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It’s later today:

Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy wants his party to retake the House in 2022. He believes the only way to do that, isn’t just by enabling Donald Trump’s lies, but attacking anyone who speaks against his lies.

The GOP already has gerrymandering to help them retake the House. Red states like Texas, Florida, and North Carolina are getting new congressional seats and that will help them too. They’re changing voting laws to make it more difficult for black people to vote, which will also help them. So you would think McCarthy wouldn’t need to debase himself by groveling to the Trump base. Except, McCarthy is a Republican and most of that party has abandoned principles.

And it’s not just members of the House engaging in the Big Lie that Donald Trump won the election and it was stolen from him. Senator Mitt Romney was booed last week at a Republican event in his home state of Massachusetts, or Utah…or whichever one it is this week. They booed him because he voted to convict Donald Trump.

Republicans are pushing the Big Lie and gaslighting the January 6 terrorist attack on the Capitol that Donald Trump instigated. While Democrats want an independent commission to study the attack, McCarthy and Republicans want to deflect by making Black Lives Matter and Antifa “violence” a part of the study.

Here’s a fact: The attack on the Capitol was conducted by white racist terrorists instigated by Donald Trump and Black Lives Matter and Antifa didn’t have a damn thing to do with it.

If Republicans have their way, an independent commission to study the attack on the Capitol will be about as independent as the Arizona recount being recounted by Republicans, Trump goons, GOP candidates who are on the ballots they’re counting, and MAGA terrorists.

Now, Wyoming’s lone representative, Liz Cheney, daughter of Daick, is demanding that the party have principles. Keep in mind, this is a person who verbally attacked LGBTQ in order to get elected and has a lesbian sister. But for Republicans, this is about as ethical as it gets.

The party that cries about “cancel culture” now want to cancel Liz Cheney. Cheney is speaking out against the Big Lie, saying the election wasn’t stolen, and the Capitol attack was Donald Trump’s fault. She said Donald Trump’s false claims are “poisoning our democratic system.” That might be where she messed up because Republicans care more about conspiracy theories than about our democratic system.

Cheney is the number three Republican in the House and survived a vote to remove her a few months ago after voting to impeach Trump. Reportedly, another vote may come up and this time, she’s not expected to survive. Matt Gaetz, before his sex scandal hit, even went to Wyoming in an ugly suit with his hair sticking up like Cameron Diaz’s in “There’s Something about Mary,” to campaign against her. Why is everything with that guy icky?

Steve Scalise, the number two guy, said about Cheney, “This idea that you just disregard President Trump is not where we are — and frankly, he has a lot to offer still.” The idea Steve Scalise can’t disregard a flagrant liar like Donald Trump who engineered a bloody coup attempt, is now where this country should be.

Today, Kevin McCarthy said on Fox News that any effort to get rid of Cheney isn’t about her vote to impeach Trump, but her “ability to carry out the job as conference chair, to carry out the message.” That message is a message of bullshit.

Right now, there is more criticism and condemnation of Liz Cheney for speaking her mind than there is for Matt Gaetz, or Qanon fucknuts Marjorie Taylor Greene and Lauren Boebert. Next year, you can expect Donald Trump to rally against Liz Cheney in her reelection attempt. Right now, Cheney is fighting for her leadership position, but she may not even have a seat in the next Congress while lunatics like Gaetz, Greene, Boebert, and Jim Jordan are still there.

Kevin McCarthy doesn’t not have principles, ethics, or integrity. He attempted to exercise some integrity by blaming Trump for the terrorist attack, then quickly back-peddled when Trump expressed outrage. Then, he flew down to Mar-a-Lago for a Trump photo-op. McCarthy is a coward. He doesn’t actually believe the election lie. He knows Trump lost and Biden won, but he’s too much of a coward to state the truth. He’ll repeat any Trump lie to regain the House. He is worst than your average everyday enabler. He’s a party to the party of lies.

The majority of the party believe Trump won and the election was stolen. They’re idiots.

For me, the Democratic Party is not the solution to everything. I am a liberal but not a partisan. There are plenty of problems with the Democrats and they will never have my loyalty. But the Republican Party has stopped being one that’s just opposite on the ideas, but they’ve become a cult.

The Republican Party would take the presidency, the House, and the Senate, and then stack the courts, despite the fact fewer Americans will vote for them. They don’t care how they get power, just so long as they get it. And they don’t just oppose civil rights, free speech, a free press, women’s rights, reproductive rights, and wanna fuck with elections. No. They have become a party obsessed with worshipping a racist reality TV show host with a dead bleached skunk on his head and who supports terrorists.

The Republican Party will never be a party we can take seriously until they stop being the party of cult worship. And the cult of personality they’re worshiping is a very stupid personality at that.

The people enabling a lying racist who tried to overturn an election through a bloody coup attempt are the ones who should be up against the wall, not the person telling the truth.

