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Hard Ballin’ For Biden


I’m going to state something that will make Bernie Sanders’ supporters unhappy. What the Democrats are doing in joining together to support Joe Biden isn’t wrong. It’s not a bad thing. It’s not fixing, gaming, or corrupting the system. This is not the Democratic Party denying the nomination to Bernie. These are individual candidates. And even if Joe Biden made backroom deals with them for their endorsements, there’s nothing wrong with that if it’s all legal. It’s not corrupt. It’s politics.

That doesn’t mean you have to like it. I’m not crazy about it. But it’s smart. The GOP tried to do the same thing in 2016 to keep Donald Trump from winning the nomination and forcing all of them to join a cult. Unfortunately for Republicans, the candidates didn’t cooperate with that strategy and while they did win the White House, they lost their party and their freaking minds.

If Michael Bloomberg drops out tonight, Biden will probably win the nomination. That may be too much moderate support for Bernie to defeat, even if Elizabeth Warren drops out. Warren is hanging in there through Super Tuesday and trust me on this; She’s not taking any votes away from Joe Biden.

Also, the dropouts yesterday totally discourages voting early. I tried to vote early last week (they didn’t let me over moving snafus) and I was undecided between Warren and Sanders, But now, I’m going for Sanders even though I’d rather see Warren get it and take on Donald Trump.

I’m not excited about Joe Biden or Bernie Sanders. Sure, I like their positions. I agree with Sanders a lot more. But I’m not wild about them. Quite frankly, I think they’re too old. For that matter, I think Donald Trump is too old but that’s just one of many things wrong with Donald Trump.

But, I am glad more of these people have dropped out. It wasn’t long ago when we had over 20 candidates and had two nights of debates. There are still other candidates, but they’re not important.

The dropout and resignation I’m happiest about is MSNBC’s Chris Matthews resignation as host of Hardball.

I don’t know if I ever liked Chris Matthews. But to me, he’s kind of like Joe Scarborough. He has a good show. The format is great. There are great guests. But the host is an obnoxious, pretentious fuck that isn’t the most knowledgeable source of every subject that he thinks he is. But on top of that, Matthews has been losing it for a few years now.

Hardball has been on since 1997 and yesterday, the 74-year-old Matthews abruptly resigned at the start of the show. He left his duties for Steve Kornacki (who should have probably been given the show a long time ago) to take over, who was in visible shock. Kornacki gave an unplanned tribute to Matthews and called him the “most human person he knows” because of his bluntness and honesty. But sometimes that bluntness and honestly revealed a lack of understanding and downright stupidity.

Last week, Matthews compared Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign to the Nazi’s invasion of France. During an interview with Elizabeth Warren, he came off as condescending and sexist. Then, journalist Laura Bassett published an essay accusing Matthews of making multiple inappropriate comments about her appearance, which revived longstanding accusations of the man’s sexist behavior. On Friday, he confused the identities of two African-American politicians, Senator Tim Scott of South Carolina and Jaime R. Harrison, a Democrat running for Senate in that state.

In announcing his retirement, Matthews made it clear it’s not his choice. He said, “Obviously, it isn’t for a lack of interest in politics. Compliments on a woman’s appearance that some men, including me, might have once incorrectly thought were OK are never OK,” he said. “Not then, and certainly not today.” Yeah, but I don’t think there was any point between 1997 and 2020 where it was ever OK to approach a woman at work and say, “Why haven’t I fallen in love with you yet?” According to Basset, he he told the makeup artist, “Keep putting makeup on her, I’ll fall in love with her.” At what point between those years was it ever OK for a TV host to joke on the air about giving Hillary Clinton a “Bill Cosby pill?” And guess what, there are reports that MSNBC has paid women not to sue over Matthews’ “comments.”

