Roughs, Volume 169

There are two weeks of roughs in this blog. I drew the first batch on Thursday, January 19, and Friday, January 20. That group was large enough for its own blog but I was still unsure about making a few of them real cartoons, so I decided to give them all another week for me to mull over… and then time got away from me and forgot while traveling. Oops, but here we go.

I did think this was funny and I’m all for calling George Santos out for being a liar, but I was afraid this would have been interpreted as me making funs of LGBTQ+ people, crossdressers, or drag queens… people who shouldn’t be made fun of just because. As it’s been noted by a lot of other people, being a drag queen is the only thing likable about George Santos so naturally, he denies it.

This one was still under consideration. I told myself that if I hadn’t done it after two weeks, then I could go ahead and let the idea go, and then post it here. and then while I was in Indianapolis, I decided to use it but change it around after the College Board caved into DeFascist’s demands. Now I’m glad I wanted to post this blog.

This is another I had under consideration. There is an idea in my head that I may use later…but President Biden may have killed it during the State of the Union when he tricked the GOP into agreeing not to make these cuts.

This one did become an official cartoon.

This became a cartoon for the CNN Opinion newsletter.

My editor suggested this subject which I knew nothing about. I personally don’t care about celebrity breakups. When he first suggested the topic to me, he didn’t tell me the details and only said “Shakira.” My reply was, “What happened? Did her hips finally lie?” Yeah, this cartoon doesn’t work. However, I do love the song Shakira did for Zootopia, “Try Anything.”
Oh yeah, the story is that Shakira found out her lover was cheating on her because his mistress was eating out of her jam jar.

This sat in my back pocket for two weeks until I pulled it out of my back pocket at Washington National Airport.

This was still under consideration and was another subject suggested by my editor.

This one didn’t go anywhere.

This also did not go anywhere.

This is another that led to an official cartoon.

Now we start with the second batch which was drawn on Thursday, January 26, and Friday, January 27.

I wrote this idea and sent it to my editor at CNN about three minutes before I saw that Joe Heller did a very similar cartoon, so that killed this. Joe needs to stop stealing my ideas before I even get a chance to write them. Seriously, I think another cartoonist did steal this idea from Joe since his ran about four days later. That cartoonist’s name is Gary.

This one became an official cartoon. I actually woke up thinking about how to do this cartoon and how the desk should line up. It turned out like this.

I did something else with Tucker and the sexy Green M&M. Check it out.

I submitted this to CNN and then my editor asked for ideas on another subject. I then planned for this to go to my clients because I knew it was good. CNN then saw the light and told me it was the one they wanted…so my clients didn’t get it. Sorry. I really like it.

This is one take on the rumor that Trump is mulling the idea of making Ms. Frazzledrip his veep candidate.

This isn’t much crazier than the pillowfucker trying to be chairman of the Republican National Committee. I didn’t think I was going to do this, but I did it in Kokomo, Indiana. I needed to do something kinda quick because there was a wedding to go to, and I needed a break from Chinese spy balloon cartoons.

My editor suggested this topic. I’m not that crazy about this idea.

I thought this might be a contender.

I liked this better. I took the same image and changed the final text. This is exactly how I planned it to turn out…and then I changed it at the last minute.

I kinda like this one too.

I might wait another week before the next batch, and combine what I did last week (there are only four) with whatever I come up with this week.

Which are your faves?

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  1. I don’t particularly have a favorite, but I do appreciate that you share your rough drafts and what you were thinking when you drew them with us

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