photos were revealed of the child prisons and audio recordings were leaked of children crying for their parents. Even Republicans were coming out against him, and governors (even Republicans) were calling back their National Guard troops from being involved in the situation. Four airlines made statements refusing to transport children for the purpose of being ripped from their families. Microsoft’s employees called for their company not to be involved with any government department detaining kids. Kirstjen Nielsen was booed out of a Mexican restaurant and will probably have to use a fake name for reservations at Taco Bell.

Trump has lied about there being a requirement to separate families, that Democrats created the problem, and only Congress could fix it. He proved all that was a lie by signing an executive order to end the separation of families, though the title still shifts the blame, “Affording Congress an Opportunity to Address Family Separation” (the first version had “seperation,” which I’m assuming Kirstjen spelled). Trump said, “I didn’t like the sight or the feeling of families being separated.” That’s funny because he loved it when he created it. A recent poll says 55% of Republicans love it too. Trump sycophants say it’s fake news. They did not change this policy because they wanted to do the right thing. They had over six weeks for that. They changed the policy because of the coverage in the media.

Trump took credit for ending the crisis he created with a policy he claims he didn’t create that he said he couldn’t fix but signed an order to fix it that didn’t really fix it.

Trump signed an order that will end the separation of families, which he ordered to begin with. But, this order doesn’t do anything for the families who have already been torn apart. It doesn’t do anything for the over 2,000 children who are presently detained and being hidden throughout the country. It does not end “tender age” prisons. It’s not retroactive. It also creates family prisons, which Trump has ordered the Defense Department to start constructing.

The odds of the optics improving are as likely as Mexican restaurants sending Kirstjen Nielsen coupons for fajitas. Speaking of optics, news broke just this morning that immigrant children as young as 14 say they were beaten while handcuffed, locked up in solitary confinement, and left naked in concrete cells at a juvenile detention center in Virginia.

Trump says he doesn’t cave, which is another lie. He swore he’d never settle the lawsuit against his fake university before he settled for $25 million. David French, senior writer of the conservative National Review said, “According to any fair reading of the order, it represents a massive capitulation by the administration.” Trump has caved, though he’s going to continue trying to look tough.

Even before he caved, Trump was not looking tough. Tough isn’t ripping families apart and creating baby prisons out of tents in the desert.

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Space Balls II


Donald Trump wants a “Space Force,” and for it to be a new branch of the military. In his proclamation about his space jam, he described how it would be its own branch, he used the term “separate but equal.”

That was a very bizarre and awkward phrase to inject into his speech as it’s from the days of the segregation era. Racist argued back then that it wasn’t segregation to demand nonwhites to use separate facilities, as long as those facilities were separate.

I don’t believe Trump had that in mind when he made his speech or that he plans to make black space soldiers use separate rocket ships from white space soldiers. What I believe is that Trump’s brain is still in the 1960s, or maybe even decades earlier.

He has also used the term “law and order,” which is from Nixon’s 1968 campaign. It was a wink and a nudge to white voters when Tricky Dick used it, and it’s a megaphone now when Trump uses it. Of course, he’s not really about law and order as he’s pardoned a racist sheriff, his cabinet has restocked the swamp, his son-in-law is engaging in pay-for-play and has become even richer since taking a job in the White House, and he himself robbed a charity for personal and business expenses. Trump can also use “I am not a crook.”

Another term used by racists in days of yore is “America first,” used to defend nationalism and xenophobia. Anti-Semite Charles Lindbergh used it while arguing to keep America out of World War II, and it was soon adopted by the Klan. Naturally, Trump likes it too. It’s not surprising Trump would use these sorts of phrases when he has Steve Bannon and Stephen Miller in his ears.

Trump is easily influenced. Kim Jong Un has described military exercises by the U.S. and South Korea as “provocative,” and after their summit, Trump started using the word to describe the exercises too.

Trump’s Space Force may be as likely as Ronald Reagan’s Star Wars. Republican presidents watch too many movies. After this weekend, will Trump propose defending our southern border with velociraptors?

Trump has ordered the Pentagon to create a sixth branch of the military, which will create a bureaucratic nightmare for a military that’s already stretched thin. But, all Trump can really do is direct the Pentagon to study the idea. Maybe go watch all the Star Wars movies and rank them from best to worst (Trump probably likes Jar Jar).