Was Matthews, who was disbelieving during his interview with Elizabeth Warren about Michael Bloomberg’s non-disclosure agreements, also the beneficiary of non-disclosure agreements? If MSNBC has paid women to be quiet to save Matthews’ ass, then it’s unethical for him as a journalist to conduct an interview on the subject without disclosing it. Even more troubling, it’s unethical for MSNBC to allow him to conduct those interviews.

Conservative writer Kathleen Parker was upset over his firing and defended Matthews by tweeting they had “flirted unabashedly for 20 years.” CNN host S.E. Cupp tweeted, “The friend’s ‘He never did it to ME’ vouch-for is meaningless, since the friend wasn’t always there, AND it discredits alleged victims.” Comedy writer Maura Quint tweeted, “Congrats! Glad that you had fun flirting with your friend! I don’t know if you know this but that doesn’t mean he had the same relationship with everyone else! I understand it’s complicated! Also, when I put my hands in front of my face, I don’t actually disappear! You’ll get it!”

MSNBC knew for months it was past time for Matthews to go, and there were discussions on moving him out after the election. But Matthews’ own actions sped up that process. And you know, the network will be better for it…eventually.

There should not be any place on any network for someone like Chris Matthews just like there shouldn’t be a place in politics for someone like Michael Bloomberg or…Donald Trump.

We deserve better. We deserve better in the area of equal and fair treatment along with better journalism. Matthews was failing with both.

Now, if he could just get Joe Scarborough to leave with him.

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Bloomy’s Slutty Slots


Did I mention in the last blog after the debate that Michael Bloomberg had a lousy night?

It wasn’t just that Bloomberg got kicked in the teeth by Elizabeth Warren all night long, but that he wasn’t prepared at all. For example, at one point, he criticized Bernie Sanders for owning three homes despite being a socialist. At last count, Bloomberg owned at least 12 homes. In case you’re a Republican, 12 is more than three.

But it was Warren inflicting the most damage. If Bloomberg wasn’t a billionaire funding his own campaign, his campaign would be over. Bloomy didn’t just have to answer for his racist “stop and frisk” policy he enacted as mayor of New York City, but also for sexist comments he’s made at his business and for multiple non-disclosure agreements with female staffers.

Another great example of Bloomberg being unprepared was his defense of the NDAs as being for the protection of the women’s privacy. And as Warren pointed out, one of his defenses was that he’s been nice to some women. He also wasn’t prepared for Warren’s challenge to release all women from his company’s NDAs. Warren continued that challenge after the debate.

Elizabeth Warren used to teach contract law at Harvard. She crafted a release form for those who have signed NDAs with Bloomberg and his company and challenged him to sign it. She said, “”All that Mayor Bloomberg has to do is download it. I’ll text it. Sign it and then the women or men will be free to speak and tell their own stories.”

Yesterday, Bloomberg offered to release three women from their NDAs and free them to tell their sides of the story. Are these NDAs over harassment or discrimination at his company? Were they drawn up over the behavior of managers at his company or Bloomberg himself? At the debate, Bloomberg said, “None of them have accused me of doing anything, other than maybe they didn’t like a joke.”

That’s not good enough for Warren. She said, “Mike Bloomberg and his company should issue a blanket waiver so anyone who wants to come forward can come forward, with or without Bloomberg’s prior permission.” She’s right. Even the three releases he’s offered require the women to contact his company. Do those releases require other forms to sign? Do they need to sign an NDA to be released from their NDAs?

Bloomberg needs to “man-up” and offer a blanket waiver that doesn’t require those who have signed NDAs to contact or go through his company. Warren pointed out that we don’t know how many women have signed NDAs at his company. What do you want to bet it’s more than three?

At one of his racist fucknut rallies, Donald Trump said Bloomberg spent $500 million to be embarrassed by “Pocahontas.” Trump may want to pay more attention because what Warren is doing to Bloomberg is just practice for what she’ll do to him. I for one would love to see how she would respond to his racist slur while sharing a debate stage.

