Ku Klux Klan

Condemning Racism


Donald Trump issued a statement denouncing hatred and white supremacy in a prepared speech written by someone else who is probably not Stephen Miller.

Trump said, “In one voice, our nation must renounce, racism, bigotry, and white supremacy.” In other news, David Duke is now celebrating Kwanza.

Donald Trump denouncing white supremacy would be like him denouncing men who assault women. Wait, he did that. It’ll be like him calling someone else “crooked.” Crap. OK, it’ll be like him calling someone else a “fat pig.” Damn. It’ll be like him going after people who insult veterans. Last try…it’ll be like him criticizing men who assault women. Shit. I tried. Anyway, the point is, I’m not buying it.

It’s kinda hard to believe you’re serious about denouncing racism when you’re the KKK’s poster boy and candidate of choice. Or, when you say a man of Mexican heritage isn’t fit to be a judge over one of your lawsuits. Or, when you refer to immigrants as an “invasion,” or “rapists and murderers,” or “animals,” or an “infestation.” It’s hard to believe you when you say there were good people marching among those chanting “blood and soil” and “Jews will not replace us.” It’s hard to believe Trump is serious about confronting racism when he says four female representatives of color should “go back to where they came from.” I can’t take him seriously when he refers to Haiti, El Salvador, and African nations as “shithole countries.”

At one of his recent hate rallies, the crowd started chanting “send her back” after he made comments about Representative Ilhan Omar, who is black and a refugee from Somalia. Trump acted surprised and claimed they didn’t get the slogan from him. He has issued similar denials about white supremacists who echo his words before their mass shootings.

The Pittsburgh shooter attacked a synagogue and used Trump’s term “globalists” for Jews and referred to immigrants as “invaders” in web posts.

The mass shooter in Gilroy referenced a white supremacist manifesto and wrote online about “hordes” of mixed-race people “overcrowding” towns.

The El Paso mass shooter used the word “invasion” or “invader” seven times in his anti-immigrant manifesto. Trump has often wailed about “migrant invasions.”

The shooter in New Zealand who killed 51 people at two mosques said Trump is a “symbol of renewed white identity and common purpose.” During his campaign, Trump called for a complete and total shutdown of Muslims entering the country and for government surveillance of mosques.

And while it wasn’t about racism, the MAGA pipe bomber was a huge Trump fan and mailed pipe bombs to people his hero has attacked at CNN, MSNBC, and members of the Democratic Party. The guy was even tooling around in a van covered in pro-Trump propaganda emblazoned with bullseyes and conspiracy theories.

Donald Trump is a racist and he’s motivating violence from his supporters. Don’t take my word for it. Even in 2016, a Pew Research Center poll found that 54 percent believe Trump has done too little to distance himself from white nationalists groups. Other polls from 2017 through 2019 found that 54-59 percent of Americans think Trump’s decisions and behavior encourages white supremacists groups. A YouGov/HuffPost poll from last March said more Americans believe he outright supports white nationalist groups.  Trump has described himself as a nationalist.

Another disturbing factoid is that hate crimes have steadily increased since Trump started his campaign for president. According to the Center for the Study of Hate and Extremism at California State University, hate crimes across the country have increased by nine percent over the last year, mostly against LGBTQ people, Jews, and people of color. A study from the University of North Texas found that “counties that had hosted a 2016 Trump campaign rally saw a 226 percent increase in reported hate crimes.” Remember, Trump recently held a rally in El Paso to highlight the “migrant invasion.”

With hate, assaults, and murders following the white-terrorists-recruiter-in-chief around, it’s no wonder Dayton and El Paso doesn’t want him to visit their communities today. Don’t be surprised to see other communities ask the Trump campaign not to hold campaign events near them during the 2020 campaign. The man is toxic.

Donald Trump continues to claim he’s the “least racist person,” something non-racists never say. I know I’m not a racist but I would never claim I’m the “least racist person” you could ever meet. I don’t feel the need to sell how non-racist I am. But then again, I wasn’t endorsed by the official newspapers of the KKK and neo-Nazis.

Donald Trump wants us to believe he’s not a racist while at the same time, he believes his supporters are racists. They’re proving him right because it’s his supporters who are shooting up Wal-Marts and garlic festivals in their quests to kill brown people. We can say the same thing about Trump that former Florida gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum said about his Trump-loving Republican opponent in 2018.

It’s not that I or liberals believe Trump is a racist. It’s that the racists believe he’s a racist. I’m not buying his denouncement of racism. I bet the racists aren’t buying it either.

