Monkey With Democracy

Donald Trump sent thugs and goons to harass, intimidate, and terrorize election officials and election workers in his attempt to overturn an election he lost.

The January 6 attack on the Capitol was the culmination of months of lying about the election. Trump and other officials were lying and gaslighting about election fraud even before the election. Even Trump’s Attorney General, William Barr who testified that he thought Trump’s election fraud claims were “bullshit,” was on the front lines before the election talking about massive election fraud and interference on behalf of Joe Biden from China and Iran. He downplayed interference from Russia. You could not have had the attack on January 6 without the lies preceding it.

We know Donald Trump lied about the election. His claims of election fraud have been debunked. He lost over 60 court cases in his attempts to overturn the election. There were recounts and none of them changed the outcome. There was even a recount in Arizona by a pro-Trump organization that took nearly two months to complete and it still didn’t change the outcome. Trump lost.

There were no bamboo ballots from China. There were no Italian satellites interfering with voting machines. There was no massive ballot dump. There were no briefcases of ballots. There was no switching votes from Trump to Biden by Dominion voting machines. There was no interference from Hillary Clinton, George Soros, or the late Hugo Chavez. What happened in the 2020 election was that Joe Biden won and Donald Trump lost. Then, Donald Trump became the first president (sic) to refuse a peaceful transfer of power.

Donald Trump should be in prison, not weighing a decision on running for president again.

We know Donald Trump called election officials and intimidated them to break the law for him. He called Georgia’s Secretary of State, Brad Raffensberger, and told him to “find the votes.” He told him what he was doing was “probably more illegal” than what the pretend election fraudsters did. Trump told Raffensberg, “You can’t let that happen, that’s a big risk to you. All of this stuff is very dangerous.”

The president (sic) of the United States was making threats of legal charges and imprisonment to an election official to change the outcome of an election. Donald Trump was demanding votes that did not exist. Raffensberger told the January 6 Committee yesterday, “What I knew is that we didn’t have any votes to find.” Did I mention Raffensberger is a Republican?

For his honesty and loyalty to his country, Raffensberger was harassed by Trump goons. His wife received threats, many “sexual,” and his daughter-in-law, who is a widow, was also threatened.

Rusty Bowers, a Republican who’s the Speaker of the Arizona House, said Trump and Rudy Giuliani called him. They told him to install fake electors and let the courts work it out later. For his loyalty to democracy and the oath he took, Bowers got angry MAGA crowds in front of his home. Before the hearings started, Trump issued a press release stating Bowers told him he won Arizona. Bowers testified he never told Trump any such thing.

Bowers wrote in his diary, “I do not want to be a winner by cheating. I will not play with laws I swore allegiance to.”

Raffensberger and Bowers are partisan Republicans. They voted for Trump. Despite that, they did their jobs correctly and were threatened, harassed, and intimidated for it.

Wandrea “Shaye” Moss and her mother, Ruby Freeman, are not partisans. They are poll workers. They are volunteers. Patriots work polls. They devote their time to a very difficult task in order to serve their nation. We should celebrate poll workers, not harass them. Donald Trump publicly attacked Moss least 18 times.

Ruby Freeman said, “”There is nowhere I feel safe. Nowhere. Do you know how it feels to have the President of the United States target you?” Moss said after receiving racist threats that were instigaged by Trump’s attacks, that she doesn’t want to go out in public anymore. She said, “I don’t want anyone knowing my name. … It’s affected my life in a major way, in every way — all because of lies.”

Moss said she once delighted in helping others vote, a right once denied to Black Americans like her grandmother, and now she doesn’t even want to go outside. She may not ever help people to vote ever again because of Donald Trump and Rudy Giuliani. Giuliani kept calling one state election official even after the official told him to stop.

Giuliani had accused her mother, “Lady Ruby,” of passing some kind of USB drive to her as part of an elaborate vote-stealing scheme. In reality, the object in question was a ginger mint, she said. Rudy has probably been drunk enough to put Jr. Mints into soda machines.

Moss said, “I felt horrible, I felt like it was all my fault. I just felt like it was, it was my fault for putting my family in this situation.” She said she received threats “wishing death upon me, telling me that you know, I’ll be in jail with my mother and saying things like — ‘be glad it’s 2020 and not 1920.'”

This is some vile shit from Trump, Guiliani, and the rest of his goons. This is what Fox News doesn’t want you to hear. Yes, Trump supporters are racist.

Donald Trump has a long history of destroying lives. He has a history of sending his goons after people. During his 2016 campaign for the White House, he told his rallygoers to go ahead and physically assault protesters. He promised to pay for their legal defenses. There were assaults but no payments from Trump for their legal defenses.

Donald Trump doesn’t care about the threats against Bowers, Raffensberger, Moss, and Freeman. He doesn’t care about the threats to their families. According to reports, he was giddy over the prospect of the Jan. 6 terrorists hanging his own vice-president. Donald Trump hasn’t expressed any remorse over the white nationalist terrorist attack on our nation’s Capitol.

Donald Trump will destroy anyone and anything to be in power. He’s worse than mobsters and fascist dictators, which is what he wants to be. Yet, millions still support this man. This is why he has to be charged and tried for his crimes. They say we barely escaped our democracy being destroyed on January 6, but we haven’t escaped yet. Even Republicans who say Biden won are using the election fraud lies to change election laws. MAGAts who would overturn an election for Trump and Republicans are running for state offices. Not all Republican election officials will be like Brad Raffensberger and Rusty Bowers. Not all poll workers will be like Shaye Moss and Lady Ruby.

At the end of yesterday’s hearing, Adam Schiff said, “That we have lived in a democracy for more than 200 years does not mean we shall do so tomorrow.”

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  1. Maybe . . . Just Maybe . . . their stories will inspire MORE folks to become poll workers and watchers, to balance out the nefarious plans afoot of putting in all rethuglican poll workers in some places; you GOTTA know they’ll be up to no good!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. And Garland is scared to act! Is it becsuse he doesn’t feel he can win a case? Or because he has been intimidated into non-action? Maybe some goon told him charge Trump and your family will die! Maybe he needs to grow pair…


  3. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    THIS!! … “Trump will destroy anyone and anything to be in power. He’s worse than mobsters and fascist dictators, which is what he wants to be. Yet, millions still support this man. This is why he has to be charged and tried for his crimes. They say we barely escaped our democracy being destroyed on January 6, but we haven’t escaped yet.”


  4. Clay, his niece said back in November, 2021, her uncle will burn it all down to avoid losing the election. Our democracy, our remaining civility, our community spirit is what is being burned down all because a person with a shallow ego is not man (or adult) enough to admit he lost the election. People have died because of this. People have gone to jail or found guilty because of this. The insurrection would not have happened if Donald J. Trump were not president.

    The former president planned to contest the election months before it happened. He had hired 1,000 attorneys to do so by September, 2021. And, for that cost, he lost all but one of about 65 court cases and every recount, audit and review. It would be hard for him to lose any more than he has. By the way, watch Bernie Sanders on one of the nighttime talk shows a month before the election, eerily and accurately tell the audience what the former president would do as the election results unfolded.



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