Big Tech Censorship


When conservatives complain about “big tech censorship,” which is their latest buzz phrase, they don’t really care. They care about censorship about as much as they really care about “election integrity.” They don’t.

My former step-sister in Illinois posted a video of someone I don’t know moaning about “big tech censorship” of conservatives and how it was so unfair. The video was from the TikTok platform. I found that very ironic since Donald Trump actually tried to ban TikTok in this country.

Donald Trump tried to ban TikTok because it was used to snatch up tickets to his Tulsa rally, thus embarrassing him when nobody showed up (except Herman Cain) after his campaign boasted about the millions who would be there (seriously, they set up giant screens outside so all the people who couldn’t get inside the venue could still hear Trump’s rambling rhetoric…and nobody was out there). It was so bad, he fired his campaign manager. But I don’t recall a huge conservative backlash of Trump stripping away people’s freedom of speech. I don’t recall any conservative using the word “censorship.”

Donald Trump blocked people on Twitter who were mean to him. Since his account was considered a “public service,” you know, because he was president (sic), courts ruled he couldn’t block anyone. Trump’s tweets were considered official record. Every American had the right to see his tweets and understand just what an unhinged lunatic and national security threat we had occupying the Oval Office. But again, his supporters didn’t jump on him for blocking people. Conservatives never took issue with Trump’s Twitter activity, even when he retweeted Nazis. He retweeted a LOT of Nazis. And now, Republicans are really upset over a Twitter account being removed that retweeted Nazis. Fucking Nazis, people!

Now that Twitter and Facebook have removed Donald Trump from their platforms, and thousands of Trump supporters, they’re being accused of censorship and discriminating against conservative speech. Republicans are up in arms. South Dakota, or North Dakota, one of the Dakotas is trying to make it legal to sue “big tech” if they censor you. I think to take advantage of this, every Trump supporter in the United States should move to whichever Dakota it is that’s doing that. One of my conservative cartooning colleagues went on Twitter and tweeted multiple times challenging Twitter to remove his account. At this time, Twitter still hasn’t removed his account. Do you know why? Because they don’t care. Also, he should move to one of the Dakotas.

Here’s the thing, MAGAts…and please pay attention: Social media is NOT discriminating against you. Big tech is NOT out to get you. Here’s a helpful hint: If you’re complaining on Twitter or Facebook about their censorship and they haven’t removed your posts complaining about their censorship, then you’re probably not being censored.

Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube are not trying to silence conservative voices. What these platforms are doing, including Amazon removing Parler from its servers, is removing terrorists and people who support terrorists. They’re removing the ability for terrorist fucks to coordinate, plan, and incite other terrorist fucks. Now, it just so happens that all these terrorists are conservatives and Trump supporters.

If you don’t want your social media account removed, stop being a terrorist fuck. It’s pretty simple.

No private company owes you a platform to spread lies, conspiracy theories, or to coordinate terrorist attacks. They don’t owe you a platform to recruit new members for your hate group.

Do you remember when ISIS, al-Qaida, and other terrorist organizations were removed from social media platforms and the servers that hosted them? I do. These guys were really good at using social media and the internet to organize and recruit. Eventually, “big tech” started removing them after there were calls for them to do so. Do you remember who yelled for Twitter to remove ISIS supporters? A lot of people making those demands were…wait for it…Republicans.

ISIS was so good at using social media to recruit, they were recruiting Americans. They were also recruiting people from the United Kingdom and Europe (I separate the two because I know people in the UK who HATE being included with Europe. It’s kinda like us with Florida and Alabama). Do you know who else has been good at using the internet to recruit terrorists? Trump supporters.

The Southern Poverty Law Center says hate groups increased their membership by 55% during the Trump era. Actually, they reported that in 2018, so it’s probably a lot higher now. And Donald Trump encouraged the hate groups. After the tiki-torch Nazis marched in Charlottesville and killed Heather Heyer, Donald Trump said there were good people among those chanting “Jews will not replace us” and “blood and soil.” During a debate with Joe Biden, when asked to denounce the hate group Proud Boys, instead of denouncing them, he told them to “stand by.” Stand by for what? We found out.

Donald Trump called for his hate groups to go to Washington, D.C. on January 6. He told them it would “wild.” He and his supporters claim he didn’t want them to be violent, so that means he only wanted a bloodless coup. Donald Trump told his angry crowd of white nationalists to “march” on the Capitol. For months, he told them a big lie about the election being stolen. A lie he’s still telling. He told them to fight and they couldn’t be weak. He said if they didn’t fight, they’d lose their country. They attacked the Capitol. They vandalized the place. They stole items. They killed a cop. The beat up other cops. They brought nooses and chanted, “Hang Mike Pence.” They screamed to find Nancy Pelosi and vandalized her office. They brought pipe bombs and Molotov cocktails. They shit in the hallways.

Who does that? Terrorists do that. Terrorists bring pipe bombs and shit on the floor. “Make American great again” apparently means stop using toilets and shit on floors. How about, “Make Republicans house broken again?”