In addition to a huge headache creating a sixth branch will create, there’s concern it will fracture the Air Force. Defense Secretary James Mattis spoke against the idea last year, and most of the generals (who Trump says he knows more than) are against it. The good news is Trump does not have the authority to create a new branch. Congress has to approve it. What do you want to bet Trump doesn’t know that?

Maybe the space force idea is just a shiny object. Isn’t a military parade enough to satisfy Trump’s ego? Before we conquer space, we should do something about the space in Trump’s head.

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This Is MAGA


A recent Quinnipiac Poll states 65% of American voters oppose the Trump policy of separating migrant children from their parents. The same study finds 55% of Republican voters are heartless, inhumane, unsympathetic, troglodyte, subhuman mongrels you don’t want to be stuck in an elevator with.

And there you have it. The majority of Trump supporters and MAGA heads love the idea of tearing brown families apart. It’s why Attorney General Jeff Sessions is giddy when explaining the hateful policy. It’s why Trump adviser and white supremacist advocate Stephen Miller is taking credit for the idea. It’s why Director of Homeland Security, whose first name is as traditional Native American as Sacagawea and Pocahontas, Kirstjen Nielson can claim she’s totally unaware of pictures, videos, and recordings of these children crying for their mothers. When I was a kid, Jaws scared the hell out of me but I couldn’t forget I saw it.

A racist base is why the President of the United States, who has married two immigrants, can shed all appearances of governing for all the people, and hold migrant children hostage until Congress gives him ten billion dollars to break his campaign promise of Mexico paying for it, and build a wall on the border with Mexico. Hillary was right. These people are deplorable, and they’re proud of it. Trump his holding the children hostage and blaming Democrats for making him do it.  This policy is so heartless and inhumane, that even Ted Cruz is against it and trying to stop it.

The New York Times editorial board asks, “when did caging kids become the art of the deal?”

The thing is, Trump can stop this. He can stop it right now. He doesn’t need legislation to stop ripping families apart. George W. Bush and Barack Obama governed under the same law, and they didn’t go to town ripping families apart, stacking the kids in cages in abandoned box stores, and making plans to place them in tent prisons to share in the desert with Gila Monsters.

Jeff Sessions said it’s unfair to compare this situation to how Jews were treated in Nazi Germany, because “the Nazis were keeping the Jews from leaving the country.” Yes. The Nazis loved the Jews so much, they were begging them not to leave Germany. Please don’t go, Jews. No. That’s not right and someone buy the Attorney General a history book. The Nazis actually shipped them out of Germany in death trains. But he does have a point about the comparison. We’re not gassing these immigrants or tearing out their fillings to melt down and store the gold in Switzerland, so at least there’s that.

Last week, Trump endorsed South Carolina Congressman Mark Sanford’s opponent in the Republican primary because Sanford “wouldn’t help him MAGA,” make America great again. That wasn’t true. Sanford was MAGAing all over the place. Trump just didn’t like Sanford’s public opinion he should release his tax returns.

What is “MAGA?” MAGA is returning America to when white people had full control over government policy (which it never really lost). MAGA is making white people feel like someone is protecting them from being disenfranchised. MAGA is gaslighting and using the Joseph Goebbels method of propaganda. MAGA is emboldening white supremacists and Nazis to crawl out of the sewers where they’ve been hiding and bask in the sunlight. MAGA is being able to listen to children cry for their parents and not want to do anything to help them. MAGA is hearing those cries and continuing to use them as political leverage.

Trump ran a campaign on racism. He accused Mexico of sending their worst people to the U.S. and called them “rapists” and “murderers” minutes after riding slowly down the escalator to announce his candidacy. He said being of Mexican descent was why a judge was unfit to sit on one of his many lawsuits.

Trump said, “I hate the children are being taken away.” He could have stopped at, “I hate the children.”

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The Chump Foundation


The New York Attorney General has filed suit against Donald Trump and his three eldest children for “persistently illegal conduct” at his charity, the Trump Foundation.

The AG alleges that Trump misused the charity to pay off his businesses’ creditors, to decorate one of his golf clubs and to stage a multimillion-dollar giveaway at his 2016 campaign events.

