Kevin’s Kick-Start

The House of Representatives have passed a lot of bills this year and it’s made many of its members bark on Twitter about how they’re keeping their promises and saving America, yada yada yada. But most of these are on bullshit like keeping men out of women’s sports, condemning attacks on pro-life facilities, an “abortion survivors” protestion act, preventing the government from selling oil to China, pushing more drilling on government lands, and rescinding the hiring of new IRS agents that was passed last year in the Inflation Reduction Act.

The reason I call these bills “bullshit” is that they’re just noise. They won’t pass the Democratic-led Senate, and even if they did, they’d never get signed on the Democratic president’s desk. In fact, most of these barely even passed the Republican-led fucknut House.

This is why Kevin McCarthy’s House gets a failing report card. They don’t legislate to improve the lives of their constitituents. They only work on dogma and gaslight which they all hope will get them on Tucker Carlson Tonight, and guess what. Tucker’s gone.

Real leaders would read the room, face reality, and work on what they can get passed to improve the lives of their constituents instead of wasting time by being bottom feeders for the lowest common denominators. While the entire House may not be Gaetzs, MTGs, and Boeberts, it’s held hostage by them. Stop catering to the illiterate knuckle-draggers and do your jobs, losers.

Kevin McCarthy was set to become the worst Speaker in the history of this nation before finally winning that 15th vote to become Speaker. He established that he will trade anything for votes and this week, he barely passed a bill to raise the debt limit.

The debt limit authorizes paying the bills Congress has already passed. It’s like paying your credit card bill. Imagine instead of paying your bills, you and your wife negotiate what you’ll pay for next year, and if you can’t come to an agreement, you default on your bills, your lights are turned off, there’s no cable, creditors start calling, and you lose your house and have to move in with your mom and her hairless cat she loves more than she loves you. the creditors don’t care about your drama, your relationships, or the the hairless cat. They just want you to pay your bills.

The best thing to do when you get your bills is to pay them. Not paying on our government debt can send the government into default and totally trash the economy. It can cost jobs. Republicans like to use the debt limit to go back and renegotiate what they couldn’t block in previous congressional sessions. It’s holding the nation hostage. It is a game of chicken, but with opponents who don’t realize what happens in head-on collisions. Republicans are stupid.

But they only do this when a Democrat is in the White House. They passed a debt limit increase three times while Trump was president (sic).

The bill the GOP House is sending to the Senate won’t pass. Kevin knows this and says it’s to “kick start” negotiations with President Biden, who’s rightly said he’ll negotiate future budgets but not a debt limit increase. Congress should pass a clean increase for the debt limit, without the games.

And what the House passed is based on cruelty, because that’s what Republicans do. It adds work requirements to receive Medicaid and welfare benefits while cutting college loan forgiveness, child healthcare, daycare, veteran healthcare, housing assistance, pell grants, environmental protection, train safety inspections…wait.

The House wants to cut train safety inspections? Did I imagine all that noise and blame they were throwing around about the train derailment in East Palestine, Ohio? They never did blame the company responsible, Norfolk Southern, but they sure went after Biden and Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg. Now, they want to cut those inspections? By the way, has anyone checked on whether Trump is still sending aid to East Palestine beyond that crate of Trump Water he took for his photo-op?

They also want to cut the funding for the IRS to hire 87,000 agents over the next decade. So, they’re not cutting the Trump tax breaks for corporations and billionaires that added over $2 trillion to our debt, but they want to reduce government debt by making it easier for billionaires to be tax cheats. Sure, let’s starve children and cut healthcare to our veterans, but make sure Tiffany doesn’t get hit by an inheritance tax, because she can’t be rolling in royalties from “Like A Bird.

This is why you should never vote Republican. They’re not serious and they hold the nation hostage. Did we learn nothing on January 6?

What we should do is lock Kevin and his fellow Republicans in a room and force them to hear “Like A Bird” on repeat until they finally pass a clean debt-limit increase. I give it 30 seconds.

Music Note: I listened to Infant Sorrow.

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  1. They are so obviously anti-We-the -People, and yet almost half of We the People vote for them. Are they out of their fucking minds? Or is it they just don’t have minds? Their followers eat any bullshit their leaders feed them, and still believe they are “owning the libtards!”
    They, the people who vote for Republicans don’t realize they are all reptards, owning their own slavery. Their own poverty. Denying themselves free or affordable healthcare. Cutting off their pensions once they do get to retire, though most will have to work till the day they drop dead! How is it they cannot see they are condemning themselves to be uneducated slaves with families too large to feed or clothe properly.
    As long as they “know” they are going to heaven to sing Hosannas to God forever, that makes them think they are happy? They’re lucky there is no Hell, because that is where they would all end up for not loving their neighbours as they live themselves!
    As for their leaders, how do Republicans really expect anyone with half a mind to vote for them when they fight over who can be the biggest assholes to the very people they expect to vote for them. What oil patch did they crawl out of that they think the best thing for our planet is to burn as much fossil fuel as is unhumanely possible to speed up the end of humanity.
    Ah, therein lies the rub. The sooner they destroy the world the sooner their Son of God will have a JUDGMENT DAY RALLY, and they will think they will be first in line to walk through the Pearly Gates because they forced every fetus to become a child, who they then didn’t care whether they lived or died, or if they has a good life or not. As long as they bought guns and shot each other up, that’s why they had to be born! And no Pearly Gatex for them. BWA-HA-HA-HA-HA!
    Do they really think they will go to heaven for being assholes. I sure wouldn’t let them in if I were God!

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    1. All they have to do is look at the red states individually and it tells people exactly who these “legislators” are. Some of the states with the lowest standard of living and illiteracy vote people like McConnell in for decades. Yesterday I read a comment by some idiot from Florida who has no idea that it is run by a petty fascist dictator.

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      1. That commentator probably had no idea what fascism is, or what it can do to a people and a nation. But it sounds like he went to a DeSanitizer-type school, where he was not taught any disturbing history.

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  2. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    Qevin’s performance!! … Trash!! … “The reason I call these bills “bullshit” is that they’re just noise. They won’t pass the Democratic-led Senate, and even if they did, they’d never get signed on the Democratic president’s desk. In fact, most of these barely even passed the Republican-led fucknut House.”

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  3. I could bring myself to feel sorry for the republicans for being stupid and out of touch if I saw them making an effort. They just don’t. You are right and their cruel and absurd budget will never pass.The idea that harming taxpayers while giving billionaires and corporations tax breaks has always been a republican priority. It is going to take Biden another term and a majority in both houses to undo most of the harm Dumph did. I wish I saw some incredibly intelligent and gutsy young democrat who could quickly gain popularity and make Dumph look like the tired old has-been he is.

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