It’s The Great Racist Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!


There’s something seriously wrong in this nation when the guy throwing about the word “socialism” to scare people define himself as a nationalist.

In the past, Trump said he didn’t want to use the word “nationalist” as he thought the “Trump brand” was a stronger label. Voting for a label instead of a leader is scary by itself, but this is how Trump sees himself, even after becoming president.

But, last night in Houston at one of his hate rallies, with extra hate because Ted Cruz was there, he finally defined himself as a nationalist. And to think, we had tiki torch Nazis marching in the streets before this. Steve Bannon is so happy.

Today, Trump said it’s not a code for “white” nationalist, and that he’s unfamiliar with that term and “nationalist” is a word that hasn’t been used much. Really?

It’s not just a word, but an ideology that’s been used by every dictator, strongman, and authoritarian throughout history, with the first coming to mind being Adolf Hitler. It’s always accompanied by a fear campaign of “us vs. them.” In Trump’s case, brown people.

At this point I have to wonder, when do these people just openly admit they’re Nazis?

Personally, I’d rather be a socialist than a nationalist.

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KnocKKKing Nike


This Thursday is the start of the NFL’s regular season, but as we all know, racism doesn’t have an off-season.

The Republican gubernatorial candidate in Florida said voting for his black opponent will be “monkeying” it up. There are racist robocalls in Florida targeting those like-minded with a “we the Negroes” theme. The president of the United States is spreading a fake story that blacks are killing white farmers in South Africa. Other racist robocalls in Iowa are using the murder of a college student to inflame hatred toward Hispanic immigrants with the message “Kill them all.” A Pennsylvania Republican County secretary just resigned from her position referring to black NFL players who kneel during the national anthem as “baboons.”

This is Donald Trump’s America, where conservatives express hostility toward a black athlete protesting police violence and a discriminating legal system. They claim he’s disrespecting the anthem, the American flag, and our troops, though there’s no evidence of that and the athletes have explained their position. And, who is directing this national outrage at those accused of disrespecting the anthem, flag, and troops? A man who dodged military service by citing bone spurs, said POWs aren’t heroes, that he likes people who aren’t captured, quarrels with Gold Star families, doesn’t know the words to the national anthem, and thinks some of the stripes in the American flag are blue.

Colin Kaepernick is credited and blamed for starting the kneeling during the national anthem. Donald Trump attacked him which encouraged more athletes to kneel. This provided more red meat for Trump to throw to his base as he’s told his rallies that NFL team owners should “fire that son of a bitch” when an athlete kneels. Afraid of being bullied by Trump, no NFL team will hire Kaepernick today, and he’s filed a grievance lawsuit against the league. ESPN, hoping to avoid controversy, won’t air the playing of the anthem.

One corporation isn’t afraid of Donald Trump and that’s Nike. The shoe and athletic apparel company have made Kaepernick the centerpiece of their “Just do it” campaign. Trump sycophants and other conservatives, racists, and anyone with trouble comprehending are now promising to boycott Nike.

Nike is betting on the 18-to-29 age group and not the grumpy, crusty, old man group using race as a wedge issue in their grandstanding. Kaepernick’s jersey became a top seller after he started his protest and remains so today.

While racists are promising to boycott Nike, I thought maybe I should help support a company that’s on the correct side of the race issue by purchasing one of their overpriced shoes. Then I realized that Nike owns Converse and I already own three of those.

The NBA is less intimidated by Trump and his rabid followers of loony idiots. They didn’t freak out when their biggest star called Trump a “bum,” and one owner canceled a game over protests outside the arena over police shooting a black man. Americans need to take inspiration from those with backbones and stand up against tyranny and intimidation. I can’t tell you how many replies I’ve received from newspaper editors telling me they like my cartoons, but they’re too afraid of their readers to run them.

Conservatives campaign less on ideas and more on fear. We can’t allow ourselves to be intimidated and pushed around by demagogues and cowards. Nike won’t, Colin Kaepernick won’t, I won’t, and you shouldn’t either. It’s time to push back.