Attorney General Barbara Underwood asked a state judge to dissolve the Donald J. Trump Foundation, that its remaining $1 million in assets be distributed to other charities, and Trump be forced to pay at least $2.8 million in restitution and penalties. Trump says he will fight the suit and vows he will never settle, which may be like his promise not to settle a lawsuit against Trump University which he settled for $25 million.

The Trump Foundation is as much of a charity as Trump University was a university. Trump has not made a donation to his own charity since 2008, the board of directors hadn’t met in 19 years, and the official treasurer wasn’t even aware he was on the board. If Trump really wants to nail Hillary, he’d appoint her without her knowledge to one of his scams. Hell, she may be ambassador to North Korea at this very moment.

Trump has attacked the AG and accused the suit of being political and conducted by “sleazy” Democrats. What’s not supposed to be political is his charity. It’s going to be very difficult for Trump to claim innocence when there’s footage of him at a campaign event holding a giant Happy Gilmore-sized check with “Donald J. Trump Foundation” in the upper left corner, and centered on the bottom “Make America Great Again.” What’s wrong with that? The Trump Foundation is a charity, the slogan “Make American Great Again” is a nationalistic, racist campaign slogan, and it was at a campaign event.

Saying his charity wasn’t used politically when there’s proof it was is as absurd as saying “no collusion” after you invited Russian spies into Trump Tower. It would be like Trump at a campaign event asking Putin to hack Clinton’s email or him telling a reporter he fired Comey to end the Russia investigation, if only that sort of footage actually existed (Psst, it does).

As it turns out, Trump’s campaign manager was directing when and where donations from the foundation were made. Trump raised $2.8 million at a campaign event for veterans’ charities and then turned the money over to the campaign for distribution, like donations made to charity groups in Iowa the weekend before the primary vote.

Trump didn’t just start abusing the charity during his Russian-backed presidential campaign. He used it to purchase gifts for himself, make political donations, and settle lawsuits against his resorts years before he came down the escalator to ruin all our lives. He used a charity to pay his debts with other people’s money.

Trump is the kind of guy who will dodge the draft, attack POWs and Gold Star families, then state how patriotic he is and how much he respects the military while using the military in one of his sketchy schemes. Some people might find using veterans in a scam a worse transgression than kneeling during a song.

He’s also the kind of guy who projects. He has attacked the Clinton Foundation on numerous occasions and tagged his opponent with “Crooked Hillary,” accusing her of participating in pay-for-play schemes with foreign entities, while his foundation was taking a $150,000 donation from a Russian oligarch.

Trump has taken personal credit for donations made by the foundation, and he’s taken credit for donations where there are no records that he made any. He’s a conman of epic proportions. He may be the most corrupt businessman in American history. He’s refused to pay contractors after they completed their end of the bargain, he ran a fake university, he’s done business with mobsters, created pyramid schemes, exploited foreign workers, had questionable bankruptcies, and his businesses are used by Russian oligarchs and mobsters for money laundering. It’s no wonder American banks won’t do business with him anymore. And yet, about 60 million Americans thought it was a good idea to make him president.

A lawsuit won’t put Trump and his demon spawns in prison, but the case has been referred to the Federal Elections Commission and the Internal Revenue Service. It’s not likely those two agencies will send him to the big house either.

But, it would be best for everyone if they could get him out of the White House.

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Dictator Envy


There was so much breaking news from the Trump administration this past week, that by Friday we would have forgotten that the president had legitimized North Korea’s dictatorship if he hadn’t reminded us.

On Thursday, the Attorney General of New York sued Trump and three of his children for using the Trump Foundation, a supposedly charitable organization, for political purposes and as a personal slush fund. Trump called the action political and biased, but it’s hard to defend it wasn’t used politically when there’s footage of Trump handing out giant Trump Foundation checks at campaign rallies. He also used the foundation to settle lawsuits, pay bribes and purchase murals of himself. Scott Pruitt said, “damn.” He has vowed he won’t settle the lawsuit, which must mean there’s not enough money left in the foundation for Trump to use for the settlement.