A lot of conservatives are saying they didn’t want the violence, just the insurrection. They wanted the coup. They wanted to install a fascist dictator who had lost an election. But they didn’t mean to hurt anybody. While screaming about defending the Constitution, they tried to stop Congress from doing a Constitutional duty. These were terrorists. If they weren’t, then why did Trump supporters initially try to blame Antifa?

And after storming the Capitol, ransacking the place, committing murder, and that disgusting stuff you did in the hallways, you have the gall to scream about being censored.

Nobody is censoring you. Stop yelling this is like the George Orwell novel “1984.” I don’t remember you idiots mentioning “1984” or using the term “Orwellian” when Donald Trump called for abolishing the First Amendment, that protects free speech, when he said the government to be able to go after social media platforms and publications for writing stuff he didn’t like. People who haven’t read “1984” should stop comparing things to it. Go read “1984,” and after that, read “Animal Farm,” and the First Amendment. The good news is, they’re all very easy reads.

Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube are all private platforms. The government doesn’t own them. They do not owe you a damn thing. A private company shutting you down is not censorship. You can still speak…just not there. And I seem to remember Trump supporters being all about freedom for private businesses when it comes to birth control insurance and gay wedding cakes.

Trump supporters are outraged that Donald Trump is now silenced by Twitter, despite his still having the bully pulpit. Why, what ever did presidents do previously to speak to Americans? FDR conducted fireside chats. Some presidents, I have been told, have used this new device thing called “television.” Did I pronounce that correctly? All the kids are talking about it. Look into it.

If the biggest takeaway you have from the terrorist attack on the Capitol is that “big tech” is being mean to terrorists, go screw yourself. Stop defending terrorists…like Donald Trump.

If your accounts on social media are being deleted by “big tech,” it’s probably not because you’re a conservative. It’s probably because you’re supporting terrorists. Maybe, it’s because you are a terrorist.

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Flock Together


NBC’s Savannah Guthrie did a commendable job Thursday night pushing back on Donald Trump’s crazy. Most journalists who have come face-to-face with Donald Trump have failed to push back as much as Ms. Guthrie did. But to be fair, Donald Trump is hard to talk over and there’s usually more crazy than any one journalist can cover in one setting.

Let’s go over Donald Trump’s refusal to condemn Qanon, the insane cult that’s made up of racists and potential terrorists.

Qanon is a cult that has sprouted up online. The followers believe in this guy named Q, who goes to their forums and tells them what’s really happening in our federal government. Q is supposed to be a deep state insider with connections. Without any evidence, Qanon followers believe this. And without any evidence, they believe the federal government is run by a cabal of Satanic worshipping cannibalistic pedophile Democrats…and Donald Trump is the savior who’s going to put an end to all of it. As ridiculous as all that sounds, they truly believe it. They go to his rallies with signs saying, “I’m Q.”

Qanon is where Pizzagate came from. Because of these insane conspiracy theories, a fucked up goober went to Washington, DC and shot into a pizza parlor. Why? Because Q said Hillary Clinton and other deep state Democrats were operating a child sex slave ring from within the parlor’s basement. There were no Democrats, no child slaves, no pedophilia, and not even a basement. There was only pizza and ping pongs. Seriously, the place has ping pong tables. It’s cool.

But, the gun fucker still shot into the place. Fortunately, no one was wounded. And to this day, Qanon followers still believe there’s a child sex slave operation going on inside the parlor’s basement run by Hillary Clinton.

And get this: All of this came from one of the emails leaked by Wikileaks to help the 2016 Trump campaign in which one Democrat wrote to another, “hey, let’s get a pizza sometime.”

The FBI believes Qanon poses a terrorism threat when it’s actually led to terrorism. The attack on Comet Ping Pong Pizza was terrorism. The Pittsburgh synagogue shooting that killed 11 people has connections to Qanon. A California bomb maker made references to Qanon, Pizzagate, and the New World Order. Many of the Q fuckers also believe the Deep State is full of lizard people. Seriously.

Kids, here’s a reminder: These people are terrorists, even if they’re white.

So, on Thursday night, when given an opportunity to call them out for their racism, crazy theories, or just that he doesn’t believe in their bullshit, Donald Trump refused. In fact, Donald Trump retweets their crazy shit.

Donald Trump’s most recent retweet of Q is that Navy Seals didn’t kill bin Laden but instead, got his body double. Donald Trump, the president (sic) of the United States retweets this shit despite having access to the best information in the world.

If Osama bin Laden was still alive, we’d all know it because Donald Trump would have set up a summit and a photo-op with him.

Donald Trump told Savannah Guthrie he couldn’t call them out because he wasn’t that familiar with them other than they like him and they don’t like pedophiles (which is living in Oppositeland). Then, he defended their fight against pedophilia.

