Dragging On Black History

Did you know that February is Black History Month? In the future, no one in Florida is going to know because its fascist governor Ron Scumface DeSantis is attempting to outlaw black history from being taught in public schools, and you know private schools in that state aren’t going to teach it.

Republicans are more concerned about protecting children from things that aren’t going to get them or don’t even exist at all.

Ron McRacist DeSantis says Florida is where “woke goes to die.” What the hell is “woke”? Basically, it’s having a social conscience and trying to understand situations you’ll never be in. It’s trying to understand prejudice, racism, discrimination, and sexism. If you’re a white person and you know you have white privilege then congratulations. You’re woke. Republicans use “woke” like they used to use the word “liberal,” as a bad word. A lot of Republicans still use “liberal” to attack someone but as more of the public has come to learn the definition of that word and realized that being liberal is a good thing, more and more Republicans are now starting to use “woke” to attack liberals, despite the fact that “woke” is also a good thing. Anyway, Ron DeSatan DeSantis is trying to outlaw “woke” in his state and protect children from having a social conscience.

He’s also trying to protect children from Mickey Mouse and has waged war with Disney which you would think is a dumb thing to do in Florida, but whatever. You do you, Ron DeScumbucket DeSantis.

Republicans are trying to protect children from drag queens unless that drag queen is George Santos. Yeah, that’s weird…and the GOP thinks drag queens are the weird ones.

Ron DeStupid DeSantis also tried to protect kids from science. What he was protecting was the coronavirus. Florida is where the coronavirus goes to thrive.

Ron DeHumanTrafficker DeSantis is trying to protect Florida’s school children from immigrants…in Texas.

And now, Ron DeShithead DeSantis is trying to protect children from history, specifically, black history. Why? Because learning black history might make a little white kid feel bad.

White conservatives who don’t believe white privilege, racism, or discrimination exist and don’t understand why Colin Kaepernick was kneeling shouldn’t be the ones restricting any history lessons.

Now when it comes to protecting children from gun violence, Republicans refuse to do anything except accept checks from the National GoStickItInYourAss Rifle Association.

Ron GoFuckYourself DeSantis is doing everything he can to turn his state into a fascist shithole, believing it’s his route to the presidency. Those who know history will be those who don’t vote for Ron DeIhaveLessCharmThanAhoneyBadgerWithAflamingHemorrhoid DeSantis.

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  1. I AM WOKE AND PROUD OF IT. Ron Duh!Santis aint woke, nor is he a nice guy! Since we already know nice guys always finish last, we know Duh!Santis is way out in the lead to finish first, whatever that means to him: maybe BEING THE BIGGEST ASSHOLE FUCKFACE in the world, not just in Floriduh! (My compliments to Scottie, the greatest gay guy in Florida.)

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  2. Let me get this right, these wankers want to change history and claim blacks were never slaves of white landowners, however their holy bible condones slavery and so they fought to keep their slaves on that basis.
    Surely most Americans will see through their bullshit.


  3. By erasng the historical, factual, pasts from what the younger generations are being taught at, school, that is the Republicans’ hopes, that, these, next generations of younger children will, follow them blindly, because, they are being, taught in the, primary, secondary, mandatory, education schooling, years, the, untruths of, history and, thus, all the futures become, hopeless, because, we are now, grooming the leaders of the future to have, no sense of, what, truly, happened in history, and, I suppose, that the, Republicans are going to, spin it so, that the Civil War, was, made up, thst there was, no, slavery, and turn that into, a “fact” next…


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