The only thing surprising about the lawsuit is that it took so long. It’s a civil suit, so none of the Trumps, Donald, Don Jr, Eric, and Ivanka are going to jail for New York. However, the state has referred the case to the Federal Elections Commission (which won’t scare anyone) and the IRS, which should scare the life out of the Trump family. Don’t be surprised if Trump doesn’t start including the IRS in his demands for the Justice Department to protect him. The Trump Foundation scandal may also implicate anyone who has ever donated to the foundation, like those who may have paid Trump through the foundation to avoid paying taxes on a bill.

Perhaps the most incriminating part of this for Trump is the fact that he has signed annual I.R.S. filings, under penalty of perjury in which he attested that the foundation did not engage in political activity. That’s something people have gone to prison for, and usually for much less than Trump has done here.

On Friday, former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort went to jail for violating his bail agreement. Basically, he broke the law while out on bail. Manafort couldn’t even stop colluding with Russians on the way to his trial for colluding with Russians.

Later Friday morning, Trump gave an interview to Fox News on the White House lawn and then extended it to the rest of the press, who asked actual questions.

The Inspector General of the Justice Department issued their report on the investigation into Hillary Clinton and found fault with the FBI’s handling the issue, but didn’t find fault with the decision not to bring charges. Trump comprehended this as an exoneration that he didn’t collude with Russia, which the report didn’t mention. Trump could read the back of a shampoo bottle and comprehend “rinse, lather, repeat” to mean he’s exonerated.

Trump issued a few more lies while on the lawn. He said Manafort only worked for him for 49 days when the fact is he worked for him for 144 days. He also said that maybe it turned out that former National Security Adviser and Lock-Her-Up chant leader Michael Flynn, didn’t really lie. That’s kind of an odd statement since Trump previously claimed he fired Flynn for lying. He claimed he was saddened that migrant children were being separated from their parents and detained by ICE, and then he blamed the Democrats even though it’s his policy. Next, he’ll blame Democrats for his botched hair transplant. Then, he blamed Obama for Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and their annexation of Crimea, as if Obama pulls Putin’s puppet strings like Putin yanks on Trump’s. Earlier in the week, he said the people of Crimea prefer to be in Russia since most of them speak Russian, which probably means we should all be a part of England again.

The most bizarre part of Trump’s Friday morning were his comments on North Korea and Kim Jong Un. Where Trump used to call him “Little Rocket Man” and threaten to bring down “fire and fury,” he now talks about his great relationship with the dictator and even gave him his private phone number, 1-800-CHEETOS.

It went from bizarre to terrifying when Trump expressed his desire for Kim’s power. Trump said, “He speaks, and his people sit up at attention. I want my people to do the same.” What was that? You want the same groveling obedience demanded by a dictator who executes family members and controls his nation by fear? That’s the kind of power Trump wants? Wouldn’t Trump have to kill a family member with an anti-aircraft gun to inspire that sort of obedience? Eric, run.

Trump envies the power of a dictator so much that it was easy for Kim to play him in Singapore. Not only did Kim get validation and equal footing with an American president, but he got Trump to sacrifice our military’s preparedness for a photo-op, and to top it all off, he got prime propaganda footage of Trump saluting one of his generals.

By the time Trump was landing back in the U.S., Putin was on the phone angling for his own summit. If a 35-year-old novice dictator can get the best of Trump, what will Putin, a former spy for the KGB, get? Eastern Europe? California? Maybe soon, Sarah Palin will really be able to see Russia from her house.

During his Singapore trip, Trump expressed admiration for how positive state-run news was in Korea and that the famous “pink lady” who reads it is more lavish in praise than Fox News. While praising dictator-sponsored news outlets, he attacked the free press again and said the media was “our country’s biggest enemy.” His administration also sought to punish CNN’s Jim Acosta for asking Kim Jong Un if he was willing to denuclearize.

These are scary times. A man who can’t comprehend directions on a shampoo bottle shouldn’t be negotiating nuclear deals. Even if Trump wasn’t in love with dictators, he’s enough of a fool to be spun by them.

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Free Kool-Aid


Join the cult, get free Kool-Aid. Disclaimer: The Kool-Aid isn’t really free.

Representative Mark Sanford was hit by an air strike, and kinda-sorta literally. Direct from Air Force One on his return home from his Singapore photo-op with dictators and saluting North Korean generals, Donald Trump bombed the South Carolina Republican’s re-election bid.