Just do it.

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Pimps And Wizards


The Republican Party has turned into the Cult of Trump, and while the backbone is racism, it also attracts a fair share of crazy people.

Racism is not a deal breaker for anyone who voted for Trump or supports him today. And while it’s not a deal breaker for all of them, it’s actually the selling point for many others.

Trump is king of the racist birther conspiracy that President Obama wasn’t born in this nation. He later stated he was (a few days before the election), but he has never apologized for it.

Trump purchased full-page ads in four New York City newspapers calling for the death penalty for the Central Park Five, despite DNA exonerating the black and Latino teenagers from Harlem of raping a jogger.

He kicked off his campaign calling Mexicans rapists and murderers. His proposed border wall with Mexico is an impossibility that’s really just red meat for his racist base (which is also a broken campaign promise, as he said Mexico will pay for it but is now demanding that Congress make you pay for it). He’s called for the surveillance of mosques. He initiated a ban on Muslims entering this nation. And today, his Justice Department is separating migrant children from their parents with a zero-tolerance party.

Donald Trump has hired the likes of white nationalists Stephen Miller and Steve Bannon, he retweets white supremacists and Nazis. He said there were “good people” among those in Charlottesville chanting “Jews will not replace us,” and “blood and soil.” He has attacked black athletes as being un-American for silently protesting police violence against blacks, and referred to them as “sons of bitches.”

Racists have been emboldened by him. Last week, Representative Steve King, a Republican from Iowa, retweeted Nazis. Other racists, Nazis, and Klansmen like David Duke, are openly praising Trump.

Corey Stewart, a guy who wraps himself in the Confederate flag and is very friendly to White Supremacists and a former chairman of Trump’s Virginia campaign, just won the GOP nomination for the United States Senate in Virginia.

While not a Republican, a very pro-Trump racist, and admitted pedophile is running for Congress in Virginia.

Now in Nevada, we have a Republican pimp. Dennis Hof is a 71-year-old Nevada brothel owner, and he defeated a three-term Republican incumbent for a seat in the State Assembly. He is a strong Trump supporter and even wrote a book titled “The Art of the Pimp.” This also proves that all the religious posturing among Republicans is just that, posturing.

It’s often been repeated, and I believe it. Not all Republicans are racists, but all racists are Republicans.

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Our Racist President


Even though it’s been a while since we’ve had “normal,” yesterday was still a day when you were in disbelief at what you were seeing.

What we saw was the president of the United States display rampant racism and threw shade and cover for White Supremacists, the Ku Klux Klan, and Neo-Nazis.

Saturday, the president blamed both sides for the violence in Charlottesville. After heated criticism, he returned two days later on Monday to condemn the racists, so we could all make believe our president wasn’t a racist. It didn’t sit well with him. It seemed forced under pressure. On Tuesday, the president proved that to be true and revealed his true feelings on the matter of race.

It’s often been said that when people show you who they are, believe them. Donald Trump showed us who he truly is and it’s not pretty. Before making comments on Monday criticizing racists, Trump attacked a black CEO for leaving his manufacturing council. After condemning racists, Trump retweeted tweets from a racist conspiracy theorist and floated the idea of pardoning the most racist sheriff in the nation, Joe Arpaio of Arizona who was convicted for incarcerating brown people on the suspicion they may be in the nation illegally. Apparently, none of that was good enough for Trump to reaffirm his racist base that he had their back.

Trump was in the lobby of his golden tower in New York City and was supposed to make comments on infrastructure when he took questions from the press, which was a surprise to everyone, including his staff.

First, he said he didn’t condemn Nazis on Saturday because he needed all the facts. The man who waged the birther campaign, claimed he saw thousands of Muslims in New Jersey celebrate 9/11, claims millions voted illegally, that he had the largest electoral victory and inauguration crowd ever, and that Barack Obama wiretapped him, needed all the facts.