Creative note: I know! It was Flavor-Aid. Every time I draw a Kool-Aid cartoon, someone wants to show off their big brain and inform all of us it was Flavor-Aid used in the mass suicide of Jim Jones’ cult. Actually, I have read it was both….but anyway, “Flavor-Aid” does not work for the cartoon. Informing me it was Flavor-Aid is almost as annoying as complaining about the ads on this site. If I see an ad for Flavor-Aid, I’m gonna lose it.

Also, I stared at this idea for about an hour this morning until I gave up on waiting for a better idea. Walking back from the clinic, I got an idea I like a lot better. I’m really kicking myself for not doing that one even though this cartoon has over 300 shares on Facebook.

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Last night, the Neanderthals that make up the Republican membership in the United States House of Representatives held a vote on whether or not to remove Congresswoman Liz Cheney, daughter of Dick, from her leadership position.

Oh my gosh. What did that dastardly Liz do? Did she claim school shootings are fake? Did she claim California wildfires are created by Jewish Space Lasers financed by the Rothschilds? Did she claim JRK Jr was murdered by the Clintons? Did she bully school shooting survivors? Did she claim 9/11 was a hoax and planes did not fly into the Pentagon? Does she believe Democrats are part of a deep state of satanic-worshipping pedophiliac blood drinkers? Did she promote Pizzagate? Did she say Muslims shouldn’t be allowed into Congress? Did she defend the Nazis at Charlottesville? Did she call George Soros a Nazi? Did she promote the big lie that Trump won the election? Did she call for the murder of Congressional colleagues? Is she a supporter of Qanon?

Nope. Liz Cheney didn’t do any of that. All of the above are freshman member and Qanon troglodyte Marjorie Taylor Greene’s positions. For her, the House Republicans gave a standing ovation last night. For Liz, they tried to punish her for a vote she cast.

If anyone’s going to inflict punishment for a vote, it should be a representative’s constituents, not her colleagues. Liz Cheney voted to impeach Donald Trump after he incited a terrorist attack on the very building where House Republicans held their vote to punish Cheney. Donald Trump attempted a bloody coup and House Republicans went after Cheney for standing up against it.

Fortunately, Liz Cheney survived but 61 of her colleagues voted to remove her from her leadership position. Last week, her colleague Matt Gaetz flew to her state, Wyoming, and held an anti-Liz rally. Unfortunately while in Wyoming, Gaetz was not eaten by a bear. Guess where Matt Gaetz didn’t fly to? Georgia, the home district of Marjorie Taylor Greene. In Matt Gaetz’s defense, he’s a lying piece of crap who’s never had integrity. Also in his defense, he’s from Florida.

In fact, the House didn’t even hold a vote on whether or not to remove Greene from her committee assignments, especially her seat on the Education Committee, where she’ll be able to tell educators that school shootings are fake and the children who survived are “crisis actors.” Her seat on the Education Committee is the worst thing to happen to education since Betsy DeVos.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy is a coward. After Donald Trump incited a terrorist attack against the U.S. Capitol, McCarthy gave a speech on the floor of the House condemning Trump’s action. Then, he flew to Florida to grovel and kiss Trump’s ass at Mar-a-Lago. Now, he’s refusing to do anything about Marjorie Taylor Greene. It probably didn’t hurt her when she said she just got off the phone with Donald Trump.

In the last session of Congress, House Republicans removed Congressman Steve King from all his committee assignments after he openly questioned why “white nationalism” and “white supremacy” were considered bad thing. Now, they’re too cowardly to do something about Greene who has gone beyond expressing bigotry.

Kevin McCarthy and nearly the entire GOP are running scared of Qanon, a group that was a large part of the terrorist attack on the Capitol…an attack that could have killed many of these same Republicans. On Tuesday night, Office Brian Sicknick lay in state in the Capitol because he was killed by terrorists during that attack. Brian Sicknick died defending those Republicans who won’t stand up against the terrorists who killed him. The FBI lists Qanon as a terrorist threat. But Republicans, they’re pandering to this terrorist base.

Qanon is a sickness. It’s a cult. It’s a movement of conspiracy theories and violence. Senate Minority Leader (HAHA) Mitch McConnell called Qanon a “cancer.” The leader of House Republicans, Kevin McCarthy, said he didn’t know what Qanon was or if he was even pronouncing it correctly. Kevin McCarthy is actually slower than Mitch McTortoise McConnell.

Kevin McCarthy had a two-hour one-on-one meeting with Marjorie Taylor Greene about her comments and support of Qanon theories. If he doesn’t know what Qanon is, then what did they spend two hours talking about?

Kevin McCarthy is a sniveling coward. He won’t take action against Marjorie Taylor Greene and won’t even require her to publicly renounce Qanon in order to keep her committee assignments. Today, House Democrats will vote to remove her from those committees. Today, we’ll find out which Republicans support terrorists.

Spoiler alert: It’s going to be a lot of them.

Kevin McCarthy is a coward and he’s allowing a Neanderthal to pull him around by his hair. He’s not a leader. Marjorie Taylor Greene isn’t the only Republican who should be removed from Congress.

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House Of Chaos


There has been no shortage of cartoon issues this week. Between Russia in Syria, Hillary taking a position, Ben Carson’s stupidity and Thursday Congressman Kevin McCarthy surprised everyone by removing himself from becoming Speaker of the House.