Kids, spreading crazy conspiracy theories is NOT fighting pedophilia. Can someone name one pedophile stopped by Qanon followers? Instead, they believe champion against pedophilia is Mr. Pussy Grabber who’s been accused of rape and has admitted to barging into teenage beauty contestants’ dressing rooms and says about preteens, “Hey, I’ll be dating her in a few years.” Their savior is the guy who talks about dating his daughter.

Savannah told Trump who Qanon is. She told him about the deep state Democrats and the pedophile beliefs. He still refused to call them out. But in doing so, he also didn’t state that he DOES NOT believe Democrats are a bunch of cannibalistic Satanic pedophiles. Did anyone else besides myself catch that?

He couldn’t even give the fake defense of, “I don’t know if they actually believe that, but I can tell you I don’t.” Nope. He let it linger. And just like he gave the Proud Boys a call out, he gave Qanon one too. He refused to debunk their crazy shit.

While saying he doesn’t know who Qanon is, keep in mind, he’s retweeted them over 200 times. He knows who they are. Trump says it’s “someone’s opinion” and he’s just putting it out there. Kids, retweets are ALWAYS endorsements. He’s not retweeting “Antifa” or Black Lives Matter.

In fact, when asked about Qanon, he said he doesn’t know who they are but he knows all about Antifa and Black Lives Matter and their “burning down Democratic-run cities.” Here’s where Savannah missed one chance to push back and could have asked if he knows about Michigan terrorists who plot to kidnap Democratic governors. Do you know how many people Antifa and Black Lives Matter have killed? Zero. Do you know how many people Donald Trump supporters have killed? Go ask Kyle Rittenhouse.

Donald Trump isn’t just giving credibility to crazy conspiracy theorists and assorted Nazis. In his retweets, shout-outs, and denials, he’s recruiting terrorists.

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Shoot The Fact-Checkers

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I don’t have a lot to say here so I’ll talk about something else. Why not? My cartoon post today has four comments on Facebook. My bagel photo has nearly 80. I am in New York City.
As my son asked, “Why?” Except, he sounded kinda upset over it. Why would I come to ground zero for the coronavirus in the United States?
I only told four people I was coming to town. My friends Gordon, Mike, Alexandra, and my son. I didn’t want to have to explain it over and over again before I got here. But, I’ve been explaining it ever since. It’s not a big deal.
First, it’s my birthday. Thank you. I wanted to do something a little different. My plan is to see a few things and experience New York City food. Granted, most things are shut down for another week so it’s not like I can take in a play on Broadway or have a sandwich at Katz, but I can get a sandwich to go. So far, I had a real NYC bagel with lox and the Kung Pao chicken I had last night was the spiciest I’ve ever encountered.
But the biggest reason I’m here is that I wanted to see something instead of just writing about it. I wanted to see Times Square as a dead zone. From some of the photos I’ve posted online, you can see by usual standards, NYC is a ghost town. Then, I got the added bonus of riots and protests. There’s graffiti on nearly every building near my hotel (which is by 30 Rock and Radio City Music Hall). I was going to go out last night, not to partake in some anarchy (as Bradley Nowell sang), but to witness, like the time I went to a Trump rally. Ew. But I only ventured out for a minute because I was tired and my feet were killing me. I’m getting old.
As it turned out, I didn’t need to come to NYC to see a protest…or even leave Fredericksburg…or my apartment.  A protest started in the burg shortly after I left. They were nearby and I could have seen it from my window. Yes, I’m sure the protest wasn’t about my cartoons.
Speaking of seeing things from your window, I passed Trump Tower and there’s NO WAY he could have seen people leaping to their deaths from the World Trade Center on 9/11. See? The trip is already paying off. Research.
Another reason I’m here now is that it’s really cheap. I feel what I’m spending is an investment that will pay off through my work. I would rather take a working vacation that pays off with research than travel to sit on a beach and forget work (though I do like beaches). I haven’t taken a real day off in years.
I don’t intend to draw or write about me going to New York City (other than now). I expect this experience to seep into my work and be a reference for years to come.
And if you’re worried about me, don’t be. Everyone I’ve met has been really nice. Granted, I haven’t walked into a protest but ya’ know, that prospect doesn’t scare me at all. Cops scare me more though, to be honest, they’ve been nice too. I’ve had NYPD walk up to me just to say hello. Weird.  Though they were all female cops so maybe they just liked what they saw. That makes sense.
In regards to the pandemic, the city opens in a week. There are people out and nobody is hassling them. Stores won’t allow anyone in without a mask which is something I wish I saw in Virginia. People seem to be practicing social distancing well which is why the numbers of coronavirus cases are going down. And, the more you wear a mask, the less it bothers you. You’ll forget you’re wearing it and to remove it before biting into an ice cream cone bought from a street vendor. At least, I hope other people do that.
Go ahead and tell me what you think I should do while I’m here. I already have a list in my head and I’m probably not going to accomplish it all. But if you’re in the city and see me, say hi.
I’m the guy with the big chocolate ice cream stain on his mask.
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Twitter Vs. Twitler


For Donald Trump, persecution is having the standards everyone else has to live by being applied to him.

