Bullies for Baldwin

A 72-year-old man is the suspect in a mass shooting yesterday that killed ten and injured ten more in a dance studio in Monterey Park, California. The shooting occurred while the city’s large Asian American community was celebrating Lunar New Year weekend. The suspected shooter killed himself in a van after a standoff with police. The first reaction from the right was “Yay, the shooter’s not a white guy.”

Look at what Donald Trump Jr tweeted. “You think you’d hear a lot more about the mass shooting of 10 people in California… But don’t worry you won’t hear anything about it because it wasn’t done by a white conservative man with an assault rifle. Doesn’t work for the narrative so it basically never happened!”

Trumpy Jr didn’t even pause to phone in thoughts and prayers. He immediately politicized it to attack the media. And the reason he feels the need to post that tweet is because most mass shootings usually are committed by white conservative men. What did he tweet after Tops in Buffalo? Also, CNN has been covering the shooting a LOT.

None of the regular House goons, Jim “Gym” Jordan, Lauren Boebert, Matt Gaetz, or Marjorie Taylor Greene have tweeted about the shooting in Monterey. Although Gaetz did retweet a photo of him and Boebert posing with assault rifles. They were mostly preoccupied with tweeting condemnations at Antifa for the riots and protests yesterday in Atlanta, which is truly contrary to how they support the white nationalist MAGA terrorists who attacked our nation on January 6, 2021.

The only gun death these goons appear to care about is that of Halyna Hutchins, a cinematographer on the set of the film “Rust,” who was shot by actor Alec Baldwin after he was handed a prop gun that he was told was “cold,” meaning it was empty. But I bet none of them know her name.

Baldwin has been charged with two counts of manslaughter in Santa Fe, New Mexico which Republicans are euphoric over. Many have tweeted their excitement over Baldwin going to prison before a trial has even begun. Of course, Republicans don’t know how the justice system works. They believe Donald Trump is entitled to steal government property to keep as “cool keepsakes” … or sell to Russia.

The armorer on “Rust,” Hannah Gutierrez-Reed, is also facing charges of involuntary manslaughter. She might be the one who’s in real trouble.

The district attorney for Santa Fe County, Mary Carmack-Altwies, said she plans to argue in court that Baldwin did not take “due caution or circumspection” with the weapon he was handed. She’s going to lose this case.

I’m not an Alec Baldwin fanboy and I’m not defending him because he’s a liberal or impersonated Donald Trump so brilliantly on Saturday Night Live. I think he was great in “30 Rock,” but if he was responsible for this death, I’d want him prosecuted.

And the only reason Republicans are excited to see Baldwin prosecuted is that he’s a Hollywood liberal actor who impersonated Donald Trump so well. They don’t want him punished for the death of the cinematographer…they want him sent to prison for making Donald Trump look ridiculous.

It’s not the actor’s responsibility to make sure what someone hands them is safe. It’s the job of the armorer on the set. As Kirk Acevedo, an actor who has worked with guns on shows like “Band of Brothers” and in the film “The Thin Red Line,” said about responsibility, “It can’t be me. If you have never fired a weapon before, how would you know how to do all of that? For some people, it’s hard to even pull back the slide.”

How can an actor be responsible for the safety of a gun being used on a film set when that actor doesn’t know anything about guns? How can he be responsible when he’s unqualified?

This case may not even make it to trial. There is responsibility for the death of Hutchins, but it’s not on Baldwin.

What’s telling about Republicans is all the noise they’re making about Alec Baldwin while not caring about Halyna Hutchins or the ten people who were killed in a mass shooting yesterday. They also don’t care about the victims in the other 34 mass shootings over the past three weeks.

For Republicans, it’s always “too soon” to talk about gun control after a mass shooting, but it’s never too soon to politicize it when the shooter’s non-white or a Hollywood liberal.

This week’s cartoon for the CNN Opinion newsletter was on Alec Baldwin and gun control (I haven’t published it on the blog yet). And what were the odds it would be published the same day another mass shooting occurred? In a nation with 35 mass shootings over three weeks, the odds are pretty good.

Now, if only Republicans could care about deaths from guns other than for political points.

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  1. So many of the gun owners claiming that Baldwin didn’t practice fire arm safety are guilty of the same thing themselves.

    Each year in the United States there’s over 480 accidental gun deaths…. and the number of accidental shootings that aren’t fatal is more than that.

    That other actors checked their guns is a good practice, but that doesn’t mean that Baldwin is required to check his.

    They hired the armor for a specific job. It was her job to be sure there was no live ammunition or actual working weapons in the production.

    Who works for a company that hired them to do a job and has corporate executives go around and check each time they’ve done something to be sure that it’s correct?

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  2. Balďwin pointed the gun at an innocent person. Why? He then pulled the trigger. Why? What was he thinking?
    The armourer admits to having trouble getting the blank in the chamber, but it went in so she thought it was okay. Why didn’t she look in the chamber? We’ll never know.
    Nothing adds up about this event. Who brought this gun to the set? Who insisted on this being the gun used? Why this particular gun?
    But it all comes back to why point the gun at Ms Hutchins? Only Mr. Baldwin knows why, and he’s not telling!


  3. Great recap. And other example of stated MAGA policy position with maximum cruelty outcomes. Other policy responses can have the same primary goal and mitigate the anticipated shit storms.
    Well fuck that. In Louisville Kentucky- I recently read an NPR story that states the city has dumped trillions of gallons of raw sewage into the Ohio River.(100 year old storms water systems). Policy choices include continuing to encourage building and growth. Bet they could have made a more refined choice than to send the city’s shit downstream west passed the poorer sections of the city. Then Ohio River flows onwards to join the Mississippi thus sharing out sewage South.

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  4. What is also sad about the Monterey Park shootings is that it may reveal racism (or at least ethnic hatred) between different Asian groups. The shooter’s name was Tran (generally a Vietnamese name) and the people shot were celebrating a predominantly Chinese holiday. When we hear about attacks on Asian Americans, we generally assume a hate crime by non-Asian people. To this non-Asian old white boomer an attack by one Asian subgroup on another Asian subgroup seems as moronic as the awful number of your black men being killed by other young black men. As a human species we are pretty disgusting. And that includes an awful lot of us old white boomers.


  5. Acevedo’ comment doesn’t have any merit in this case.only auto
    Pistols have ” a slide”. Western, cowboy pistols have a
    Hammer that must be cocked, which Baldwin did. My take
    Is that he started to cock the pistol and may have let
    Go of the hammer before it cocked. This could, in many instances
    , here sufficient force to ignite the bullet.


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