Nothing But Butt From Barr


Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr submitted his report to Congress on September 9, 1998. On September 11, Congress released it to the public. In case you’re a Republican, that’s two days.

Starr was appointed to investigate a bad land deal involving the Clintons and after four years, he sent a report to Congress about oral sex in the Oval Office. When it was released, 20 million Americans attempted to download the document. Being that it was 1998 with the report being over 400 pages, and most of those Americans were using AOL, they’re still downloading it.

The Mueller Report is reportedly around 300 pages, which is 299 and a half more pages than Donald Trump can read. While the House voted unanimously for the report to be released to the public, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is blocking an effort by Minority Leader Chuck Schumer for the upper chamber to do the same. This is the second time McConnell has blocked it, and other efforts have been blocked by Senators Rand Paul and Lindsey Graham (Surprise!), who both did so while saying, “But Obama!”

Republicans are joining Donald Trump in declaring vindication and they’re perfectly satisfied to base that judgment on a four-page summary from Trump’s Attorney General, William Barr.

Barr should have recused himself from overseeing the report and making any decisions as to its release and content. He auditioned for the job by publishing a memo stating that it’s not possible for the president to obstruct justice. Barr, appointed by Trump after saying he can’t obstruct justice, ruled that there was no obstruction, and is now sitting his derriere on the report. There is now talk that the report will be released, at least partially in a few weeks.

Still, that’s not two days. When the Starr Report came out, it was published like a pulp fiction novel and sold in grocery stores, which is how I got it (I had AOL too and was NOT going to attempt to download it). It contained every scandalous detail of Bill and Monica’s canoodling. Every. Single. Gross. Detail. It should have only been read on Cinemax after 10:00 PM (Remember, this was 1998).

Since Donald Trump was “exonerated” by the report, why wait to release it? What is there to hide? It can’t be more embarrassing than the Starr Report where it had a president doing sticky things with an intern…unless this report has Trump and his goons doing sticky things with Russians.

Spoiler: Trump and his goons were doing sticky things with Russians.

At this time, I’m tired of seeing nothing but Bill Barr’s ass, Donald Trump’s ass, and every single Republican in Congresses ass. It’s been a week and there’s been nothing but ass. Let’s see the report.

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  1. I believe the House Dems should make good on their April 2nd deadline and hit Barr with a subpoena for the full report if he doesn’t turn it over by then. If it ends up as a fight in the courts, then take the fight to the courts.

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