Adam Schiff

Monkey With Democracy

Donald Trump sent thugs and goons to harass, intimidate, and terrorize election officials and election workers in his attempt to overturn an election he lost.

The January 6 attack on the Capitol was the culmination of months of lying about the election. Trump and other officials were lying and gaslighting about election fraud even before the election. Even Trump’s Attorney General, William Barr who testified that he thought Trump’s election fraud claims were “bullshit,” was on the front lines before the election talking about massive election fraud and interference on behalf of Joe Biden from China and Iran. He downplayed interference from Russia. You could not have had the attack on January 6 without the lies preceding it.

We know Donald Trump lied about the election. His claims of election fraud have been debunked. He lost over 60 court cases in his attempts to overturn the election. There were recounts and none of them changed the outcome. There was even a recount in Arizona by a pro-Trump organization that took nearly two months to complete and it still didn’t change the outcome. Trump lost.

There were no bamboo ballots from China. There were no Italian satellites interfering with voting machines. There was no massive ballot dump. There were no briefcases of ballots. There was no switching votes from Trump to Biden by Dominion voting machines. There was no interference from Hillary Clinton, George Soros, or the late Hugo Chavez. What happened in the 2020 election was that Joe Biden won and Donald Trump lost. Then, Donald Trump became the first president (sic) to refuse a peaceful transfer of power.

Donald Trump should be in prison, not weighing a decision on running for president again.

We know Donald Trump called election officials and intimidated them to break the law for him. He called Georgia’s Secretary of State, Brad Raffensberger, and told him to “find the votes.” He told him what he was doing was “probably more illegal” than what the pretend election fraudsters did. Trump told Raffensberg, “You can’t let that happen, that’s a big risk to you. All of this stuff is very dangerous.”

The president (sic) of the United States was making threats of legal charges and imprisonment to an election official to change the outcome of an election. Donald Trump was demanding votes that did not exist. Raffensberger told the January 6 Committee yesterday, “What I knew is that we didn’t have any votes to find.” Did I mention Raffensberger is a Republican?

For his honesty and loyalty to his country, Raffensberger was harassed by Trump goons. His wife received threats, many “sexual,” and his daughter-in-law, who is a widow, was also threatened.

Rusty Bowers, a Republican who’s the Speaker of the Arizona House, said Trump and Rudy Giuliani called him. They told him to install fake electors and let the courts work it out later. For his loyalty to democracy and the oath he took, Bowers got angry MAGA crowds in front of his home. Before the hearings started, Trump issued a press release stating Bowers told him he won Arizona. Bowers testified he never told Trump any such thing.

Bowers wrote in his diary, “I do not want to be a winner by cheating. I will not play with laws I swore allegiance to.”

Raffensberger and Bowers are partisan Republicans. They voted for Trump. Despite that, they did their jobs correctly and were threatened, harassed, and intimidated for it.

Wandrea “Shaye” Moss and her mother, Ruby Freeman, are not partisans. They are poll workers. They are volunteers. Patriots work polls. They devote their time to a very difficult task in order to serve their nation. We should celebrate poll workers, not harass them. Donald Trump publicly attacked Moss least 18 times.

Ruby Freeman said, “”There is nowhere I feel safe. Nowhere. Do you know how it feels to have the President of the United States target you?” Moss said after receiving racist threats that were instigaged by Trump’s attacks, that she doesn’t want to go out in public anymore. She said, “I don’t want anyone knowing my name. … It’s affected my life in a major way, in every way — all because of lies.”

Moss said she once delighted in helping others vote, a right once denied to Black Americans like her grandmother, and now she doesn’t even want to go outside. She may not ever help people to vote ever again because of Donald Trump and Rudy Giuliani. Giuliani kept calling one state election official even after the official told him to stop.

Giuliani had accused her mother, “Lady Ruby,” of passing some kind of USB drive to her as part of an elaborate vote-stealing scheme. In reality, the object in question was a ginger mint, she said. Rudy has probably been drunk enough to put Jr. Mints into soda machines.