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Leaving The Hurd


The Republican Party has been exercising racism for decades, but until now, there were always people like Will Hurd among its members, other than the black thing of course. For example, before Donald Trump came along, you could easily get a hell of a lot more than four votes from Republicans in the House of Representatives to condemn a racist comment.

The Grand Old Party has now become the party of Trump, resembling a cult more than a political party. The GOP is less a party of issues and more about the cult of a personality, a rotten, horrible, vile, stupid, racist personality. It only makes sense that the party is dead on details since they worship a man who won the presidency without any specifics to his proposals. He promised to build a wall that Mexico would pay for, without telling us how he would make Mexico pay for it. He promised to replace Obamacare with “something better.” On foreign policy, his position was that he knew more than the generals. Now, the party’s policies are Trump, Trump, and Trump. Any member who defies that will suffer the same fate as Mark Sanford.

The fear of being the next Mark Sanford, a congressman who criticized Trump and then was primaried for his crime, has cost the Republican Party the House of Representatives. Now, they have to explain Trumpism. Ask a Republican how tariffs are not taxes. Ask a Republican how Canadian cheese is a national security threat. Ask a Republican about why increasing the national debt is now a good thing. Ask a Republican how a treaty preventing Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons is bad but a treaty with North Korea that doesn’t say anything is good. Ask a Republican why we shouldn’t be concerned about Kim Jong Un testing ballistic missiles. Now, ask a Republican how racist comments are not racist comments.

Except for Will Hurd. Hurd will tell you a racist comment is a racist comment. He was one of only four representatives in the House that recognized Trump’s “Go back to where you came from” tweet was racist. Now, Hurd, who is the only Republican representing a district on the border with Mexico, will not run for re-election next year. Hurd is the only African-American member of the House. Unless another black Republican is elected in 2018, Senator Tim Scott of South Carolina will be the only one left in Congress.

Hurd was considered the future of the party, which has been a lie all along. He was the Republicans’ pipe dream of their future. The future of their party is not diverse when your leader attacks four female members of Congress for being minorities, talks about brown people from “shithole countries,” calls inner cities “rat-infested,” and attacks black representatives and civil rights leaders. The future of your party is not diverse when hate crimes increase upon the election of your racist leader. The future of your party is not diverse when your leader was endorsed by the official newspaper of the Ku Klux Klan and by the founder of the Daily Stormer, a neo-Nazi website. The future of your party is not diverse when the KKK holds parades in honor of your party’s leader. The future of your party is not diverse when your leader retweets neo-Nazis. The future of your party is not diverse when your leader defends Nazis. The future of your party is not diverse when you refuse to confront your leader on any of this.

Five other Republicans have announced they will not seek re-election to the House. Currently, there are only 13 female Republicans in the House and two of them are also retiring. The GOP hopes to retake the House in 2020, but it’s an effort made even more difficult by incumbent retirements, especially from districts like Hurd’s, which went for Hillary Clinton in 2016. Hurd won re-election in 2018 by a little over 1,100 votes.

In a speech last June, Hurd said, “The party is not growing in some of the largest parts of the country. Why is that? I’ll tell you.” Then he told us.

“Don’t be a racist. Don’t be a misogynist. Don’t be a homophobe. These are basic things that we should all learn in kindergarten.”

The kindergarten president, who is now well into his 70s, still has not learned it. The Republican Party probably learned it, but they’ve chosen to abandon it. Now, when you talk to Republicans, they don’t see how telling brown people to “go back to where you came from” is racist. Their future isn’t Will Hurd. It’s defending the use of the N-word.

That’s why the future of their party does not look like Will Hurd. It looks like Donald Trump. It looks like a a bunch of white guys wearing sheets carrying tiki torches.

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Appeal Of Gerrymandering


The majority of Americans do not vote Republican anymore. The Republican party is outdated, racist, for the rich and corporations, and stuck in the past. Most Americans have moved forward. As evidenced by the 2016 presidential election, they can’t win the presidency by getting the majority of votes.

The GOP knows this which is why they cling to power through voter suppression, dirty tricks, fear, disinformation, and help from Russian troll farms. But, one of their greatest tools in winning and retaining congressional and legislative seats is gerrymandering. The gerrymandering isn’t coordinated to shift voters politically, but racially, which is illegal.

Even in states that do vote majority Republicans, the Republicans cheat with racial gerrymandering. North Carolina is currently being sued for racial gerrymandering.

In Virginia, my home state, Republicans in the House of Delegates redrew 11 districts, each having at least 55 percent black residents of voting age. The Democrats sued and won. It was appealed to the Supreme Court where the lower court’s ruling was upheld.