And here’s the thing: That hasn’t even happened in this situation.

Lori Klausutis was a staffer to then-Congressman Joe Scarborough when she suddenly died from a heart problem which made her hit her head on a desk in the Florida district office for the congressman. Scarborough was in Washington at the time. There has never been any evidence of foul play. But, just like the Seth Rich conspiracy theories MAGAts and the 4chan crowd like to spread, they’re using the death of Ms. Klausutis to engage in attacks against one of their Dear Leader’s political enemies, Joe Scarborough who is now the host of MSNBC’s Morning Joe. And guess who’s joined in?

Donald Trump has used the death of Ms. Klausutis for his own political gain. After being super chummy with Scarborough and his wife, Mika Brzezinski (who used to visit Mar-a-Lago, help him with debate prep, and gave candidate Trump more airtime than anyone), Trump became a target of their criticism since shortly after his inauguration when Joe and Mika suddenly realized Donald Trump is a fucking moron. Donald Trump has been attacking and bullying the couple ever since.

On May 12, Donald Trump tweeted, “When will they open a Cold Case on the Psycho Joe Scarborough matter in Florida. Did he get away with murder? Some people think so. Why did he leave Congress so quietly and quickly? Isn’t it obvious? What’s happening now? A total nut job!”

On May 27, Donald Trump tweeted, “Psycho Joe Scarborough is rattled, not only by his bad ratings but all of the things and facts that are coming out on the internet about opening a Cold Case. He knows what is happening!”

Donald Trump has accused Joe Scarborough of murder and of having an affair with Lori Klausutis. Donald Trump is a piece of crap.

Mr. Klausutis’ widower, Timothy Klausutis wrote a letter to the head of Twitter, Jack Dorsey, citing the pain that Trump’s “horrifying lies” about his wife’s death have caused him and the family, and asking Dorsey to remove Trump’s tweet. Twitter refused to remove Donald Trump’s tweets because they’re cowards.

These tweets from Donald Trump are more than lies. They’re slander and defamation. These are the kind of things a person gets sued for. These are the kind of tweets that violate Twitter’s policy. If you tweeted asking if someone got away with murder, who isn’t a murderer, Twitter would not just remove that tweet. They would delete your account. But Donald Trump gets away with it because he’s president (sic) of the United States and Twitter is afraid of his followers.

So, to save some of their face, Twitter put a fact check on two of Donald Trump’s tweets lying about mail-in voter fraud. Donald Trump flipped out and cried that Twitter was “stifling his freedom of speech.” Of course, that’s a lie too because your speech isn’t being stifled when someone points out your lies. Twitter hasn’t even removed his “speech.” Even if Twitter removed all of his tweets and deleted his account, his free speech still wouldn’t be violated.

Twitter is a private company. If McDonalds told Donald Trump they would never sell him a hamberder ever again, that would not deny him access to hamberders. Other companies sell hamberders. Donald Trump can make his own hamberder. McDonald’s can’t even deny him access to their Big Mac special sauce because it’s just Thousand Islands salad dressing. If Twitter killed Donald Trump’s account, Donald Trump can still tell lies in other venues…like on Morning Joe which he used to call into on a daily basis.

Donald Trump is too stupid to be president (sic).

Donald Trump was so enraged by the fact check that he didn’t mention the milestone of 100,000 deaths from the coronavirus. Donald Trump only cares about Donald Trump.

Now, Donald Trump is threatening to “regulate” or shut down Twitter and other social media platforms. Ironically, that would be stifling freedom of speech. There’s also the irony of fighting Twitter by tweeting at Twitter.

Later today, Donald Trump is going to sign an executive order that mandates a review of a law that shields companies like Twitter, Google and Facebook from being held liable for the content appearing on their platforms. Uh…so he doesn’t want Twitter to be protected from allowing him to post lies and slander?

Think about it because Donald Trump hasn’t: If Twitter isn’t protected by dumbass bullshit, lies, conspiracy theories, slander, and defamation posted on their platform by orange racists, wouldn’t that mean Donald Trump’s Twitter account would then be deleted or heavily edited?

This is like taking his ball and going home, but Donald Trump doesn’t own the ball and unfortunately, he’s not going home. He’s going to stick around and make everyone else miserable with his whining.

Of course, this is just one great big morbidly obese bluff. Donald Trump has NO authority to restrict free speech, to regulate, or shut down social media platforms. And, Donald Trump without Twitter would be like Donald Trump without his orange face paint, or Donald Trump without the long red tie, or Donald Trump without the ill-fitting suits he buys off the rack despite having his own line of suits, or Donald Trump without the dead yellow ferret on his head, or Donald Trump without Nazis, or…etc, etc.

And what kind of president issues an executive order only to defend himself? This action is only because his feelings were hurt. This executive order doesn’t have anything to do with protecting anyone except Donald Trump. While the Trump cult and Republicans label liberals as “snowflakes,” they are the most vicitimed and whiny people on the planet. Their leader is such a snowflake that he’s issuing an executive order because his feelings were hurt. In case you’re a Republican, THIS is why there’s a great big giant Trump Baby balloon. And the worst thing is, Twitter hasn’t even restricted him. He can still lie and defame people on Twitter without any empathy.