Moss said, “I felt horrible, I felt like it was all my fault. I just felt like it was, it was my fault for putting my family in this situation.” She said she received threats “wishing death upon me, telling me that you know, I’ll be in jail with my mother and saying things like — ‘be glad it’s 2020 and not 1920.'”

This is some vile shit from Trump, Guiliani, and the rest of his goons. This is what Fox News doesn’t want you to hear. Yes, Trump supporters are racist.

Donald Trump has a long history of destroying lives. He has a history of sending his goons after people. During his 2016 campaign for the White House, he told his rallygoers to go ahead and physically assault protesters. He promised to pay for their legal defenses. There were assaults but no payments from Trump for their legal defenses.

Donald Trump doesn’t care about the threats against Bowers, Raffensberger, Moss, and Freeman. He doesn’t care about the threats to their families. According to reports, he was giddy over the prospect of the Jan. 6 terrorists hanging his own vice-president. Donald Trump hasn’t expressed any remorse over the white nationalist terrorist attack on our nation’s Capitol.

Donald Trump will destroy anyone and anything to be in power. He’s worse than mobsters and fascist dictators, which is what he wants to be. Yet, millions still support this man. This is why he has to be charged and tried for his crimes. They say we barely escaped our democracy being destroyed on January 6, but we haven’t escaped yet. Even Republicans who say Biden won are using the election fraud lies to change election laws. MAGAts who would overturn an election for Trump and Republicans are running for state offices. Not all Republican election officials will be like Brad Raffensberger and Rusty Bowers. Not all poll workers will be like Shaye Moss and Lady Ruby.

At the end of yesterday’s hearing, Adam Schiff said, “That we have lived in a democracy for more than 200 years does not mean we shall do so tomorrow.”

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The Corrupt Pumpkin


Marie L. Yovanovitch, the former ambassador to Ukraine who was forced out by Rudy Giuliani and his fellow goons, testified before Congress yesterday. She was told that Trump had lost trust in her and had wanted her out since 2018, though he extended her term to 2020 less than two months before. On the same call telling her to get on a plane to Washington immediately, she was also told she had “done nothing wrong.”

Yes, she did. She stood in the way of Trump’s corrupt henchmen pretending to seek out corruption. They were afraid she was going to stand in their way. In her prepared testimony, she said, “Although I understand that I served at the pleasure of the president, I was nevertheless incredulous that the U.S. government chose to remove an ambassador based, as best as I can tell, on unfounded and false claims by people with clearly questionable motives.”

Clearly questionable motives.

Yovanovitch is still an employee of the State Department, though she may be fired now under false pretenses because the administration sought to block her from testifying. The House issued a subpoena for her, and obeying the law, she complied.

The senior adviser to Mike Pompeo, Secretary of State, resigned this week. Two others followed. Kurt Volker, the special envoy to Ukraine, had already resigned. Yesterday, the acting head of the Department of Human Services resigned (the fourth in Trump’s first term to lead that agency). Two of Rudy’s goons were nabbed trying to flee the country. Rudy is reportedly under investigation for illegal lobbying. Donald Trump, who lost five court cases yesterday, is going to be impeached.

The State and Justice Departments are defying subpoenas as the White House is blocking all testimony that will incriminate Donald Trump, though he’s already incriminated himself by admitting he asked Ukraine to interfere in our next election.

Yesterday, he said the president of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, said bad things about Yovanovitch. If you read the summary of the transcript, he didn’t. In fact,  Zelensky never mentioned her. Donald Trump, who tried to praise her a bit yesterday, was the only one who mentioned her and said bad things about her on that call.

Adam Schiff, chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, needs to issue subpoenas as if they’re PEZ. After all, it is the Halloween season. As the White House continues to defy subpoenas, Schiff needs to take them to court, again and again.

Eventually, he’ll catch the Great Pumpkin.

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Not OK


Before Republican Devin Nunes was suing imaginary cows, he was chairman of the House Oversight Committee for the first two years of the Trump administration.

The committee was investigating Russia’s interference in the 2016 presidential election and Nunes pretended to recuse himself since he was on Trump’s transition team. He denied that the intelligence community had any evidence there was contact between Russia and the Trump campaign, which turned out to be a lie. He was accused of leaking classified information to the public and used the investigation to feed information to Donald Trump and his lawyers.