This is a man who reacted swiftly to the Pulse nightclub shooting to use it as an argument for a ban on Muslim refugees, despite the fact the shooter was born in the United States. Trump has tweeted after terrorist attacks in the past way before he had “facts.”

What information did he need on Saturday before he could condemn the KKK and Nazis? Did he need a briefing that Nazis are bad?

Trump defended the racist protesters in that they were fighting against Confederate statues being removed. First, these protests aren’t really about the statues. They are an excuse for racists to march. He said, “Not all of those people were Neo-Nazis, believe me. Not all of those people were white supremacists by any stretch.” First, if anyone ever tells you “believe me, that check won’t bounce” while giving you a check, that check’s going bouncing.

He claimed there were good people among the White Supremacists. You can have the viewpoint that those statues should remain in place, but if you’re marching with people screaming “blood and soil” and “Jews will not replace us,” you’re NOT a good person. You’re an asshole. What the hell does the statues have to do with Jews anyway?

I saw a political cartoon from a racist conservative arguing for the statues and it stated, “those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it.” Hey, good point. On that note, the racist cartoonist should learn some history about those statues and the fact most of them were erected during the Jim Crow era in the early 1900s and during the Civil Rights era of the 1950s and 60s. The KKK is marching so it seems we are doomed to repeat history. The Nazis have also returned and if we’re to repeat history there, they lose.

Trump went on to criticize both sides for the violence in Charlottesville, and blamed the “alt-left.” I haven’t heard anything that stupid since yesterday when a stupid conservative friend of mine on Facebook posted a Ben Shapiro column referring to some protesters as “black nationalists.” If being stupid is painful, that would explain why these guys are so angry.

You’re going to hear the term “alt-left” much more in the future, much like you’re hearing the term “snowflakes” now. It’s a term Sean Hannity loves, which is where Trump most likely got it from.

A note on this “alt-left” horseshit: The Alt-Right coined the term “alt-right.” They also created “alt-left.” Liberals are not calling themselves that because it doesn’t mean anything. To me, “alt-left” describes liberals who love Nirvana and Pearl Jam. It doesn’t exist, like “fake news.”

Trump claimed the “alt-left” was “very violent.” Trump accused people he called the “alt-left” of “swinging clubs” as they “came charging at, as you say, at the alt-right.” He said some of the right-wing members of the crowd in the Virginia park were “bad.” But he added that the other side came “charging in without a permit and they were very, very violent.” Trump must have missed the video where the racists were trying to kill African-Americans in a parking garage, or the fact that a Nazi drove a car into a crowd and killed a young woman, Heather Heyer.

Trump went on to ask “what’s next” regarding to removing statues. He asked if George Washington and Thomas Jefferson statues will be removed since they were slave owners. The man doesn’t understand history or why the Confederate statues are offensive.

Washington and Jefferson did not commit treason and fight against the United States. The Confederacy did and fought to preserve slavery. Again, most of those statues were erected to intimidate African-Americans and to let them know who was still in charge. They were placed to defy Civil Rights.

A documentary from HBO’s Vice News Tonight titled “Charlottesville: Race and Terror,” follows Christopher Cantwell, an unabashed white supremacist who spews racist invective while traveling around with a band of neo-Nazis. In the footage, Cantwell says there will be more rallies and protests and states, “We’re not non-violent, we’ll fucking kill these people if we have to.” About Heather Heyer’s death, he said “I’d say it was worth it. The fact that nobody on our side died, I’d go ahead and call that points for us.” He also says he expects more people to die in the future.

Why do Cantwell and his fellow racists feel so confident? Why do they feel so good about it? Because of Donald Trump. David Duke thanked Trump for his support on Tuesday. They got the message and they’re interpreting it as “make America great again.”

That’s what they’re doing to because they brought it to Charlottesville. A beautiful and wonderful place, Charlottesville is not home to this mess. Charlottesville should be known for UVA, The Center for Politics, Thomas Jefferson, James Monroe, and The Dave Matthews Band. It’s not home to Nazis.

