You Ain’t Black


Over this weekend, pro-Trump goons and sycophants left comments underneath my cartoons demanding that I draw on Joe Biden’s gaffe where he said, “You Ain’t black.”

Apparently, some people think my cartoons are supposed to give equal time. Wrong. They think a cartoonist is not supposed to be biased. Wrong. They think a cartoon is supposed to be fair. Super duper wrong. I’m a liberal cartoonist. I hit the targets I believe deserve it and are a threat to the nation, which tend to be Republicans. Occasionally, that does mean I hit a Democrat. I am fiercely independent. I will never be a member of any party or campaign for a candidate. But, I will work to defeat a racist, stupid, dumbass TV reality host that shouldn’t be allowed on the White House tour, less enough living in the place.

Also, this isn’t open mic night where I take requests. Even the people who put money in my tip jar can’t demand I draw a specific cartoon. And I seriously doubt any of the right-wing goons have put anything in my tip jar other than poo and used condoms (I have to hose that thing a lot). But, there are times someone makes a good suggestion for a topic and I will hit it. But be careful what you wish for because you might get exactly what you deserve. So today’s cartoon is dedicated to every fucknut pro-Trump racist who told me to draw on Biden’s gaffe. Here’s to you, hypocrites.

Joe Biden made a huge gaffe. Even as they cringe, nobody is really surprised. Joe Biden says stupid shit. It’s what Joe Biden does. Biden was being interviewed by Charlamagne Tha God last Friday when the host said he might still have more “questions” for the Democratic nominee before election day. Biden replied, “You’ve got more questions? Well, I tell you what, if you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump, then you ain’t black.” Ouch. Yikes. Eeks. No, Joe. No.

One of the many differences between Joe Biden and Donald Trump is that Biden can recognize when he said something stupid and instead of doubling-down, he’ll issue an apology. That’s something that goes against everything Donald Trump stands for. Joe Biden admonished himself for being “so cavalier” and said, “No one should have to vote for any party based on their race or religion or background.” Donald Trump still hasn’t apologized for defending tiki-torch Nazis or saying black women in America should go back to where they came from with his “send them back” comments. Nope. He doubled-down on that shit and led “send them back” chants at his hate rallies.

After Biden’s gaffe, the Trump campaign started selling T-Shirts with the hashtag “#youain’tblack” on them with Biden’s name underneath. I read somewhere they even created a website but I haven’t looked for it yet because one time, I went to David Duke’s website and I was in the shower for a week with a brillo pad trying to scrub it off me.

All profits from Trump’s hate shirts will go directly to re-electing Donald Trump and to the Trump Organization for campaign expenses.

But, campaigning for Donald Trump on the message that Joe Biden is a racist is like campaigning on the message Joe Biden gropes women. Really? Are they actually that obtuse, ignorant, and hypocritical in Trumpistan? Why, yes. Yes, they are.

The conservative media, like Fox News, went after the mainstream media for not covering it enough. But in the media’s defense, Donald Trump changed the subject.

Shortly after Biden’s remarks, instead of coasting on them and taking the weekend off, Donald Trump had to say something stupid. Something with even more potential for damage than “you ain’t black.” Donald Trump told his supporters to go to church and demanded the nation’s governors to reopen every church in the nation. Donald Trump advocated for worsening this health crisis.

And, instead of going to church himself on Sunday, like he advocated for the rest of the nation, Donald Trump’s morbidly-obese ass was on a golf course. Of course, it was a Trump golf course so he got to charge the Secret Service for golf cart rentals. Donald Trump admonished President Obama for golfing during the Ebola crisis…which killed two people in this country. Donald Trump golfed during the coronavirus crisis which has killed nearly 100,000 people. But, conservatives will focus on “you ain’t black.”

While his campaign was creating T-shirts, websites, and screaming about “you ain’t black,” and his followers were in church, Donald Trump was golfing tweeted a conspiracy theory about MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough being in a murder scandal, retweeted insults about Nancy Pelosi’s teeth, Stacey Abram’s weight, and one that called Hillary Clinton a “skank.” But “you ain’t black’ gets all the conservative outrage.

Nikki Haley tweeted, “I have struggled with Biden’s recent remarks. They were gut wrenchingly condescending.” So far, she hasn’t “struggled” with Donald Trump’s “gun-wrenchingly condescending remark calling a woman a “skank.”

I saw a headline over a column in The New York Post saying Biden will lose the black vote. I didn’t click the link because I’m out of brillo pads, but Biden is NOT going to lose the black vote.

Joe Biden is NOT a racist. Joe Biden’s biggest offense is that he is taking the black vote for granted. His greatest danger is not generating enthusiasm. That’s not just a problem with black voters. That’s an issue with all voters. And don’t restart you’re crying about Bernie again. This wouldn’t have happened with Bernie? This wouldn’t have happened with my choice either, Kamala Harris. But hey, maybe this gaffe will move Biden to select a vice-presidential candidate like Harris instead of going the safe route with someone like Amy Klobuchar who would appeal to white moderate voters but do little for the black vote. Joe, don’t pick one of the whitest women from one of the whitest states. Please.

Biden will not lose the black vote but his greatest danger is that it will be diminished over comments like, “You ain’t black.” Our greatest danger from that is the re-election of racist Donald Trump who said “Very fine people” marched with Nazis and “Send them back.”

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  1. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    THIS!! … “Biden will not lose the black vote but his greatest danger is that it will be diminished over comments like, “You ain’t black.” Our greatest danger from that is the re-election of racist Donald Trump who said “Very fine people” marched with Nazis and “Send them back.”

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    1. 45 rode the “shit train” all the way to the White House, inciting violence, bigotry, trashing military heroes and their families, ridiculing the handicap, muti sexual abuse complaints, openly asking Russia for assistance against a political opponent, the “pussygate tapes,” refusing to separate himself from family businesses, his known theft from contractors and charities, entertaining dictators(who murder in plain sight) and Russian oligarchs at Trump Towers, claiming he could murder and get away with it…ALL before he was made president. 45 is pond scum and the religious fanatics and trumpets call “Gods chosen,” it turns the stomach.

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  2. “ I read somewhere they even created a website but I haven’t looked for it yet because one time, I went to David Duke’s website and I was in the shower for a week with a brillo pad trying to scrub it off me.”

    Damn, Clay, you’re good!
    It took me two and a half weeks.

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  3. Mr. Biden’s remarks almost guarantee a Black female is chose for his VP choice. Stacey Abrahams? Young, very smart, has connected with disenfranchised in Georgia.

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    1. I think Ms. Abrahams fraudulent fraud claims have run their course. As a VP she just doesn’t have enough…anything. She is clever and educated, which is more than 45 had when he walked into the WH. Who really knows?

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  4. You are completely brainwashed. Yes I’m right leaning, but if Trump said that, it would seriously hurt his reputation for me. This man could lynch an African American on live TV and you would give him a pass. Im not asking you to say Trump is amazing or you have to vote for him but for fuck’s sake, recognize your own cognitive dissonance.


    1. “Yes, I’m right-leaning.” No, you are bent over backward for the most despotic, vile piece of dung, clown the world over, SOB murderer of children, ass-grabbing filth, whiny ass “pardon me, it’s mine and I wants it” goddamn nazi loving, wannabe dictator supported by our own GOP and the Senate willing do murder to see it through. Go pray to your “God” or “Gods” scream what shit the rest of us are. 45 is the ice-berg of evil, what lies beneath is far fouler.

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