When Nunes learned that communications of members of Trump’s transition team had been “incidentally collected” by the intelligence community, he shared it with the White House before he informed his colleagues on the committee. He also used the investigation to attack Special Counsel Robert Mueller and the FBI, even beginning an investigation into the bureau because they had the gall to acquire a FISA warrant on a suspected Russian spy. At one point during the investigation, his committee released a memo attacking the FBI for the FISA warrants while also saying they were totally legal.

He canceled hearings where former acting Attorney General Sally Yates, former National Security Agency Director James Clapper, and former CIA Director John Brennan were scheduled to testify. Nunes eventually closed the investigation declaring there wasn’t any collusion and that Russia didn’t even try to help Trump win the election.

When Michael Flynn was busted for lying to the FBI about his secret contacts with Russia, Nunes said, “he was doing this country a favor and he should be thanked for it.”

For his mismanagement, lack of ethics, lies, and politicizing the committee and investigation to protect Donald Trump, no Republican called for his removal as chairman. Paul Ryan, Speaker of the House at that time, ignored Democrats’ calls for his removal.

Now, Nunes and the Republicans are calling for Adam Schiff to be removed as chairman of the committee because he said he had evidence of the Trump campaign colluding with Russia. Donald Trump even said Schiff should resign and be removed from Congress for lying. Seriously. Donald Trump thinks someone should be removed from office for lying. The Republicans are basing their allegations on the four pages AG William Barr released.

At a rally in Michigan, Trump even referred to Schiff as “pencil neck.” This, coming from a guy with a neck that looks like a vagina.

At the start of a hearing this week, the Republicans began by calling for Schiff to be removed. Every single Republican on the committee was on board for Schiff’s removal. Schiff didn’t take it lying down and he gave the shitweasels what for. It was a moment when every Republican on the committee appeared uncomfortable as they squirmed in their seats.

Schiff gave the retort of the year. He owned the GOP and Donald Trump. Their best comeback so far has been “pencil neck.” Schiff was magnificent. Schiff pointed out that everything Trump did during the campaign and since is “not OK.”

I’m including his remarks at length because if you missed it or haven’t read it, you need to.

“My colleagues might think it’s OK that the Russians offered dirt on the Democratic candidate for president as part of what’s described as the Russian government’s effort to help the Trump campaign. You might think that’s OK.

“My colleagues might think it’s OK that when that was offered to the son of the president, who had a pivotal role in the campaign, that the president’s son did not call the FBI; he did not adamantly refuse that foreign help – no, instead that son said that he would ‘love’ the help with the Russians.

“You might think it’s OK that he took that meeting. You might think it’s OK that Paul Manafort, the campaign chair, someone with great experience running campaigns, also took that meeting. You might think it’s OK that the president’s son-in-law also took that meeting. You might think it’s OK that they concealed it from the public. You might think it’s OK that their only disappointment after that meeting was that the dirt they received on Hillary Clinton wasn’t better. You might think that’s OK.

“You might think it’s OK that when it was discovered, a year later, that they then lied about that meeting and said that it was about adoptions. You might think that it’s OK that it was reported that the president helped dictate that lie. You might think that’s OK. I don’t.

“You might think it’s OK that the campaign chairman of a presidential campaign would offer information about that campaign to a Russian oligarch in exchange for money or debt forgiveness. You might think that’s OK, I don’t.

“You might think it’s OK that that campaign chairman offered polling data to someone linked to Russian intelligence. I don’t think that’s OK.

“You might think it’s OK that the president himself called on Russia to hack his opponent’s emails, if they were listening. You might think it’s OK that later that day, in fact, the Russians attempted to hack a server affiliated with that campaign. I don’t think that’s OK.

“You might think it’s OK that the president’s son-in-law sought to establish a secret back channel of communication with the Russians through a Russian diplomatic facility. I don’t think that’s OK.