Basically, Democrats argued that these eleven districts were unlawful because they featured too many black voters, diminishing their power across the state and in other districts. That’s a trick Republicans have been using for decades. They group as many black voters into a district as possible, give themselves a medal for allowing black voters to elect one of their own while diluting their vote across the rest of the state, thus creating more conservative and white representation. It’s a shell game.

It’s the job of the state Attorney General to fight for Virginia in court. Currently, Virginia’s AG is Mark Herring, a Democrat. He did his job in fighting for the gerrymandered districts but he refused to appeal. Then, Republicans took over and spent millions of taxpayer dollars taking it to the highest court in the land…where they lost.

The majority opinion was written by Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and she was joined by Justices Elena Kagan and Sonia Sotomayer. What was surprising is that they were joined by conservative Justices Clarence Thomas and Trump appointee and owner of Merrick Garland’s seat, Neil Gorsuch. But, don’t feel jubilant that these two justices voted for what was right racially. They voted on procedure.

They ruled that the House of Delegates did not have the legal authority to appeal the case and that the only one who did was the state Attorney General.

Ginsburg wrote for the majority, “The House, we hold, lacks authority to displace Virginia’s Attorney General as representative of the state. We further hold that the House, as a single chamber of a bicameral legislature, has no standing to appeal the invalidation of the redistricting plan separately from the state of which it is a part.” That’s what we call an RGB mic drop. Basically, they were speaking for their party, not the state. They didn’t even include the Senate side of the General Assembly.

Virginia AG Mark Herring said, “It is unfortunate that the House Republicans wasted millions of taxpayer dollars and months of litigation in a futile effort to protect racially gerrymandered districts.” Basically, Virginia Republicans used millions of taxpayer dollars to fight for racism.

Last year, there was a huge turnout of Democratic voters, not just nationwide, but also in Virginia. The GOP holds the state House by only one vote, and that’s because they won a coin toss. Seriously. Now, there’s another statewide election this year and the new racially neutral districts will stand. When the deck is even, Republicans lose.

Democrats are in a strong position to win more seats. If they can continue the enthusiasm and momentum from 2018, election day will be huge for them. What they have going against them is it’s an off-year election and that entire blackface thing with the governor and the rape charges against the Lieutenant Governor.

Republicans didn’t have the right to appeal this case. And, much like Donald Trump, they don’t have much appeal to the majority of Virginia’s voters…even when they’re not wearing their hoods.

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Haters Storm C’ville


Rational people can disagree and debate whether monuments to the Confederacy should be removed. You may align yourself on the side of keeping the memorials, but do you want to stay at the party when the Klan shows up?

Conservatives don’t seem to express any discomfort being on the same side as the Ku Klux Klan. They’re all for preserving memorials, hating big government, affirmative action, voting for Donald Trump, etc.

The city council in Charlottesville, Virginia voted to remove a monument to Confederate General Robert E. Lee. On Saturday, the Klan showed up.

Charlottesville is a beautiful and funky little city. It’s home to the University of Virginia and a vibrant, liberal creative environment (kinda like Austin and other college towns, such as Athens, Georgia). The city was home to two United States presidents, including Thomas Jefferson whose home, Monticello, is a huge tourist attraction (he also founded UVA). UVA is also home to the Center for Politics, which has a really cool newsletter that every political geek should subscribe to. The Dave Matthews Band is from Charlottesville.

One thing Charlottesville is not home to is the KKK. The Loyal White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, which turned up in C’ville on Saturday is from North Carolina.

About 30 members of the hate group were escorted to and from the rally by police in riot gear. When has the police ever escorted Black Lives Matter as they protested? The KKK was outnumbered by a counterprotest. More than 100 officers of the state, county, and university assisted city police to keeping the calm, and protect the Klan.

After the rally ended, wearing riot gear and gas masks, the police declared the counterprotesters “an unlawful assembly” and used gas canisters to compel them to leave the area. 22 people were arrested (three people ended up in the hospital).

The Klan isn’t local to C’ville, but many of the counterprotesters were, and they let the hate group know they’re not welcome in their city or the state of Virginia for that matter.

Robert E. Lee fought for the Confederacy and the right for white people to own black people, but I don’t think he would want to be associated with the KKK. I know Thomas Jefferson wouldn’t appreciate their presence in his city.

Virginia is my adopted home state and I’m proud so many showed up to counter the Klan and let them know they’re not welcome here. Virginia is moving forward (we didn’t vote for Trump). The KKK is stuck in the past constantly relitigating the Civil War and making excuses for why it was fought.