The crazies that make up the Teapublican wing of the party in Congress has made the Speaker job a position no rational person wants to deal with. Congress needs someone who can do the business of government but the Tea Party wackos truly want someone who will disrupt government, make politics out of every issue and refuse to work with the president. These are the people who want to shut down the government.

They don’t make up the majority of the party but they are enough of them to disrupt the government, and curtail a rational person from getting enough vote from becoming Speaker.

There is speculation the real reason McCarthy stepped aside is because he has been having an affair with a fellow member of Congress. Since the affair is only speculation I don’t want to contribute to rumors that McCarthy, who’s married, has been having an affair with a female member of Congress, who’s also married, thus making it an affair. So let’s not speak of this affair business anymore. Though earlier this week another Republican Congressman wrote a letter to the GOP conference chairman that any member who’s done any misdeeds, like having an affair, since becoming a member of Congress, thus embarrassing themselves (with an affair), should not run for Speaker. That would cover something like an affair. But again, let’s not speculate on anyone having an affair.

The Republicans will find someone willing to take the job. The trick is to find someone smart enough not to take the job, but guilt him into taking the job anyway. Jason Chaffetz, the guy who embarrassed himself and got his butt handed to him at the hearing over Planned Parenthood, wants the job. That guy can’t even read a graph correctly or validate it’s authenticity. Sure, he should be in charge. The Democrats are loving this.

As a citizen I want this to settle down. I want Congress to select a rational speaker who will conduct the business of government and finds common ground with the president and the opposing party in Congress (even Gingrich did that). As a cartoons I want them to select the craziest bomb thrower there is that goes so bad it taints the GOP’s presidential aspirations. What a cartoonist wants is never good for anybody.

I have drawn my share of holiday-cliche cartoons throughout my 25-year career. The past few years I’ve done a good job of avoiding them. It’s my attempt to be original, irreverent, interesting…not boring. I am bored with drawing Cupids, Santas, Christmas trees and turkeys. You always see a thousand cartoons of sitting on Santa’s lap, a turkey about to get his head chopped off, the Ground Hog, and trick er treaters. Halloween is a lot harder to avoid because the imagery is a lot more fun than other holidays. So I gave you a few treaters today but I think I made up for it by throwing in a Wookie.

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Meet The New Boss


Same as the old boss.

What’s a gaffe in Washington? When a politician accidentally speaks the truth.

Examples are Republicans admitting that voter ID laws are only created to decrease votes for Democrats, or when Mitch McConnell admitted Senate and House Republicans only interest was to make Obama a one-term president. Then there was that time on the campaign trail Mitt Romney said he didn’t care about the 47% (because they felt they were victims and were entitled to the government for free stuff).

Good politics doesn’t always equal good government.

California congressman Kevin McCarthy is probably going to replace John Boehner as Speaker of the House. What he said Wednesday isn’t really a gaffe or a freudian slip (saying something you’re thinking that you shouldn’t say) since he meant to say it, which he later tried to clarify. He stated that the Benghazi investigations, which they created a special committee for, is part of a strategy to destroy Hillary Clinton politically. Well we knew that. It’s just surprising that big mouth actually fessed up to it.

His actual quote is “Everybody thought Hillary Clinton was unbeatable, right? But we put together a Benghazi special committee, a select committee. What are her numbers today? Her numbers are dropping. Why? Because she’s untrustable. But no one would have known any of that had happened, had we not fought.”

I wonder if Republicans get the irony where he says we can’t trust Hillary Clinton while he admits they’re wasting government money on personal vendettas.

Right now Hillary is sending probably sending him an Amazon gift card as a gift for his new office. Thanks for the new right-wing conspiracy.

Of course politics is always played in government and legislating but at some point our elected officials should actually attempt to legislate. Stop all the pointless investigations into Benghazi, email and Planned Parenthood and stop wasting time trying to vote out Obamacare. Stop wasting our money on your frivolous little adventures.

I started to put a label on John Boehner but I didn’t like the way it looked. Besides, he’s orange. He’s smoking a cigarette. Screw it. The readers should know it’s John Boehner. I’m really going to miss drawing him. All I’ve done over the past few years was draw an orange Bob Dole with a cigarette.

Have you ever seen the Speaker’s gavel? It’s symbolically huge. It’s like Thor’s hammer here and Kevin McCarthy isn’t worthy.

I’m gonna try something new for a while:

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A friend who looks at this website every single day said “hey, you should put up a tip bucket.” I said there is a tip bucket. She had never noticed it before. So maybe nobody’s seeing it.

I don’t like asking for money. I have never advertised it. Nobody owes me anything and I’m glad you’re reading the cartoons for free. But it’s hard to eat when nobody pays you. Right now I am making my living on newspapers mailing me tiny monthly checks. Occasionally I get a commissioned assignment to create a cartoon or illustration for a publication. Some of my clients are very lackadaisical about putting a check in the mail. Most of them get around to it but sometimes they wait three months, or longer and they need a nudge. Enough whining.

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