Chris Christie’s New Role


Once upon a time New Jersey governor Chris Christie had a little dignity.

He was elected as a Republican to the governorship of Democratic blue New Jersey, and then reelected. He was all the rage and in 2012 the GOP establishment was giving him the full press to run for president, and save them from the agony of a moderate Republican from a northeast state with a liberal record but a hard-conservative platform winning their nomination. Go figure.

Christie declined that opportunity and he probably figured the political atmosphere wouldn’t change in four years.

Christie struggled to make it to the big boys’ table during the debates. He didn’t place well in the first caucus and primary and swiftly dropped out of the race. but not before trashing the front runner, Donald Trump. He lampooned the big orange smurfy billionaire and said his plans, especially the wall, were ridiculous. Then he endorsed the guy.

This endorsement is not sitting well. Christie was already on the poop lists for the majority of New Jersey residents, for the bridge thing, being a bad governor, neglecting it during a natural disaster, mocking those who suffered from the natural disaster, and basically forgetting he was still supposed to perform the duties of his day job while he was wasting his time, and the state’s money, running his laughable, no chance in Hell, presidential campaign.

Former governor and Bush cabinet member Christine Whitman scolded Christie for his endorsement of Trump and stated she would hold her nose and vote for Hillary Clinton over Trump. The largest newspaper in New Hampshire, which had endorsed Christie, wrote that their endorsement was a big mistake. Now six New Jersey newspapers wrote a joint editorial calling for Christie to resign. Do you realize how hard it is to get six newspapers to coordinate a single position together?

The harshest judgement for Christie came Tuesday night as he stood obediently behind Trump as he spoke during his press conference after winning big on Super Tuesday. Here was a formerly highly respected governor, with grand expectations, staring in agreement as the most ridiculous major candidate for the presidency laid out his extremely ludicrous ideas for the country.

Twitter users created a contest for what must have been going through Christie’s mind during this embarrassing, humiliating and degrading ordeal. My favorite was “those fingers do look like tiny sausages. Do they taste like tiny sausages?”.

Christie must expect a huge spot in a Trump administration. Maybe an important cabinet position or even the vice presidency. Problem is, he sold his soul for something that’s not ever going to happen.

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  1. Loved this !!
    And yes he sold his soul and told the ” establishment wing ” to kiss a__ with the endorsement from h_ll , I guess he was upset after he got his hands slapped after taking the new ” it boy “


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