With about four hours left to vote in South Carolina, Trump tweeted, “Mark Sanford has been very unhelpful to me in my campaign to MAGA. He is MIA and nothing but trouble. He is better off in Argentina.” The Argentina line was about Sanford’s affair with an Argentinian. Trump criticizing someone for an extramarital affair would be like Bill Clinton attacking someone for leaving DNA on a blue dress. But, Trump’s attack worked.

Sanford narrowly lost his primary and will now be leaving Congress. And what did Sanford do to not help Trump “MAGA” and be nothing but trouble? It wasn’t voting against Trump’s agenda as he fully supported that. He criticized Trump’s character and called for him to release his tax returns. Apparently, saying anything negative about Trump is sacrilege to the Church of Trump.

Two other candidates who MAGA won primaries on Tuesday despite one being aligned with white supremacists and the other being a pimp. Seriously.

Retiring Senator Bob Corker said the GOP was looking less like a party and more like a cult. He’s not wrong. Have you talked to a Trump sycophant or followed any on social media? Even if you have, you probably can’t understand their motivation. I have tried by asking them, but admittedly, approaching them with “hey, why are you a sycophant” hasn’t produced the best reaction.

Corker is right. Republican lawmakers express privately their dislike for Trump but won’t criticize him publicly. They’re afraid of an angry tweet and the wrath of his voters.

But why has the Republican Party become the party of Trump?

Their motivation is not policy. They don’t care about family values, high deficits, or even if the president takes a lot of golf vacations, all stuff they used to care about. They don’t care about broken promises as they’re all going to pay for the wall on the Mexican border if it’s ever actually built. They hated the Iran deal which contained specifics, stipulations, held that accountable, and actually prevented them from building a nuclear weapon, but they love Trump’s deal with North Korea which doesn’t contain any guarantees.

They don’t really care about draining the swamp as Trump won’t fire Mr. Swamp Thing himself, Scott Pruitt. They don’t care about pay-for-play as Trump and his kids are making money off the presidency. Don’t ask any of them about emoluments as they probably couldn’t spell it let alone define it.

Do they worship at the Trump altar because he’s a great businessman despite multiple bankruptcies with many of them being scams? Do they love him because he supports the troops despite his draft deferments and attacks on POWs and Gold Star families? They hate the Clinton Foundation but that’s not it either as they ignore the Trump Foundation being a slush fund for Trump to purchase paintings of himself.

Maybe it’s the great economy and job numbers which he inherited from Obama. Is it the details of his policies, which is usually just “replace with something better?” Do Trump supporters really love Russia and desire jobs in China?

It’s not because Trump champions freedom because he calls the press our “biggest enemy.” It’s not because he cherishes our greatest alliances as he’s attacked Canada, Germany, and NATO. It’s not because he’s a devout Christian because he doesn’t go to church.

It can’t be because of his intelligence, personality, charm, wit, or accomplishments because he doesn’t have any. Most of all, it’s not because he’s going to take care of them because he doesn’t really care about them. His tariffs are going to hit his followers in the Midwest the hardest. His tax cuts mostly help rich people like himself and his children, don’t expire for corporations, but they expire for you.

It can’t be because he respects women, as he’s personally attacked them verbally and physically. It can’t be his concern for your children as he endorsed a pedophile for the United States Senate.

It can’t be because he’s honest. It’s not his desire to build bridges as he spends a lot of encouraging divisiveness. It’s not because he hires the best people.

I don’t think it’s the racism. Yeah, he’s a birther, attacks Mexicans, Muslims, compliments Nazis, retweets white supremacists and anti-Semites, believes minorities are monolithic, and endorses other racists for office. I always thought people loved Trump despite his bigotry. Sure, racism isn’t a deal breaker for any Trump supporter and the biggest reason for others, but I’d hate to think there are over 60 million Americans voting for a guy because of it.

So, sycophants? What is it? Why? Why have you pledged your loyalty to such a huge disaster of a human being, a man who more a collection of bad traits than an actual human being? This is a person with so much to overlook, ignore, or excuse to support. So, I ask again….why?

It must be the Kool-Aid.

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