Grandpa Trump’s Magik Elixir


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As I wrote a few days ago, the only reason Donald Trump is pushing junk science is to be divisive. The man wants to divide Americans as much as possible. For some reason, he believes it benefits him. Donald Trump only cares about Donald Trump.

He pushes medication that hasn’t been proven to help anyone. If anything, it’s proven to hurt people and even kill them. Donald Trump doesn’t care.

Donald Trump doesn’t want to be seen wearing a mask. He claims it’s to deny the image from reporters, which is childish. Reporters and the media didn’t create the mask narrative. They don’t own it. The truth is, Donald Trump likes politicizing the pandemic. He likes that his supporters are refusing to wear a mask because for them, it’s a political statement.

I wear a mask everytime I go out. When I do it, I don’t think I’m making a political statement. I’m proud to be a liberal and I stand on my positions and beliefs, but the mask isn’t a part of that. I wear the mask because the science community highly recommends it. I wear the mask to protect myself, but mostly to protect others. I wear the mask for the same reason I’ve been staying home which is to do my small part in protecting my nation and helping kill this virus. I also wear it not to be a selfish asshole to other people. It’s not a political statement to wear a mask.

When you don’t wear the mask, even if you’re not trying to make a political statement, you’re saying you’re a selfish asshole. You really are. And if you are wearing it to make a political statement, then you’re putting the health of others, including people you love, as risk for your politics. The majority of this nation is trying to kill this thing while the rest of you are keeping it alive.

Keep in mind, you’re following medical advice from a guy who believes in windmill cancer and asked about drinking bleach to kill a virus. You’re taking advice from a guy who spreads conspiracy theories. You’re taking medical advice from a man so out of shape, he’s afraid of stairs.

But then again, maybe Donald Trump is just trying to see what he can get away with. Maybe he’s bored because we know he’s not busy being president. Perhaps he’s trying to come up with the dumbest things to see what his base will support. He told them to use medication the medical community says can kill you. His base rallies to his defense. He told his base to “liberate” blue states. They held rallies. He encourages his base not to wear a mask and to gather in large groups and breathe on each other. Done. He fucking told them to drink household cleaning products.

Donald Trump is a carnival barker. He’s always been a con man. But con men need stupid people to succeed. Fortunately for Trump, there are plenty of those and they’re all Republicans.

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  1. In America, you call them Repuglycans. In Canada, we call them Consorevatives. No matter where you go, they’re there, and there is a name for them–Neanderthals. They are afraid of change, and they will use their AK-47s and armed drones to keep things the way they have always been, corrupt and self-serving. I find it amazing how they will give their lives to defend the wealthy who turn them into wageslaves. They worship the people who steal their money so they can barely afford to live their meager lives.
    The time is out of joint!

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  2. I keep reading about preachers who believe their faith protects them and people who believe it’s a hoax dying of it. I keep reading about talented young people starting to make it big in life dying. I suspect few of the anti’s do much reading.

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  3. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    THIS!! … “Trump is a carnival barker. He’s always been a con man. But con men need stupid people to succeed. Fortunately for Trump, there are plenty of those and they’re all Republicans.”

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