Bloomy’s Slutty Slots


Did I mention in the last blog after the debate that Michael Bloomberg had a lousy night?

It wasn’t just that Bloomberg got kicked in the teeth by Elizabeth Warren all night long, but that he wasn’t prepared at all. For example, at one point, he criticized Bernie Sanders for owning three homes despite being a socialist. At last count, Bloomberg owned at least 12 homes. In case you’re a Republican, 12 is more than three.

But it was Warren inflicting the most damage. If Bloomberg wasn’t a billionaire funding his own campaign, his campaign would be over. Bloomy didn’t just have to answer for his racist “stop and frisk” policy he enacted as mayor of New York City, but also for sexist comments he’s made at his business and for multiple non-disclosure agreements with female staffers.

Another great example of Bloomberg being unprepared was his defense of the NDAs as being for the protection of the women’s privacy. And as Warren pointed out, one of his defenses was that he’s been nice to some women. He also wasn’t prepared for Warren’s challenge to release all women from his company’s NDAs. Warren continued that challenge after the debate.

Elizabeth Warren used to teach contract law at Harvard. She crafted a release form for those who have signed NDAs with Bloomberg and his company and challenged him to sign it. She said, “”All that Mayor Bloomberg has to do is download it. I’ll text it. Sign it and then the women or men will be free to speak and tell their own stories.”

Yesterday, Bloomberg offered to release three women from their NDAs and free them to tell their sides of the story. Are these NDAs over harassment or discrimination at his company? Were they drawn up over the behavior of managers at his company or Bloomberg himself? At the debate, Bloomberg said, “None of them have accused me of doing anything, other than maybe they didn’t like a joke.”

That’s not good enough for Warren. She said, “Mike Bloomberg and his company should issue a blanket waiver so anyone who wants to come forward can come forward, with or without Bloomberg’s prior permission.” She’s right. Even the three releases he’s offered require the women to contact his company. Do those releases require other forms to sign? Do they need to sign an NDA to be released from their NDAs?

Bloomberg needs to “man-up” and offer a blanket waiver that doesn’t require those who have signed NDAs to contact or go through his company. Warren pointed out that we don’t know how many women have signed NDAs at his company. What do you want to bet it’s more than three?

At one of his racist fucknut rallies, Donald Trump said Bloomberg spent $500 million to be embarrassed by “Pocahontas.” Trump may want to pay more attention because what Warren is doing to Bloomberg is just practice for what she’ll do to him. I for one would love to see how she would respond to his racist slur while sharing a debate stage.

Michael Bloomberg’s presidential campaign is a loser and I don’t think he’s rich enough to make Democrats forget his debate performance. He’s not rich enough to convince Democrats that we need to replace an arrogant, sexist billionaire with another arrogant, sexist billionaire.

Instead of participating in the Las Vegas debate, Bloomy should have hit the casinos. Versus his presidential campaign, he would have lost a lot less money on the slots.

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    1. Then I guess you’re lame in both legs, and your brain too. No one here is listening to your bitching, there nothing intelligent in what you say.
      In fact, sounds justs like your beloved furher–Herr Trumpelstiltskin.
      I used to have a cat named Hermes a lot time ago. He is still smarter than you, may he rest in peace.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. “…a lot time ago.”

        Hahaha, your opinion is worthless. Hahaha a lot time ago… should have learned how to read and write a lot time ago, in da before-fore time.


      2. Well, I guess if you cannot recognize a typo when you see one, and that is what you focus on, you must think yourself perfect. But then, you know everything Trump says is truth, so I guess you already are perfect. A perfect dupe!

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      3. Well, when your whole point is predicated on me being an idiot, you should strive not to sound like one. Smart people proof read their writing. I usually let stuff like that go, but your condescending attitude mixed with your inability to write effectively won’t allow me to.


      4. See, you’re still hung up on a typo. Meanwhile,
        if I want to sound like an idiot, that is my choice. Nothing you can do about it. At least I know what I am choosing and why. You have no choices, you do what you’re told. Can we say “bot”?

        Liked by 1 person

      5. Who is telling me to post on here?

        No one

        And see, you don’t even understand basic communication. I’m not hung up on a typo, I’m hung up on a pretentious know nothing that can’t even string a thought together, yet wants to call others dumb. When I call you dumb, I prove it. When you call me dumb, that’s all you have. You only have the accusation, you never have proof.


      6. All you have is your dehumanizing hatred.

        I’ll talk about anything you want Art, music, sports, philosophy, farming etc… but you can’t talk about anything. All you can do is call me names. You’re the fucking bot, you soulless piece of shit.

        Go ahead, talk about something other than politics that lifts your soul, I fucking dare you to…but you won’t you’ll respond to this with an actual topic of discussion, because you’re the soulless bot.


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    Don’t Feed The RTB.

    If you feel compelled to contest some of the crap It flings around, DON’T REPLY TO IT, instead WRITE ABOUT IT as the Mindless Pre-Programmed RTB that It is.


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