Donald Trump has more empathy over Twitter putting a fact check on his lies than he does for the family of Lori Klausutis having to suffer through his defamation.

It took Donald Trump two months to kinda-sorta realize the coronavirus was real and not a “Democratic hoax,” but only two days to issue an executive order about Twitter slapping his tweets with a fact check.

I am amazed anyone can even consider voting for Donald Trump. It’s been proven he’s an idiot. He’s not a great negotiator. He’s not a great businessman. He didn’t build the formerly successful economy we had. He hasn’t rebuilt the military. He has totally bungled a pandemic with over 100,000 deaths which he does not care about. He has only expressed concern for himself.

And right now, Donald Trump can’t do anything about Twitter. But if he’s reelected, what’s stopping him? Today, Donald Trump is trying to be a dictator. If he’s still president in January 2021, he becomes a dictator and he’ll probably own Twitter by force.

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Zuck’s Big Lies


Let’s get something straight at the start. Expressing yourself on social media isn’t about free speech. When a platform deletes your comment, you have every right to be upset (that’s freedom), but they did not censor you or deny your First Amendment rights.

Facebook is not a government platform. You don’t have a right to Facebook any more than you have a right to free time on the stage of the Republican National Convention to espouse your views. It’s not your stage. Nobody is required to provide you a stage or a platform.

But again, you have every right to get upset when they delete your comment. Out of fairness, when Facebook deletes your comment, they owe you an explanation that’s consistent with their policies and practices. They don’t do that. So, go ahead and get upset.

When one of your friends lands in “Facebook jail,” you hear about it. They let everyone know. I don’t really know how it works because it’s never happened to me. But from the way I’ve seen people operate, it seems they can’t post for a few days but they can still scroll through Facebook. I’ve had people comment on cartoons of mine that they can’t comment because they’re in Facebook jail. So, yeah…I’m having trouble understanding it.

But Facebook has these community guidelines. They have people on staff who analyze posts to make sure they’re accurate and not conspiracy theories. Of course, Republicans scream about their right to free speech when their conspiracy theory is deleted.

Another thing Facebook does is remove bullying, which is nice if it only applied to bullying. I’ve heard of them deleting posts like, “Donald Trump is a Russian asset.” That’s more along the lines of an opinion than bullying. So again, I don’t understand what Facebook is doing.

Russia manipulated Facebook in a big way during the 2016 presidential campaign. They used the platform to build troll farms to spread chaos in this nation. While they created posts with lies and conspiracy theories to divide this nation, they mostly worked to benefit Donald Trump. Do you know who has never complained about that? Donald Trump.

A platform like Facebook sets its rules and you have to live by them if you want to play. But Facebook isn’t consistent with their rules and they’re downright hypocrites. Facebook has decided it will police your post for facts, but if you pay for it as a political ad, then you’re free to lie as much as you want. Facebook has decided not to fact-check political ads.

Fact-checking political ads completely would be impossible for Facebook. They have over 2.8 billion users operating in over 100 languages. There’s more going on out there than our presidential election. But instead of being pompous about “free speech,” Facebook should just admit it’s given up and are now encouraging lies and conspiracy theories in political ads.

This week, Twitter announced they won’t accept any political advertisements. I think that’s great (if they actually do it). Republicans, as usual, started screaming and complaining that Twitter was infringing upon conservative speech. Never mind the fact Twitter is banning ALL political ads, not just those supporting Donald Trump.

Facebook’s head honcho Mark Zuckerberg also complained about it and said, “In a democracy, I don’t think it’s right for private companies to censor politicians or the news.” Once again, Facebook fails the consistency test as they censor posts to comply with “democracies” like Turkey, India, Pakistan, and Israel while deleting accounts and posts in nations with more speech freedom under mysterious circumstances.

Donald Trump spent over $70 million on Facebook ads in 2016. Other big consumers of Facebook ads are right-wing parties in Britain, India, Brazil, and the Philippines. And according to the Mueller Report, Russia spends $1.25 million on social media political ads a month.

There is social responsibility. News networks will fact-check ads (though lies and dubious claims still get through). Facebook is refusing to enact any responsibility and that’s not sitting well with many within the company. Over 250 of its employees signed an open letter decrying the decision to allow lying ads. The employees wrote, “Free speech and paid speech are not the same thing.”

They argue that lying ads “doesn’t protect voices, but instead allows politicians to weaponize our platform by targeting people who believe that content posted by political figures is trustworthy.” Basically, lying ads work on gullible people, which can be any one of us who accepts what we want to believe, but they mostly work on the people who are the least informed. Or to be more blunt, stupid Trump voters. These are the people who believe Donald Trump is trustworthy.

You don’t see liberals trying to shoot up pizza parlors because they thought a candidate was operating a child sex ring out of the basement, do you?