“You might think it’s OK that an associate of the president made direct contact with the GRU through Guccifer 2.0 and WikiLeaks, that is considered a hostile intelligence agency. You might think it’s OK that a senior campaign official was instructed to reach that associate and find out what that hostile intelligence agency had to say in terms of dirt on his opponent.

“You might think it’s OK that the national security adviser designate secretly conferred with the Russian ambassador about undermining U.S. sanctions, and you might think it’s OK that he lied about it to the FBI.

“You might say that’s all OK, that’s just what you need to do to win. But I don’t think it’s OK. I don’t think it’s OK. I think it’s immoral, I think it’s unethical, I think it’s unpatriotic and, yes, I think it’s corrupt – and evidence of collusion.”

“Now I have always said that the question of whether this amounts to proof of conspiracy was another matter. Whether the special counsel could prove beyond a reasonable doubt the proof of that crime would be up to the special counsel, and I would accept his decision, and I do. He’s a good and honorable man, and he is a good prosecutor.

“But I do not think that conduct, criminal or not, is OK. And the day we do think that’s OK is the day we will look back and say that is the day that America lost its way.”

“And I will tell you one more thing that is apropos of the hearing today: I don’t think it’s OK that during a presidential campaign Mr. Trump sought the Kremlin’s help to consummate a real estate deal in Moscow that would make him a fortune – according to the special counsel, hundreds of millions of dollars. I don’t think it’s OK to conceal it from the public. I don’t think it’s OK that he advocated a new and more favorable policy towards the Russians even as he was seeking the Russians’ help, the Kremlin’s help to make money. I don’t think it’s OK that his attorney lied to our committee. There is a different word for that than collusion, and it’s called ‘compromise.’

“And that is the subject of our hearing today.”

Each of the factual points Schiff raised is supported by evidence and none of them have been contested by Trump, the GOP, or Barr’s memo for dummies.

Republicans need to learn what is and isn’t OK. Defending America is OK. Obstruction investigations into attacks on our nation are not OK.

Republicans are not behaving like Americans. They’re not even behaving like Republicans. They’re cultists now. They behave like North Koreans worshiping their Dear Leader after generations of being gaslighted.

Instead of calling for Adam Schiff’s removal, Republicans should be behaving more like Adam Schiff.

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Nothing But Butt From Barr


Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr submitted his report to Congress on September 9, 1998. On September 11, Congress released it to the public. In case you’re a Republican, that’s two days.

Starr was appointed to investigate a bad land deal involving the Clintons and after four years, he sent a report to Congress about oral sex in the Oval Office. When it was released, 20 million Americans attempted to download the document. Being that it was 1998 with the report being over 400 pages, and most of those Americans were using AOL, they’re still downloading it.

The Mueller Report is reportedly around 300 pages, which is 299 and a half more pages than Donald Trump can read. While the House voted unanimously for the report to be released to the public, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is blocking an effort by Minority Leader Chuck Schumer for the upper chamber to do the same. This is the second time McConnell has blocked it, and other efforts have been blocked by Senators Rand Paul and Lindsey Graham (Surprise!), who both did so while saying, “But Obama!”

Republicans are joining Donald Trump in declaring vindication and they’re perfectly satisfied to base that judgment on a four-page summary from Trump’s Attorney General, William Barr.

Barr should have recused himself from overseeing the report and making any decisions as to its release and content. He auditioned for the job by publishing a memo stating that it’s not possible for the president to obstruct justice. Barr, appointed by Trump after saying he can’t obstruct justice, ruled that there was no obstruction, and is now sitting his derriere on the report. There is now talk that the report will be released, at least partially in a few weeks.

Still, that’s not two days. When the Starr Report came out, it was published like a pulp fiction novel and sold in grocery stores, which is how I got it (I had AOL too and was NOT going to attempt to download it). It contained every scandalous detail of Bill and Monica’s canoodling. Every. Single. Gross. Detail. It should have only been read on Cinemax after 10:00 PM (Remember, this was 1998).

Since Donald Trump was “exonerated” by the report, why wait to release it? What is there to hide? It can’t be more embarrassing than the Starr Report where it had a president doing sticky things with an intern…unless this report has Trump and his goons doing sticky things with Russians.

