Debt Scheming

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (gag) is demanding that President Biden negotiate with him and Republicans on raising the debt ceiling. Republicans make a lot of noise about cutting debt and runaway spending and use the debt ceiling as a tool to hold the nation hostage. Did you know that 28 percent of our nation’s current debt was created during Donald Trump’s four years in the White House (sic)?

Again, raising the debt ceiling does not authorize new spending. It authorizes the United States government to meet its debt obligations on spending that already happened. Republicans are hoping voters are as ignorant about the debt ceiling as they are. Refusing to raise the ceiling threatens the entire world’s economy.

Wait. Didn’t Republicans promise to fix the economy if they won the House? After doing nothing except make empty resolutions, kicking Democrats off committees, and putting terrorist lovers and racists on them, Republicans are finally ready to do something about the economy…and that is fuck it up.

Seriously, you don’t fix the economy by holding it hostage.

President Biden is refusing to negotiate with McCarthy, and he’s right. The legislation that authorized the spending that the ceiling needs to be raised for has already been negotiated. It’s literally already been legislated. Plus, you can’t trust goons, so why negotiate with them? It’s like negotiating with terrorists and in some cases with Republicans, you’re literally negotiating with terrorists.

And how can you take a guy seriously who removes Ilhan Omar from a committee for antisemitism, but gives Ms. Jewish Space Lasers two committee seats?

Now ask a Republican what they want to cut? They made a little noise about cutting Social Security and Medicare but quickly learned that’s political suicide. A few Republicans have mentioned defense spending which we spend over 800 billion on each year, and add more to every year…but there’s no way in Hell Republicans are going to touch that.

This Congress will have to pass a budget in the near future. If they want to cut spending, that’s where they do it, not in a debt ceiling fight, but in an actual budget fight. If you think Republicans are hapless now, wait until they get to the budget. Nutless monkeys would do a better job of crafting a budget than Republicans can.

Every member of Congress needs to vote yes on raising the debt ceiling…and those too stupid to know what it actually does should look back at the most recent debt ceiling fights. That history lesson should educate them real quick on one thing: Republicans always lose debt ceiling fights.

Republicans always lose fights over raising the debt ceiling because it’s a stupid fight. But once again, the GOP has a Speaker of the House who’s stupid.

When asked what his message to McCarthy would be about the debt ceiling issue, President Biden said. “show me your budget and I’ll show you mine.” McCarthy didn’t have a real answer because he doesn’t have a budget. He doesn’t even have a list of programs to cut.

Here’s a negotiating tip, kids: When you make demands, make sure you have an actual list of demands. You just can’t Steve Carell it from “Anchorman” and shout, “Loud noises.”

McCarthy is demanding cuts in the budget and said it’s up to President Biden to tell him there’s not any wasteful spending in Washington. He’s demanding cuts but wants Biden to propose where they can happen. How about no more tax cuts for billionaire assholes? Perhaps McCarthy’ssolution to paying off debt should be a GoFundMe run by George Santos.

George Santos ran a GoFundMe to save the life of a veteran’s dog, but he kept all the money raised for himself, possibly to purchase more blue sweaters. Basically, Santos’ GoFundMe scheme is a lot like all Republican budget schemes. Their schemes are always built on lies and in the end, the people who need the help the most, the ones Republicans promised to help, end up getting fucked while a Republican gets richer.

Have I mentioned previously that Kevin McCarthy is the worst Speaker in the history of Congress? The GOP is proving again that they can’t govern.

When will voters start paying attention to that?

Creative note: I started this cartoon around 6 A.M. on a train, finished it in the Washington National Airport, then flew to Providence…and then flew to Tampa where I’m writing this blog. Tampa is just another layover for me and I’ll be catching another flight in a couple of hours.

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      1. Most likely, you did. We live right under a flyway, which aggravates me no end. Any other time, I’d’ve said we’ll pick you up and go for lunch/dinner, but in these times . . . I stay in as much as possible. So sorry!

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  1. Republican voters belueve Republican lies, which makes it even easier to lie to them. Anything goes. They need to see no proof. They just believe. They really should apply for “religion” status! Really they should!

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