Facebook Ban-alamadingdong

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I really enjoyed this cartoon because it’s a bit personal for me. I believe that no other editorial cartoonist in this country has been hit as much by social media platforms as I have. I’ve had cartoons removed from Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. My cartoons are often blocked out with a warning on Truth Social because they’re too brutal for the delicate sensibilities of MAGAt snowflakes. I’ve had videos removed and have been suspended on YouTube. I’ve had videos removed on TikTok. Soon, I expect to have suspensions on Post and Tribel (for what it’s worth, so far I think both of those platforms suck).

I had a cartoon removed from Instagram a couple years ago that also got my account deleted. The cartoon was critical of homophobes in the nation of Brunei and Chick-fil-A. I still don’t know which of the two filed the complaint, the Sultan or the bigoted waffle fry fucks. But Instagram didn’t just suspend me, they deleted my account. Then they reversed course and told me they made a mistake but they never did restore my account, so I had to create Claytoonz 2.0 and start building all over again. Fuckers.

The funny thing is, when I get hit by a social media platform, it’s usually for a cartoon attacking hate. And recently, I got a 30-day suspension for an anti-hate cartoon, and within a week of my return, I got hit with another 30-day ban for using the word “Taliban.” And now, my posts are restricted and are being placed lower in people’s news feeds. This is not a conspiracy theory, it’s listed among my many restrictions by Facebook.

And now Facebook and Instagram are allowing Donald Trump to return after a ban of two years. Oddly enough, I’m often hit for a cartoon by one of those two platforms while the other isn’t bothered by it at all despite them both being owned by Meta.

This is horse shit. Donald Trump used social media to incite a bloody coup attempt, tried to overturn an election he lost, and committed sedition in an insurrection, but I lose an Instagram account forever that I spent years building tens of thousands of followers because I criticized a monarchy for handing down death sentences on LGBTQ people and for mocking the homophobic chicken fuckers.

Didn’t these platforms level lifetime bans on Donald Trump? Does “lifetime” not mean lifetime anymore? I did not get that memo.

My second 30-day suspension on Facebook was for typing the word “Taliban,” but now Meta is allowing the head of America’s Taliban to return.

So, yeah. This cartoon is personal.

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  1. And, that still just showed how “Free” we all are, without the right to speak our minds, if we say things that someone didn’t like hearing, someone reports us, and we get our accounts, suspended, and that would be, the “new” and “improved” freedom of the press and freedom of the speech that we’re, guided, by.

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  2. I would laugh harder if Instagram didn’t block my account for violating
    some unidentified “community standard”  the same day as they allowed TFG
    to return.  If feel like the victim of a very lopsided prisoner
    exchange.     Two day’s later they deleted my account entirely. a decade
    of travel photographs and weekly photos of the challah my wife bakes for
    Shabbat dinner. Nearly 5000 photos.

    Now to share your post on Twitter.


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  3. After being permanently banned from YT because I continually called out DISinformation spreaders, covid and election deniers, evangelists, etc., Hubby made up a new account for me so I could LIKE and SUBSCRIBE and COMMENT again. That’s the only ‘social media’ I’m on, and I’m staying away from the political cr*p . . . just enjoying the comedy, trail cam and dog rescue sites. Frankly, I’m so friggin’ tired of politics, except for Claytoonz, Raging Pencils and CSotD.

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  4. Clay this cartoon is brilliant…… it really chaps my ass to see how social (for some) media picks and chooses their canceling and outrage. Even if ya try and play by the rules….. it’s hard when the rules keep changing.

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