It’s not about free speech on Facebook. It’s about paid speech, and Zuckerberg is literally arguing it’s about “free” speech when he’s taking money for it. He’s more than happy to allow Facebook to be weaponized by the worst people if he makes a profit from it. What this does is put more responsibility on us, the customers of Facebook, to be wary and do our own fact-checking. Most of us won’t don’t that.

Free speech and paid speech are not the same thing and most Facebook users don’t know that. And neither does Mark Zuckerberg.

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Hater Purge


Last Friday, Donald Trump tweeted, “I am continuing to monitor the censorship of AMERICAN CITIZENS on social media platforms. This is the United States of America — and we have what’s known as FREEDOM OF SPEECH! We are monitoring and watching, closely!!” He also accused Facebook of mistreating Diamond & Silk, a couple of Trump sycophants who have a fan page on the platform. Trump tweeted that they’ve been “treated so horribly by Facebook” and “we’re looking into it.”

Trump doesn’t have time to bring up election meddling in an hour-long phone call with Russian president Vladimir Putin, where somehow he was able to see that Putin was smiling, but he has plenty of time to monitor the “censorship of American citizens” on social media platforms and time to “look into it.”

Donald Trump does NOT care about censorship. In fact, he’s all for it as he’s threatened the First Amendment and press freedoms multiple times. He’s stated the press should be sued for “fake news,” which is news he doesn’t like, and that the press shouldn’t be allowed to publish whatever they want.

What Trump doesn’t like is when social media limits or kicks conspiracy theorists and hate mongers, who are supporters of his, to the curb. He proved that the other night in his outrage and tweetstorm over Facebook and Instagram kicking off haters, racists, Nazi lovers, and conspiracy theorists like Alex Jones, Paul Joseph Watson, Milo Yiannopoulos, Paul Nehlen, and Laura Loomer. Louis Farrakhan was also expunged from the platforms but Trump didn’t mention him. Gee, I wonder why.

I have had cartoons removed by Instagram and one video removed by YouTube. When that happens, I get annoyed because whoever made that decision can’t tell the difference between hate-mongering and content attacking hate-mongering. Sheesh. Usually, when this happens, I don’t get too angry or upset as it’s pretty much out of my hands. I’ll make the removal public information and move on with my life. But even when I feel the removal is unjustified I don’t call it censorship…because it’s not.

“Censorship” is a very popular charge when something you like is removed. But 99% of the time, it’s not censorship. The same people who scream that a baker should be allowed to refuse customers ordering gay wedding cakes also scream that privately-owned platform should provide every fucknut in the world an outlet for their hate and fear mongering.

If I kick you out of my house because you dropped an N-bomb, I didn’t deprive you of your freedom of speech. The same goes for the comments on this website. You can still drop N-bombs in this country, but I don’t have an obligation to provide you an outlet for it. Neither does Facebook, YouTube, or Twitter. Yes, they are public platforms but they’re not government owned.

Trump and conservatives only care about their freedom of speech, not yours. This is also another opportunity for the crowd that loves to accuse liberals of being “snowflakes” to act like snowflakes. White Republicans love to play the victims while they’re beating down on other people. Republicans are the whiniest, thin-skinned babies on the planet. If they don’t have something to have actual outrage over, they’ll invent one.

Many of the people removed by social media were spreading false information and hate. Right-wing actor and crazy pants James Woods has been removed from Twitter for posting content they believe incites violence. Donald Trump has retweeted hate videos and false information from AltRight hate groups. One of his supporters mailed bombs to Democrats, critics, and journalists who Trump has attacked on Twitter. A Pittsburgh synagogue was shot up, killing eleven, by a man who had posted the same wolf whistles, keywords, and conspiracy theories shared by Trump.

Donald Trump shares fake information. He’s a fear mongerer and he incites violence. Even after violence occurs, he doesn’t stop. Donald Trump is the hater president who actively seeks to divide this nation. He has not been banned by Twitter.

There is not a law that says a sitting president can’t be indicted. It’s just a Justice Department policy. Just as stupid is Twitter’s apparent policy that a sitting president can’t be banned from their platform, no matter how much he advocates for his followers to commit violence.

Twitter has removed thousands of bots from Trump’s followers which has enraged him. He needs all the followers he can get, even the fake ones if he’s ever going to catch up to Obama’s number of followers. What Twitter needs to do while removing the bots is to go after the Russian trolls, like Donald Trump.

Twitter, put your money where your mouth is and ban Donald Trump. His tweetstorm over that would be epic…oh wait.

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Devin Has A Cow


In 1983, Hustler Magazine published a parody mimicking a Campari advertising campaign that conducted interviews with celebrities about “their first time,” a double-entendre about their first time drinking the alcohol. In the parody, the subject was the famous televangelist Jerry Falwell who misunderstood the “first-time” question and said his first time was with his mother in an outhouse. At the bottom of the ad was fine print which said, “ad parody—not to be taken seriously,” which was for readers who took Hustler seriously. Jerry Falwell took it seriously.

