Debt Ceiling Hypocrites

It’s always disturbing when members of Congress display ignorance of how legislation works. Republicans promise their voters that if elected, they’ll rein in government spending. The first problem is, they don’t know how it works. The second problem is, they’re all liars and hypocrites.

For most Republicans in Congress, funding the government is like a toilet. The big guys in the GOP understand how it works, but they lie about it. It’s the minions beneath them that don’t understand, and their party doesn’t need them to. They just need to vote how they’re told to vote. So when they say they’re going to fix the problem of government spending, they can’t fix it because they don’t even understand how it works.

Enter the toilet analogy. Republicans know how to flush a toilet, those that are actually housebroken. A lot of the white supremacist MAGA insurrectionists left poo in the hallways of the Capitol, so toilets may be the wrong analogy here. But, let’s say they know how to take a dump in a toilet with a few even knowing how to wipe themselves. But, they don’t know how it works. If it’s broken and they try to fix it, they’ll eventually end up calling a plumber which brings this back to being a good analogy because most plumbers are more qualified to serve in Congress than the likes of Matt Gaetz, Lauren Boebert, and Marjorie Taylor Greene. Though, most plumbers have to deal with less shit than the walking feces that is Matt Gaetz, Lauren Boebert, and Marjorie Taylor Greene.

Fun story that’s also gross (I’m sorry. Did we already pass gross?): I had a housemate for a few months a few years ago and one day he clogged the toilet and left it. When I found it, much to my horror, he was outside with his loser friends smoking cigarettes. I told him he clogged the toilet and then he said something that infuriated me. He said, “There’s a plunger next to the toilet. You know how to use it, right?” I replied, “I’m not sure. Do I hold it by the wooden handle when I’m beating the fucking out of you with it?” Whatever there was of our relationship deteriorated even more that day, but I did not plunge that toilet. He was also a racist Klansman wannabe (even they didn’t want him) which I didn’t find out until after I had moved in. That situation only lasted six months which was still too long. We got into a fight, he went to jail, and when he got back, I was gone. I love living alone now.

Anyway, Republicans are now barking that they’re not going to raise the debt ceiling unless they get massive cuts to programs they hate. They’re claiming that raising the debt limit increases spending. It does not.

The debt ceiling was created in World War I so Congress didn’t have to vote on every bit of spending requested by the Treasury Department, but still have some control. But Congress, which is the branch of our government that appropriates spending, has to add to the national debt constantly to meet our obligations for stuff like Social Security and Medicare. And let’s not forget the over $800 billion we spend every year on our military. Basically, raising the debt ceiling is what keeps the government’s lights on.

The money has already been approved by Congress. The debt ceiling is an increase in the legal limit on how much the federal government can borrow to pay for what it has already bought. If this sounds ridiculous and stupid to you, it’s because it is.

The White House says they will not negotiate on the debt ceiling and quite frankly, they shouldn’t have to. This spending has already been negotiated and fought for. Congress has approved it. What Republicans want to do is negotiate over what Congress has already approved. It’s bad faith.

Republicans are threatening not to raise the limit which will force the federal government to default on its obligations and even decrease our credit rating, which it did when Republicans shut down the government during the Obama era.

That brings us to hypocrisy. Republicans don’t hold the debt ceiling hostage when there’s a Republican in the White House. Since there have only been two Republicans in the White House over the past 30 years, Bush W. (two terms) and Trump (one term because he lost like a big fat orange loser), the GOP only had 12 years to engage in this budget terrorism since 1992.

Republicans shut down the government during the presidencies of Clinton and Obama and now they’re about to do it under Biden. Trump himself shut the government down during his single term (only one because he lost like a big fat orange loser) demanding Congress fund his wall. They never did and he buckled and agreed to Nancy Pelosi’s budget because she wouldn’t let him give the State of the Union address until he did. I bet if McCarthy tried that trick on Biden, it wouldn’t work. Presidents don’t have to give the State of the Union in person (they can send a letter). But the government has to pay its bills.

Shutting down the government hurts millions of working Americans, the same people Republicans pretend to care about yet constantly hold hostage to cut spending on programs those same working people care about. Guess who’s going to get hurt if Republicans get their way and bring cuts to Social Security and Medicare.

Funny thing: Republicans didn’t talk about cutting Social Security and Medicare during the campaigns for the midterms. It’s like how didn’t tell us they would try to ban abortion after winning the House.

Republicans are liars. They claim to care about the national debt when they’re the party that spends the most. In Obama’s eight years, around $8 trillion was added to the debt. In Trump’s four years (which he only had because he lost his reelection like a big fat orange loser), nearly $7 trillion was added.

If Donald Trump had won reelection (which he didn’t because he lost like a big fat orange loser) or had won his insurrection (which he instigated because he’s a white nationalist terrorist), imagine how much the debt would have increased. The last Republican president to actually cut spending was Eisenhower. President Bill Clinton left a surplus that George W. destroyed by financing two wars with tax cuts. The rate of spending decreased under President Obama despite the fact he inherited those two wars and still cut taxes for the middle class. Donald Trump increased the rate of spending dramatically by giving himself a tax cut. He was already only paying around $700 a year in taxes, but felt that was too much.

And if Donald Trump had won reelection (which he didn’t because he lost like a big fat orange loser), Republicans today wouldn’t be refusing to raise the debt ceiling. Fact, fact, fuckity, fact, fact.

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  1. Clay, the last time the Republicans shut down the government over the debt limit was led by Senator Ted Cruz. With other nations pleading with the US not to default on its debt, ten female Senators of both parties came together in the last 24 hours before we defaulted and came to an agreement. They told Cruz and his cronies to get out of the pool, it is time for an adult swim. Countries lend money to the US because we pay it back. Being concerned with debt is important, but where to be concerned about it is in revenue/ spending ledger. Per the nonpartisan Committe on a Responsible Federal Bugdet, we need revenue (tax) increases and spending cuts both as the math will not otherwise work. This was the conclusion of the Simpson-Bowles Deficit Reduction Committee as well.

    The hypocrisy is if Senator Cruz was so concerned about the debt to stop the government, why did he vote to reduce taxes in 2017 to increase the debt by just under $2 trillion? This was a Republican law that largely reduced taxes for the wealthy and corporations, raising it on the middle class and throwing some bones at the lower economic class.



  2. Confederate flag behind Donald “Jefferson Davis” Trump. Calendar schedule: “Golf, Grift, Call Putin”, Little Donnie Sippy Cup: “Spend, Grift, Coup, Repeat”, Donnie’s trademark “anal orifice” mouth caricature, extra-long red tie, bucket of KFC and a gourmet Quarter Pounder. You packed a lot into this panel!!!

    “But, let’s say they know how to take a dump in a toilet with a few even knowing how to wipe themselves.” (Marjorie Taylor Green: Back to Front …. I bet money on it.)


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