Aborting Bare Arms

Why do Republicans have a hang-up about women exposing their arms and shoulders? Unless it’s Marjorie Taylor Greene or sexy Green M&M, they don’t like women to go sleeveless.

During the Obama administration, they all flipped out anytime Michelle Obama exposed her toned biceps. New York Times columnist David Brooks referred to Ms. Obama’s arms as “thunder and lightning” and that showing off her arms at White House events was “ostentatious.” Rush Limbaugh called her “fat.” Seriously, Rush Limbaugh said that.

Now, as a Trump-appointed federal judge is looking at banning abortion pills nationwide next week (really), don’t look for the protection of women’s rights in yee-haw states where Republicans are instituting dress codes banning bare arms. You know, fucknut states like Missouri and Florida.

House Republicans in Missouri used their very first session to create a rule banning bare arms, requiring all women to wear blazers, cardigans, or jackets while on the house floor. They did not create any new rules for men.

And since Florida Republicans don’t like being out-gooned by other states (like when DeSantis shipped migrants from Texas to Massachusetts so he wouldn’t be out-viled by Greg Abbott), they too have created a new rule requiring women to wear sleeves in the state capitol building. To be fair, they also enacted a new dress code for men too, banning the showing of ankles.

Bare arms and shoulders, Green M&M, men’s ankles…what kind of fetishes are we dealing with here? I still don’t understand the foot fetish a lot of guys have, so I’m never going to understand any of these Republican turn-ons.

I do predict that like banning Critical Race Theory in schools despite the fact it’s not an actual thing, the word “gay,” drag queens, and “woke,” other GOP-led state legislatures will follow suit with their own rules banning bare arms and shoulders, especially if Tucker starts talking about it. Just make sure you don’t go after Green M&M. She’s special.

What all this comes down to is just another white conservative male attempt to control women. Now that’s a fetish.

Creative note: I knew I wanted to put these two subjects into one cartoon but couldn’t figure out how to do it. I spent last night and this morning trying to write but brain no worky good. I drew out three ideas before I found it. Me smarty after all.

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  1. Obviously Republican males get hard-ons just looking at any naked female skin, and they don’t want to get caught masturbating behind their desks. The cleaning ladies might see their ejaculation stains and refuse to clean them.

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