Michael Bloomberg’s presidential campaign is a loser and I don’t think he’s rich enough to make Democrats forget his debate performance. He’s not rich enough to convince Democrats that we need to replace an arrogant, sexist billionaire with another arrogant, sexist billionaire.

Instead of participating in the Las Vegas debate, Bloomy should have hit the casinos. Versus his presidential campaign, he would have lost a lot less money on the slots.

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Bernie Rides Again


Bernie’s back! Yesterday, the Independent Senator from Vermont announced his candidacy for the 2020 presidential election. Sanders will ride his brand of democratic socialism for a second time through the Democratic primaries. Bernie was the only alternative for Democrats in 2016. This time, the back of the unicorn is a lot more crowded.

Before we address the campaign of Bernie Sanders, let’s go through the other Democratic candidates, in order on the unicorn. We’re only going to cover those who have announced so far. So, no Biden or Beto analysis.

Kamala Harris may have had the most impressive announcement, up to this point. She raised $1.5 million in her first 24 hours. The Senator from California is a former prosecutor and state attorney general. If she makes it through the primaries to her home state, she could win the nomination. She’s expected to do very well in the early primary state of South Carolina where black women are an important voting bloc in the Democratic primary. Harris has rejected democratic socialism and identifies as a capitalist. Republicans have attempted to make something out of her dating former San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown and for admitting she smoked marijuana while in college. In the era of Trump, good luck with that. Harris has been very impressive and tough while questioning Trump nominees and cabinet members from her positions on the Intelligence and Judiciary Committees. She scares Republicans. Being charismatic, tough, intelligent, and a black female, she will give Donald Trump nightmares. I don’t think he has a nickname for her yet. If she doesn’t win the nomination, she would make the perfect veep candidate with her skill at grilling people. It may be enough to make Trump drop Mike Pence from his ticket. She would eat either of them alive in a debate.

Pete Buttigieg is the mayor of South Bend, Indiana. He’s 37 and the first openly gay candidate for the Democratic nomination. Being gay and from Indiana, the only person he’s scaring so far is Mike Pence. His hopes are very thin, but I thought the same thing about Sanders’ 2016 campaign. One candidate is going to surge, at least for a moment and grab everyone’s attention. Could it be Buttigieg? I don’t think so, but he’ll probably increase his national profile from this campaign. If he does gain any sort of traction, expect Republicans to twist his last name into the nickname “Bootygay.”

I had high hope for Cory Booker back when he was mayor of Trenton, New Jersey. The man exhibited charisma and intelligence. He’s also been impressive on the Judiciary Committee, along with Harris questioning Trump’s appointees, like Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh. He was the first Senator to ever testify against a fellow Senator’s appointment to the cabinet, opposing Jeff Sessions to lead the Justice Department. Booker has not caught fire yet and it doesn’t seem like he will. He’s a vegetarian and if you watch Fox News, they’re warning us he’ll ban meat. But, if you watch Fox News then you’re probably not the type of person to read this blog. If he doesn’t win the nomination, he’ll be on the eventual nominee’s short list for his or her running mate, just like he was in 2016. People like Cory Booker.

Elizabeth Warren also scares Trump. She’s smart, female and she loves to troll him. Much has been made about her ancestry, but will voters care much about something so insignificant from her past while focusing on the future? Trump, as you know, has given her the racist nickname “Pocahontas.” With both being from New England, Warren will challenge Sanders for the New Hampshire primary. She might catch fire…or she may have missed her opportunity in 2016, much like Chris Christie when he skipped 2012, ate a bridge, then ran in 2016 only to lose to a dumbass like Trump.

Julian Castro is the former mayor of San Antonio and HUD Secretary in the Obama administration. At 44, he’s young and will also raise his national profile by running. He was on Hillary Clinton’s short list for the veep spot in 2016. After dropping out of this race, he’ll be on the short list again. He’s Hispanic and from a large electoral state like Texas. If nothing else, he brings gravitas on the border issue.

