Burning For Trump


A lot of Republicans are vowing they won’t support or even vote for Trump. Some are even saying they’ll support Hillary. Many are even burning their voter registration cards. I say give them a month, or less. They’ll come around.

I don’t know if I’ve ever had a voter registration card. If I did, I lost it immediately. I’ve needed one to vote, but then again, I’m a white guy. Also, I have only voted in two states in my life and both are open primaries.

I find it bizarre that these Never Trump people are so surprised. Where were they two years ago when Trump was on his birther kick? None of them tried to knock him or the lie down. That would have been a good time to Stop Trump.

They say the Never Trump people got a late start. I agree. They started about two years too late.

A couple years ago the number of Republican voters believing Obama was foreign born and a Muslim was extremely high. The GOP didn’t refute or condemn that falsehood. They let it linger out of their sheer, blind hatred for the president. Now they wonder how they got stuck with a KKK-endorsed reality show host, whose only platform is bigotry, racism, and sexism, as their nominee.

Republicans love to say how deep their field of candidates were this year. There were 17 of those nut jobs. If you cultivated an atmosphere of hatred that a field so deep and talented is, well…trumped by Trump, what does that say about your party?

Republicans have spent the past decade, longer actually, as a party of covert racists, that cultivated and invited racists. Now they’re surprised they have taken over.

Burning crosses one day. Burning down your house the next.

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  1. I worked the polls, in all positions, for the county in Albuquerque in both the 2008 and 2012 election, after campaigning for President Obama. Voter ID issues were at the forefront then, a big deal. We were told to not even look at someone’s ID, in case anyone offered one. We had paper ballots, that were read by an electronic machine. All the paper ballots were saved, sent along with the electronic media as a backup. Everyone was incredibly honest, and carefully followed all the laws, rules and regulations. If there was ever an issue, we called the central office for guidance; if someone wanted to vote but we couldn’t validate their registration, they were given what were called a “provisional ballot”, to be counted after verification. I can’t imagine having to go through with some of the scenarios I read about now.


    1. I agree with you, Tim. Me too. I notice that if I hover by mistake over a like button, it’s activated, and that’s not always acceptable!!!


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