Spoiler: Trump and his goons were doing sticky things with Russians.

At this time, I’m tired of seeing nothing but Bill Barr’s ass, Donald Trump’s ass, and every single Republican in Congresses ass. It’s been a week and there’s been nothing but ass. Let’s see the report.

Be Complicit

What kind of person would want to be part of something that disparages, slanders, and disrespects Dear Leader and his sycophantic followers? Hopefully, you. 
Making a contribution supports my work and keeps the cartoons, columns, and videos coming. My income is from newspapers that subscribe to my work and small contributors. George Soros hasn’t sent me a million dollar check in weeks. Making a contribution of any amount, or buying a print for $40.00, makes you part of this specific resistance, and a member of Team Claytoonz (we’re still working on the name). You are complicit, an accomplice, and in cahoots (and whatever gangster terms we can think of) with this political satire pointing out that the stupid emperor has no clothes. Contributions can be made through PayPal, checks, and wads of cash exchanged in back alleys.
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Driving Miss Crazy


One of my conservative Facebook friends, with all due respect, is an idiot.

He shared a link to a Politico article which reported House Intelligence Chairman Devin Nunes’ declaration that members of Donald Trump’s transition team, possibly including Trump himself, were under inadvertent surveillance following November’s presidential election. My “friend” posted that this was “awkward” for Democrats.

My friend apparently believes, like Trump himself, that this validates 45’s claim that Obama had Trump Tower wiretapped. I think my “pal” might be one of those idjits that shares articles without actually reading them. This is not awkward for Democrats. What’s awkward is getting caught licking Trump’s balls.

Nunes is chairing the investigation into Russia’s meddling in the 2016 presidential campaign, and possible collusion with the Trump campaign. Nunes apparently came across information that the transition team were inadvertently under surveillance. This from the party complaining about leaks.

Instead of sharing this information with other members of the committee, Nunes held a press conference, took the information to the White House to inform Donald Trump, and then held another press conference. You don’t inform the target of an investigation on what the investigation is turning up. You don’t give them a heads up. Nunes didn’t just go to the press, or email, or call the White House. He went out of his way to tell Trump personally. No word on whether or not he had the meatloaf during his visit.

While my “friend” and other Republicans believe this validates Trump, the same Politico article (scroll up and click the link) reported that Nunes himself said the information does not show that Obama had Trump Tower, or the campaign, wiretapped. Nunes also said the surveillance was common practice and legal. See? You gotta actually read the articles before you share them, people. It also might help if you can actually comprehend what you’re reading. It’s important.

The top Democrat on the intelligence panel, Adam Schiff, said “the chairman will need to decide whether he is the chairman of an independent investigation into conduct which includes allegations of potential coordination between the Trump campaign and the Russians, or he is going to act as a surrogate of the White House, because he cannot do both.”

Nunes is supposed to be leading an independent investigation. Not be a surrogate for Donald Trump. Nunes was a member of the Trump transition team. In February he was the first leading House Republican to deny that the intelligence community has evidence of contacts between Russian operatives and the Trump campaign. He rejected calls for an independent committee and said that the “House will not engage in a witch hunt.” After national security adviser Michael Flynn was forced to resign for communicating with Russia, Nunes said he didn’t want to investigate that matter and said “From everything that I can see, his conversations with the Russian ambassador — he was doing this country a favor, and he should be thanked for it.”

I will “thank” Congressman Nunes if he steps away from the white Ford Bronco and not give Trump the slow drive evading investigators. The president of the United States is currently under an FBI investigation on whether or not he and members of his campaign committed treason. Can we not muck that up?

While Democrats are calling for an independent investigation, and Schiff is now saying there’s “more than circumstantial evidence of a Trump/Russia collusion,” Senator John McCain has joined calls for an independent investigation.

This will be a slow drive to the truth. Especially if Nunes and fellow Republicans continue to thwart the investigation by digging in their heels to drag the proceedings out, and by giving the target information on what the committee is finding.

Maybe when it’s all said and done we’ll find the “real killers.” I suspect we’ll find them on a golf course.

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