Space Man Meets Florida Man

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis finally announced his candidacy for the White House yesterday, after his state legislature removed the legal burden preventing current governors of that state from running. And DeSantis’ announcement was a total and complete disaster. The “failure to launch” is only part of it.

Every presidential candidate makes their announcement from a safe environment. Most announcements, whether the candidate is a Democrat or a Republican, are at rallies full of supporters. Hell, Donald Trump held his first one in the lobby of Trump Tower (where he paid people to pretend to support him) and his second in the ballroom of his Mara-a-Lago (which Fox News stopped airing live out of boredom, but told us to take Sean Hannity’s word for how awesome it was). I didn’t think it could get much friendlier than that until DeSantis did what he did yesterday.

DeSantis didn’t hold a rally or even make the announcement on a talk show (like Arnold Schwarzenneger did when he announced his campaign for governor of California). DeSantis held it on Twitter Spaces, which is a new platform for audio conversations. DeSantis was trying to get around traditional media as he hates most news outlets, although he did run to Fox News right after his Twitter Spaces event.

And, it was hosted by Twitter owner Elon Music and moderated by David Sacks, who most people don’t know. And, it took 20 minutes for the event to get rolling because the platform kept crashing. Elon claimed it was because of the amount of users logging on to witness the audio-only event, but the real blame falls on Elon for running a shitshow, and on DeSantis for not thinking this one through. How great of a campaign can DeSantis run if his first move was to follow Elon?

DeSantis was avoiding crowds because he has zero charm, charisma, and personality. he’s not good with humans which explains why he hung out with Elon. And he was avoiding real news outlets because he’s a coward. He fielded softball questions from goons like Republican congressman Thomas Massie, Chris Rufo, Dana Loesch, and Iowa radio host Steve Deace. It was a real slobberfest as DeSantis promised to bring his brand of Florida fascism to the rest of the nation.

Elon called the event “historic,” though it was really just a radio broadcast which has been done. Elon is going to claim he invented radio after this. And it was a platform, “Twitter Spaces,” that most people have never heard of before. They may as well have made the announcement on MySpace.

Elon is working to turn Twitter into a right-wing paradise. Many of my readers have told me that my posts no longer show up in their feeds, and my news feed is made up mostly of right-wing goons I don’t follow.

This was a stupid move for DeSantis because most Americans are NOT on Twitter. Only 42 percent of Americans aged 12-34 are on Twitter. And that’s Twitter, not Twitter Spaces. DeSantis isn’t going to win by only appealing to 12-34-year-olds. If DeSantis had made his announcement at a rally, or even just by zooming it from his broom closet, every news outlet would have run it live, at least for the first few minutes before viewers got bored.

This fiasco of a campaign announcement isn’t just great news for Donald Trump and other Republicans but for the entire nation. It’s an indication of just how bad of a campaign DeSantis is building. Sure, Bootsie has a lot of cash on hand but he doesn’t know how to spend it. Puddin’ Fingers might be able to build a statewide coalition, but it’s after he steps outside of Florida that everyone sees his pudding is vanilla and boring.

We probably don’t have to fear a Ron DeSantis presidency but we still have to fear Republican fascism. We still have to fear a Florida Man.

Creative note: The cartoonist I compete against the most is myself. When I do these types of cartoons, I try not to repeat Easter eggs from previous cartoons…but a few are still repeated. C’mon, if I did a cartoon like this without Pizza Rat, an angry mob would show up at my door with torches and pitchforks.

Music note: Something made me want to listen to the soundtrack to Little Shop of Horrors.

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  1. Very patriotic rat – dressed to the nines for space. Were all waiting for the earth shattering Kaboom, but wait…….buffering……glitch……. and nothing – sounds like a true GOP’r trying for the great comeback. Cheers and stay safe

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  2. Yeah, because, whoever gets the most exposure on social media these days, are, more likely to get noted, and, we can expect that the debates will not be held, formally on the news network channels, but on the, individual candidates’ personal YouTube channels, Twitrer accounts or, if TikTok didn’t get, “outlawed”, that too…making it all, “casual Fridays” at the, “office”…

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  3. I quit Twitter the day Musk allowed Trump back on, and I have no plans to return to it, though I’ve learned never to say ‘never’! I heard about the fiasco of DeSantis’ announcement, but I wondered why he even bothered … he will never be president … why waste the time and money and make a fool of himself?

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  4. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    Didn’t work!! FIASCO … Twitter Spaces!! … “DeSantis was trying to get around traditional media as he hates most news outlets, although he did run to Fox News right after his Twitter Spaces event.”


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