Falwell sued the owner of Hustler, Larry Flynt. Falwell won in a U.S. district court in Virginia, and then he won an appeal by Flynt. On the claim of intentional infliction of emotional distress, the jury ruled in favor of Falwell and awarded him $150,000 in damages. Flynt didn’t take it lying down and took it all the way to the Supreme Court where he won a unanimous decision by all eight judges (there was a vacancy at the time), even the freaky conservative ones like William Rehnquist and Antonin Scalia.

They ruled that the First and Fourteenth Amendments to the Constitution prohibit public figures from recovering damages from emotional distress caused by a caricature, parody, or satire. Larry Flynt, a porn publisher, spent millions protecting our freedom of speech. Every editorial cartoonist in this nation owes Flynt a big thank you, which I gave in person several years ago.

So, if Flynt can get away with saying Jerry Falwell had drunken outhouse sex with his mom then a parody Twitter account can impersonate Congressman Devin Nunes’ mom and his cow. Right? Yes, they can, but Nunes doesn’t think so and has filed a $250 million lawsuit against Twitter, his fake mom, and the imaginary cow. Seriously.

Maybe Nunes believes he has a case if the cow’s followers believe it’s an actual tweeting cow. Only if they’re Republicans. Does the cow need a disclaimer that it’s not actual Devin Nunes’ cow?

Nunes, like Donald Trump, has very thin skin. These guys who consider themselves “Constitutionalists” want to destroy First Amendment protections. Trump wants the FCC to regulate humor so it’s not one-sided and Nunes wants laws preventing people from making fun of him. Trump and Nunes are also arguing that social media platforms, like Twitter and Facebook are restricting conservatives’ accounts on their platforms. They’re really worried it’ll hamper Russian trolls in 2020.

To argue about these platforms that don’t allow diversity of viewpoints, he went on Fox News and talked to Sean Hannity. Seriously.

The person you need to help sell that saying untrue stuff should be illegal is…Sean Hannity? Seriously?

In the lawsuit, Nunes argues that being called a “presidential fluffer” and “swamp rat” (seriously) interfere with his important investigation of “corruption by the Clinton campaign and alleged Russian involvement in the 2016 Presidential Election.” He also argues that people on Twitter making fun of him were trying to influence the outcome of the 2018 Congressional election. Seriously.

I’m going to make a public statement now and I want to be clear. The cartoon above was drawn with malice with the intention of defaming and injuring Devin Nunes’ name and reputation. I would say “good name,” but Nunes doesn’t have one…like his face. I really want Nunes to feel bad about this.

Here’s the thing, Devin (may I call you “Devin” or do you prefer “Mr. Fluffer?”)…I’m not afraid of Donald Trump. I’m not afraid of his supporters. After three years of them threatening and trying to intimidate me on SOCIAL MEDIA LIKE TWITTER, I’m still not afraid of them. Granted, none of them has started a cow Twitter account against me, but if they had, I think I could handle it. My point is if I’m not afraid of the president of the United States, who has hired fixers in the past to bully people and has the largest bully pulpit in the world in which to bully, then I’m not ever going to be afraid of a whiny, little, thin-skinned, presidential fluffer, treasonous pissant like you or any lawyers stupid enough to help you sue without understanding how the First Amendment works.

I don’t know your mom, and I’m sure she’s a nice person, but she should be more ashamed of you than of the account parodying her. And if you did actually own a cow, it would have jumped a fence by now to avoid being associated with you. The only cow dumb enough to be seen with you in public is orange with a bad combover.

Save yourself the trouble of suing me, Congressman and I’ll just go ahead and write you a check for a pair of big boy pants. Try not to shit in them next time someone calls you “fluffer.”

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Conservatives and other assorted nutzoids were up to their tinfoil hats in anger this week as Facebook, YouTube, Google and Spotify banned the InfoWars conspiracy freak, Alex Jones from their platforms.

Alex was banned for all sorts of violations, which included posting “fake news” and just being an all-around troll (every conspiracy in this cartoon was created by Alex except two. I created those and I’ll let you try to figure out which two).

Twitter issued a statement in the form of a tweet, from their CEO Jack Dorsey explaining why they are letting Alex Jones stick around. In one of Dorsey’s tweets, he wrote, “Accounts like Jones’ can often sensationalize issues and spread unsubstantiated rumors, so it’s critical journalists document, validate, and refute such information directly so people can form their own opinions. This is what serves the public conversation best..”

Sensationalize issues? Unsubstantiated rumors? Was it sensationalizing to say that Sandy Hook was a hoax and nobody was actually murdered? Is it merely an unsubstantiated rumor that the FBI plotted the Boston Marathon bombing?

What the New York Daily News puts on their front pages is sensationalizing. When CNN reports that anonymous White House sources are saying the president is afraid his son is in legal trouble for lying and engaging in a conspiracy with a foreign power, that’s a rumor with some substantiation. What Alex Jones does is neither. The professional term in the journalism industry for what Alex Jones does is “bullshit.”

