Do-Si-Dos to Danger Doors

In the span of a week, people were shot for knocking on the wrong door, getting into the wrong car, and pulling into the wrong driveway. I did a cartoon on it and initially, it seemed like a lot of people didn’t get it (though readers on GoComics did. Go figure). But, I wanted a second (no pun intended) shot at it. I did one for CNN but I wanted to do another for my clients. So I drew this up Friday before last and didn’t get to finish it until today.

One of these shooting incidents was racist and is another example of the danger of being black in in the United States of America.

16-year-old Ralph Yarl was picking up his younger brothers from a friend’s house and mistakenly went to the wrong house. After knocking on the door, He was shot twice, once in the head, by 84-year-old Andrew Lester.

In a CNN interview, Andrew Lester’s grandson described his grand­father as a racist Fox News obsessive, adding that he believes his grandfather’s views are common among a certain type of older white Christian males. Before Tucker Carlson was fired by Fox News, he tailored his show to racists by pushing the “great replacement theory” and argued that whites were under constant attack and racism does not exist.

Four days after Lester shot Yarl, and before he was fired, Tucker said on his show, “When you let the mob loot, you are doomed. This is why we used to shoot looters — not because we hated them, it wasn’t personal — but in order to defend the foundation of all that we have, which is private property secured by the law. Without that, we would be living in savagery and chaos.

“In Chicago, they already are. There is no point to that. Nobody is benefiting. What you’re seeing instead is civilization unraveling, unrestrained violence and destruction effectively unchallenged by government authorities, the mindless breaking of things, the rage of stupid children. If you let that continue, there will be nothing left standing.”

Fox News isn’t just killing our democracy, they’re basically telling white Americans to shoot black Americans because after all, if they’re ringing your doorbell, then they’re there to loot, rape, and murder decent hard-working white Christians.

The real shame about Tucker’s firing is that he wasn’t fired for his racist agenda. Fox News loved that his show was number one with white nationalists.

Missouri has a stand-your-ground law. Lester plans to use it and he’s already said he was in fear for his life when a very large black guy rang his doorbell, so he shot him…twice. But Yarl is 5-foot-8 and 140 pounds. He’s also a bass clarinet player in his school band.

If you’re afraid of that, then you’d probably shoot a black Girl Scout.

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  1. Lester should have put his eyeglasses on before going to the door. If Yarl looked like a “very .large black guy” he was wearing his reading glasses at the time.
    But nothing gives anyone the right to shoot a person standing politely at their door. Any threat they feel is from inside their addled brain. The USA needs a reality check. Some of its citizens are losing their humanity.

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    1. I think that ‘fox’ has to accept an awful lot of responsibility when they deliberately instill fear in the feeble minds of their viewers.


  2. I happened to see this yesterday and figured THIS is the kind of thing this old guy had been watching . . .
    ‘The surprise turn in Fox’s favorite new fearmongering story’


  3. Other countries limit access to guns and make exceptions for people who have good reason to own them.

    In the US, we do the opposite.

    Here, everyone has access to guns and we make exceptions for those who are deemed to be too dangerous to own them, but we don’t know who they are until they start shooting people.


  4. I don’t believe that our leaders who wrote the Bill of Rights and the Constitution ever intended to allow everyone to have guns. I am not necessarily against a person having a firearm as long as it isn’t an automatic weapon, if they are certified and know how to use it, the gun is registered and is kept in a gun safe out of the reach of kids, teens and loony old paranoid racists.


    1. I agree with you on this. There is no way that our forefathers could have ever envisioned what has happened with the gun law. When the second amendment was written guns were still muzzleloaders and it was a different world. The gun nuts and the NRA are to blame for this mess and it needs to be fixed ASAP.


      1. Whenever someone tries any of that 2nd amendment BS on me all I have to do is point out that in Australia they had a horrific mass shooting about shooting 25 years ago after which people willingly turned in their guns. In the 25 years since then they have had ZERO mass killings and less gun violence than we have in the US in ONE day. The people running this country know this but they have been bought by the NRA.


  5. For GOD’s SAKE the dude rang the fripping door bell ! Would a intruder wanting to steal knock on the door or ring the bell ?!?! C’mon now..use the brains GOD y’all !!


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