A lot of people accuse Republicans of being racist. George W. Bush and Mitt Romney were hit with that accusation. They may not have cared that much about minorities, but they were not racists. Most Republicans are not either. But, a lot of Republicans don’t find racism a deal breaker as they voted for Donald Trump.

Donald Trump is a racist, and those who continue to support him, or deflect and throw cover for Nazis (“but Obama and statues”) are too. Republicans like Jeff Flake and Marco Rubio lambasted him yesterday. More Republicans need to realize this is not a partisan issue. You can be a Republican and find the thought of lying with Nazis disgusting. Donald Trump does not.

Donald Trump showed us who he is and we need to believe him. It’s time for you to show us who you are. When your friends, family, and neighbors defend Trump they’re showing you who they are.

You better believe them.

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Haters Storm C’ville


Rational people can disagree and debate whether monuments to the Confederacy should be removed. You may align yourself on the side of keeping the memorials, but do you want to stay at the party when the Klan shows up?

Conservatives don’t seem to express any discomfort being on the same side as the Ku Klux Klan. They’re all for preserving memorials, hating big government, affirmative action, voting for Donald Trump, etc.

The city council in Charlottesville, Virginia voted to remove a monument to Confederate General Robert E. Lee. On Saturday, the Klan showed up.

Charlottesville is a beautiful and funky little city. It’s home to the University of Virginia and a vibrant, liberal creative environment (kinda like Austin and other college towns, such as Athens, Georgia). The city was home to two United States presidents, including Thomas Jefferson whose home, Monticello, is a huge tourist attraction (he also founded UVA). UVA is also home to the Center for Politics, which has a really cool newsletter that every political geek should subscribe to. The Dave Matthews Band is from Charlottesville.

One thing Charlottesville is not home to is the KKK. The Loyal White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, which turned up in C’ville on Saturday is from North Carolina.

About 30 members of the hate group were escorted to and from the rally by police in riot gear. When has the police ever escorted Black Lives Matter as they protested? The KKK was outnumbered by a counterprotest. More than 100 officers of the state, county, and university assisted city police to keeping the calm, and protect the Klan.

After the rally ended, wearing riot gear and gas masks, the police declared the counterprotesters “an unlawful assembly” and used gas canisters to compel them to leave the area. 22 people were arrested (three people ended up in the hospital).

The Klan isn’t local to C’ville, but many of the counterprotesters were, and they let the hate group know they’re not welcome in their city or the state of Virginia for that matter.

Robert E. Lee fought for the Confederacy and the right for white people to own black people, but I don’t think he would want to be associated with the KKK. I know Thomas Jefferson wouldn’t appreciate their presence in his city.

Virginia is my adopted home state and I’m proud so many showed up to counter the Klan and let them know they’re not welcome here. Virginia is moving forward (we didn’t vote for Trump). The KKK is stuck in the past constantly relitigating the Civil War and making excuses for why it was fought.

This faction of the KKK should go back to North Carolina. I’m sure there are memorials down there they can defend. If nothing else, they can police the bathrooms.

I want to thank everyone who has donated in the past. Your support helps me continue creating cartoons and columns with a little less stress in my life. Between competing syndicates with much larger resources, timid editors, and Trump supporters who attempt to intimidate the editors who do publish anything that criticizes their idol, it’s a challenge to make a career out of this. So your support (if you can) is appreciated. Want to help me continue to create cartoons and keep doing what I’m doing (pissing off conservatives)? Look to the right of this page and make a donation through PayPal. Every $50 donation will receive a signed print. All donations will receive my eternal gratitude.

A Whiter White House


After appointing white nationalist Steve Bannon as his chief strategist Donald Trump has decided to name Islamophobe Lt. General Michael Flynn as his foreign policy adviser.