Kirsten Gillibrand is the Junior Senator from New York. Unlike the last senator from New York, she won’t win the nomination. Being that the Democrats already have New York, and there are more exciting choices among the women in the party, she probably won’t be on the short list. And because the Democrats have New York, she can land in a Democratic president’s cabinet. Republicans have made some noise over her asking, while in South Carolina, if she needed to use a knife and fork to eat fried chicken or use her fingers. But then again, Trump is from New York City and has been seen eating slices of pizza with a knife and fork instead of the New Yorker way of folding and cramming.

John Delaney was the first candidate to announce and nobody knows why he ever bothered. He’s a former Congressman from Maryland. He’s a middle-aged bald white guy. This is probably the first time you’ve ever heard of him unless you live in his district…and then, yeah probably still the first time.

Tulsi Gabbard….No, No, No, No. Just no. Gabbard, a congresswoman from Hawaii, is young at 37, Hindu, a veteran of the war in Iraq, and part Samoan. So what’s wrong with her? She voted with Republicans for extreme vetting of Syrian and Iraqi refugees. She was against civil unions (voted against them while in the state legislature in liberal Hawaii), and gay marriage, but now supports them. The big problem with this is…she was an advocate for gay conversion therapy. For me, she may as well have worn blackface. Gay conversion therapy is abusive. I’m glad she’s against it now, but I don’t want a president who once supported it…and we probably already have that. Her campaign is already in disarray so she may not even make it to the first debate. I think her entire campaign missed her announcement. She was the first congresswoman to endorse Bernie in 2016. She does have a future in the party, but not as president.

Amy Klobuchar, the senator from Minnesota, might have the best temperament to be president, especially one who has to repair all the damage inflicted by Trump. She is not the best candidate. She’s considered a moderate Democrat and was impressive announcing her candidacy in the midst of a snowstorm. Donald Trump is afraid of rain. It’s hard to find any Republicans bashing her much because they all like her. Her Republican colleagues in the Senate only have praise for her. There has been criticism that she’s tough on her staff, which leads one to ask…That’s all you got on her? Tough on her staff? Have you seen Trump and his staff? Please.

There are two other Democrats running you’ve never heard of them so I didn’t bother giving them seats on the unicorn. But for all intents and purposes, they are Marianne Williamson and Andrew Yang. See? You never heard of them. Do you wanna know who they are? It doesn’t matter.

This brings us to back to Bernie Sanders. I underestimated him in 2016. While Hillary had her “Scooby Van,” I drew Bernie in a van down by the river, and USA Today ran the cartoon. So, that paper was surprised too when Bernie took off. While I don’t expect him to recoup the momentum he gained in 2016, he did raise $4 million within 12 hours of his announcement yesterday. At this point, it’s up to $6 million. His average donation is $27, which makes his campaign very grassroots.

Do you want to troll a liberal chatroom? Bring up Bernie. A lot of liberals love him. A lot hate him. Many go for his Democratic Socialism and his frank style of speaking. They find him honest, but an intelligent honestly, not one of those stupid honest guys like Trump. Democrats who oppose him point out that he’s not even a Democrat and some blame him for Clinton’s defeat to Trump. Bernie supporters blame Clinton for cheating in the primaries.

Two things. Clinton didn’t steal anything from Sanders in the primary. He lost. Get over it. Bernie did not hurt Clinton in the general election. Many of his supporters did. Bernie has every right to run. Let him run. He will bring a great debate on topics that need to be discussed. he will also turn 80 in his first term if he wins, so keep that in mind. Yes, age should be a factor.

It’s not just Bernie who’s older. His campaign is older. He has a base but does that carry over into the primaries? His crowd sizes didn’t. With his fundraising ability, Bernie will be in the campaign until the bitter end. Start your squabbling now.

One thing all these candidates have in common; they’re all better than Trump.

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