Riding With Mittens


One of the more bizarre things that came out of campaign 2012 was Republican nominee once took his dog with his family on a vacation, and during the trip they strapped the dog to the roof of their car. Mitt swears the dog enjoyed the ride. I’m sure he did.

Now the GOP is strapped to the Trump Train and they want off. It’s a little late. They have spent eight years being the party void of ideas except opposing anything President Obama supports. They have basically spent the past two terms in the Obama blaming business.

My friend Christian wrote on this and he put it perfectly. He wrote Trump “illustrates the results of years of right-wing fear mongering, intellectual insulation, and shaming intelligence in favor of group think.” After the rise of the Tea Party, accusing Obama of being a Muslim, Kenyan-born, being on an apology tour, screaming “you lie” during the State of the Union, and even insulting his wife, how can you be surprised that you cultivated an environment that gives you Donald Trump? Another one of my friends, a conservative fellow, blames Obama for Trump. Again, he’s in the business of blaming Obama.

Now Mittens is going to tackle Trump. He has already criticized Trump for not releasing his taxes and thrown out speculations on why which proves again that Republicans are irony impaired. Mitt Romney accepted and basked in the glow of Trump’s endorsement in 2012. Trump is the same guy now he was four years. Romney knew this but didn’t disavow the endorsement. Romney didn’t care about the trail they were blazing. Now they suddenly have issues with it.

The GOP has built a house they can’t save. They might have to burn it down before they can rebuild again.

The only thing missing in this cartoon is room in the crate for Chris Christie.

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