Goon Committee

Kevin McCarthy is abusing his power as Speaker of the House. Of course, the only way he could secure enough votes from the extremists in his party was to make deals to abuse his power.

The Speaker of the House has the power to remove members from select committees and he’s done that with Democratic Party House members Adam Schiff and Eric Swalwell who he has now formally removed from the Intelligence Committee. He doesn’t have the authority to remove members from regular committees which is what he’s attempting to do with Ilhan Omar.

The only reason he has to do this is vengeance, political retribution, and to keep promises to the goon caucus in his party. This is revenge for the removal of Marjorie Taylor Greene and Paul Gosar from committees when the Democrats had the majority.

Greene and Gosar both expressed support for violence against their House colleagues. Their removal was bipartisan with several Republicans voting with the Democrats. Greene and Gosar have also spoken at white supremacist parties.

It will take a full vote of the House to remove Omar from the Foreign Affairs Committee, which McCarthy is planning. His reason is that she’s expressed antisemitic sentiments in the past, for which she’s apologized. Never mind all the Islamophobic comments from Marjorie Taylor Greene and her support for terrorism who he has put on the Oversight and Accountability Committee and the Homeland Security Committee. He’s also put fellow Qanon conspiracy theorist and Islamophobic Lauren Boebert and white nationalist Paul Gosar on the Oversight and Accountability Committee. McCarthy doesn’t really have an issue with antisemitism since he groveled for the support of one, Donald Trump, who dines with white nationalists and antisemites at Mar-a-Lago (right where he keeps his stolen classified documents).

Republicans have argued that Schiff used his position on the Intelligence Committee to lie about the connections between the campaign of Donald Trump and the Russian government despite an investigation by special counsel Robert Mueller that found no such coordination. But did he lie? The Trump Campaign did share polling information with the Russians. The Russians didn’t start attacking the servers of the Democratic Party until the day Trump publicly asked them to. Donald Trump read information gained from Russian hackers at his hate rallies. There’s also the fact that the Trump Campaign invited Russians into their headquarters at Trump Tower on 5th Avenue to dish dirt on Hillary Clinton. Matt Gaetz has even issued a resolution that would ban Schiff from having access to any classified information.

That’s fucking rich. That goon who defends Trump’s stealing of classified information which he kept at his country club, and who asked Trump for a pardon for his involvement in an insurrection, wants to ban someone’s access to classified information.

McCarthy booted Swalwell because of connections with a Chinese spy although an FBI investigation found no wrongdoing on his part.

Let me get this straight. They’re kicking Schiff off the House Intelligence Committee for making claims that Trump colluded with Russia, arguing that the Mueller investigation couldn’t find any evidence of collusion. But, they’re also kicking Swalwell off the same committee claiming he colluded with a Chinese Spy despite another DOJ investigation being unable to find any evidence of…wait for it…collusion. McCarthy and the Republicans’ arguments to remove Schiff is destroyed by their own arguments to remove Swalwell.

And if you want to remove Schiff for saying something that’s not true, then shouldn’t every Republican who voted against certifying the election be kicked off their committees? Why are goons like Greene, Boebert, Gosar, Gaetz, and Jim (Gym) Jordan on committees after lying about the election and their involvement in the insurrection? They all helped the Trump campaign lie about the election, helped him try to steal the election, and supported an insurrection. But I guess saying Trump colluded with Russia (which he did) is worse.

And speaking of liars, how do you have a problem with Schiff, Swalwell, and Omar being on committees while you’re putting pathological liar George Santos on two committees?

Kevin McCarthy argues that Santos’ constituents voted for him, although they didn’t know who they were voting for. But didn’t Schiff’s, Swalwell’s, and Omar’s constituents vote for them too?

Kevin McCarthy is the worst Speaker of the House in the history of houses. This guy shouldn’t be speaker of a doghouse. He sucks. He’s weak, he’s a coward, and he’s doing the bidding of the goons, not his constituents, and not for what’s best for the nation. These moves, kicking Democrats off committees while appointing racist terrorist-supporting goons, prove that nothing coming out of Kevin McCarthy’s mouth can be taken seriously. He’s a joke who has lost all credibility. The reasonings he’s using to remove these Democrats from committee assignments are not on par with the reasons for removing Greene and Gosar.

In two years, we get to kick Kevin McCarthy out of the Speaker’s office.

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  1. Because these government officials are all addicted to power, they easily, abuse it, and the people are still, on the, receiving, end, as, the majority are in the, Republicans’, pockets, they will, not get, ousted.

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