This faction of the KKK should go back to North Carolina. I’m sure there are memorials down there they can defend. If nothing else, they can police the bathrooms.

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A Whiter White House


After appointing white nationalist Steve Bannon as his chief strategist Donald Trump has decided to name Islamophobe Lt. General Michael Flynn as his foreign policy adviser.

You would think a guy with the temperament of Donald Trump would seek a calmer, smoother individual for this position, but no. He’s selected a guy who led chants of “lock her up” at the Republican National Convention. Flynn was referring to Hillary Clinton risking the exposure of classified material supposedly stored on her private server, despite the fact that he himself revealed sensitive U.S. intelligence to Pakistan. He’s also a big fan of Russia and Vladimir Putin having dined with him after giving a paid speech. Apparently we can’t have too many racists or people paid by Russians in the White House.

Flynn is also a lobbyist for Turkey. He’s even called for a Turkish cleric to be returned to that nation who their president blames for their recent coup attempt. Never mind seeking evidence or the fact Turkey is clamping down on dissidents, journalists, and anyone else considered a threat.

Flynn does not distinguish Islamic terrorists from followers of the religion in general. He’s called for a ban of Muslim immigrants and likes to retweet anti-Semitic material. Last July he retweeted a message of “Not anymore, Jews. Not anymore,” for which he later apologized. How do you mistakenly retweet that? He’s also praised and plugged a book for a man who claimed “date rape does not exist.”

He also fell for a fake news story (that stuff is really popular with Republicans) that the New York Police Department was “blowing the whistle” on Hillary Clinton for new emails, money laundering, sex crimes with children, pay to play, and perjury. You’re not surprised when your attic-dwelling uncle with the tin-foil helmet falls for such outlandish headlines, but a general? After listening to Queen he’s now convinced “fat-bottomed girls do make the world go round” and it’s a threat to our nation. I made that last one up. Fat-bottomed girls are not a threat to our nation.

David Duke lost in his bid to become Louisiana’s next U.S. senator and Trump’s not done filling his cabinet. The wizard’s available.

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All The News You Klan Stand


If you support Donald Trump you can spend the rest of your life saying you voted for the candidate supported by the Ku Klux Klan, white nationalists, and Nazis. Yay you.

Trump has had trouble attracting endorsements in the general election from newspapers. He’s gotten a few tiny dailies and one major, The Las Vegas Review-Journal, owned by notable billionaire and Republican sugar daddy Sheldon Adelson (disclaimer: The Review-Journal is one of my clients), and will probably receive one from his son-in-law’s newspaper, The New York Observer (another client of my cartoons. Weird huh?). He’s also received an endorsement from the National Enquirer which might help with the uneducated housewives in grocery store lines.

The endorsement that made the most news this week is the one he received from The Crusader (NOT one of my clients), the official newspaper of the KKK. How white of them. It’s so embarrassing it makes Trump want to hide his face under a paper bag, or in this case, a sheet.

The Crusader says it’s not an “official” endorsement and that Trump just embodies all they stand for, like hating people who are not white. I’m not sure how they can say it’s not an endorsement since it took up their entire front page under the headline “make America great again.” Gee, where have we heard that slogan? Did I mention it took up the entire front page? There wasn’t even room for a mayonnaise ad.

The Trump campaign says they don’t want the endorsement, though they stopped short of saying they don’t want racists voting for them. They also said the Crusader doesn’t represent the views of their millions of followers, you know those people. They’re the ones shouting “Jew. S. A.” at Trump rallies.

Earlier in the week a black church in Greenville, Mississippi was burned and vandalized by spray paint with the words “vote Trump.” No word yet from the Trump campaign on if they denounce the hate crime. Trump wants to distance himself from the racists but he doesn’t want to alienate them either. You dance with the one that brought you.

Trump can’t claim pure innocence from the actions of his followers. He has encouraged the votes from the “uneducated” and has ran a racist campaign where he’s attacked Muslims, Mexicans, retweeted an anti-Semitic image, and once shouted at a rally “there’s my African American.” He was sued in the past, twice, by the Justice Department for refusing to rent to black people. His New Jersey casinos were fined for removing black card dealers if a racist gambler asked for them to be removed. Trump supporters, those with a conscience, need to ask themselves why Trump attracts people like David Duke and Nazis. They’re not coming for the xenophobia and staying for the crotch grabbing. Trump may say he loves “the blacks,” but the Klan loves him.

On Tuesday I’ll be voting for the candidate who has not been endorsed by the Klan. My conscience can live with that.

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