You would think a guy with the temperament of Donald Trump would seek a calmer, smoother individual for this position, but no. He’s selected a guy who led chants of “lock her up” at the Republican National Convention. Flynn was referring to Hillary Clinton risking the exposure of classified material supposedly stored on her private server, despite the fact that he himself revealed sensitive U.S. intelligence to Pakistan. He’s also a big fan of Russia and Vladimir Putin having dined with him after giving a paid speech. Apparently we can’t have too many racists or people paid by Russians in the White House.

Flynn is also a lobbyist for Turkey. He’s even called for a Turkish cleric to be returned to that nation who their president blames for their recent coup attempt. Never mind seeking evidence or the fact Turkey is clamping down on dissidents, journalists, and anyone else considered a threat.

Flynn does not distinguish Islamic terrorists from followers of the religion in general. He’s called for a ban of Muslim immigrants and likes to retweet anti-Semitic material. Last July he retweeted a message of “Not anymore, Jews. Not anymore,” for which he later apologized. How do you mistakenly retweet that? He’s also praised and plugged a book for a man who claimed “date rape does not exist.”

He also fell for a fake news story (that stuff is really popular with Republicans) that the New York Police Department was “blowing the whistle” on Hillary Clinton for new emails, money laundering, sex crimes with children, pay to play, and perjury. You’re not surprised when your attic-dwelling uncle with the tin-foil helmet falls for such outlandish headlines, but a general? After listening to Queen he’s now convinced “fat-bottomed girls do make the world go round” and it’s a threat to our nation. I made that last one up. Fat-bottomed girls are not a threat to our nation.

David Duke lost in his bid to become Louisiana’s next U.S. senator and Trump’s not done filling his cabinet. The wizard’s available.

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All The News You Klan Stand


If you support Donald Trump you can spend the rest of your life saying you voted for the candidate supported by the Ku Klux Klan, white nationalists, and Nazis. Yay you.

Trump has had trouble attracting endorsements in the general election from newspapers. He’s gotten a few tiny dailies and one major, The Las Vegas Review-Journal, owned by notable billionaire and Republican sugar daddy Sheldon Adelson (disclaimer: The Review-Journal is one of my clients), and will probably receive one from his son-in-law’s newspaper, The New York Observer (another client of my cartoons. Weird huh?). He’s also received an endorsement from the National Enquirer which might help with the uneducated housewives in grocery store lines.

The endorsement that made the most news this week is the one he received from The Crusader (NOT one of my clients), the official newspaper of the KKK. How white of them. It’s so embarrassing it makes Trump want to hide his face under a paper bag, or in this case, a sheet.

The Crusader says it’s not an “official” endorsement and that Trump just embodies all they stand for, like hating people who are not white. I’m not sure how they can say it’s not an endorsement since it took up their entire front page under the headline “make America great again.” Gee, where have we heard that slogan? Did I mention it took up the entire front page? There wasn’t even room for a mayonnaise ad.

The Trump campaign says they don’t want the endorsement, though they stopped short of saying they don’t want racists voting for them. They also said the Crusader doesn’t represent the views of their millions of followers, you know those people. They’re the ones shouting “Jew. S. A.” at Trump rallies.

Earlier in the week a black church in Greenville, Mississippi was burned and vandalized by spray paint with the words “vote Trump.” No word yet from the Trump campaign on if they denounce the hate crime. Trump wants to distance himself from the racists but he doesn’t want to alienate them either. You dance with the one that brought you.

Trump can’t claim pure innocence from the actions of his followers. He has encouraged the votes from the “uneducated” and has ran a racist campaign where he’s attacked Muslims, Mexicans, retweeted an anti-Semitic image, and once shouted at a rally “there’s my African American.” He was sued in the past, twice, by the Justice Department for refusing to rent to black people. His New Jersey casinos were fined for removing black card dealers if a racist gambler asked for them to be removed. Trump supporters, those with a conscience, need to ask themselves why Trump attracts people like David Duke and Nazis. They’re not coming for the xenophobia and staying for the crotch grabbing. Trump may say he loves “the blacks,” but the Klan loves him.

On Tuesday I’ll be voting for the candidate who has not been endorsed by the Klan. My conscience can live with that.

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