Dorsey wants critical journalists to “document, validate, and refute such information directly so people can form their own opinions.” But what those people usually do is scream “fake news” when a conspiracy is debunked, and cling to whatever makes them feel squishy inside about their confirmation bias. Just mention the word “Snopes” to a conservative and watch them lose their minds.

With that said, for the most part, Alex Jones has all the freedom in this nation to spout horse crap (with assorted lawsuits here and there). At the same time, Facebook, YouTube, Google, and Spotify have the freedom to kick him to the curb. They are not government platforms. They are businesses.

Conservatives need to get their outrages in proper working order. You can’t be screaming about a business not allowing Alex Jones to post his “opinions” (opinions should be based on facts, but we’ll argue that another day), but demand that the NFL force all their athletes to stand for an anthem. You can’t demand that social media platforms give equal service to conspiracy nuts while also arguing that a baker has the right to refuse to make a gay wedding cake. But, I bet if the customer wanted a green tinfoil-wearing troll on that cake, you’d demand the baker to make it.

For people who like to call liberals “snowflakes,” conservatives sure are a bunch of snowflakes.

Alex Jones has made a lot of money on bullshit. He’s rich. He’s not going to let this assault on his ability to profit off crapola go without a conspiracy. He’s blaming the ban on “deep state actors.”

I keep waiting for conservatives to boycott Facebook like they always promise. But they don’t. If they did, they’d be sure to post on Facebook how they’re boycotting Facebook. You’d think they’d be content with 4Chan, 8Chan, InfoWars, Breitbart, the Daily Stormer, and all the other assorted hate sites. I found out just yesterday they’re all over Instagram because they let me know they didn’t like my Trump Hollywood Star cartoon one bit.

But, they need to post where liberals, moderates, and other rational types will see them. It’s like that old saying; If a tree falls in the woods and there’s no one around to hear a conservative call it a “libtard,” is that conservative still an unimaginative troll with an IQ lower than his sister’s shoe size? Probably.

Creative note, sorta: It is very unlikely that I’m related to Alex Jones. My dad’s story on who his father was constantly changed, so there’s a good chance I shouldn’t even be a Jones. Leave it to Alex Jones to destroy all the cool points I got from Indiana Jones.

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Dear Leaders and Generals


On Sunday, North Korea detonated its largest nuclear weapon to date, with an explosion five times greater than any of their previous tests. It’s no longer a question if the rogue regime has a weapon capable of destroying a large city, but if and when they can miniaturize one and place it inside a missile, and how far that missile can reach.

After North Korea seemed to back down from their threat of firing a missile toward Guam, Trump and his surrogates credited his “fire and fury” comments. Trump went on to say that maybe North Korea was “starting to respect us.” North Korea responded by firing a missile over Japan. Trump responded to that test by saying, “talking is not the answer.” And now, Kim Jong Un has detonated his largest weapon to date.

Trump’s response to this? Taking to Twitter, of course, and going after…our allies. Trump criticized South Korea’s approach to the North as “appeasement.” He is also threatening to end trade with any nation that deals with North Korea.

Apparently, Trump has instructed his advisers to prepare to withdraw from a free-trade agreement we have with South Korea. His threat to end trade with nations that do business with North Korea would include China, Russia, and India, among others.

Meanwhile, his tweeting might be as nerve wracking internationally as Kim Jong Un’s nuclear hobby. David Straub, a former State Department official who dealt with both Koreas, said: “They (South Korea) think they’re dealing with an unreasonable partner and complaining about it isn’t going to help — in fact, it might make it worse.” Straub also said, “Opinion polls show South Koreans have one of the lowest rates of regard for Trump in the world, and they don’t consider him to be a reasonable person. In fact, they worry he’s kind of nuts, but they still want the alliance.”

South Korea isn’t alone in thinking Trump is nuts and unreasonable. Michael Hayden, a retired Air Force general and former head of the National Security Agency and the CIA said, “You gotta watch the tweets.” On CNN he said, “I think we had an unforced error over the weekend when we brought up the free trade agreement with our South Korea friends on whom we have to cooperate. . . . It’s wrong on the merits, and it’s certainly not integrated into a broader approach to northeast Asia.”

Adam Schiff, the top Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee said, “We need to be working hand in hand with South Korea, and with Japan. Why we would want to show divisions with South Korea makes no sense at all.”

Of course, none of it makes sense. In the past, Trump described Kim Jong Un as a “smart cookie,” and on the campaign trail, he said he’d be “honored” to meet with Kim and have a burger with him. Going after the South only encourages Kim to continue actions that will put further distance between us and our allies.

If Trump’s tweets and saber-rattling rhetoric has been a test to see if they’d intimidate North Korea, we can now consider those tests as failed.

Trump claimed he knew more than the generals, and he could handle basically every problem better than Obama. He’s proven the direct opposite, which isn’t a surprise. He needs to work with his generals and try to find real solutions. His tweeting isn’t just endangering his presidency, it’s endangering South Korea, Japan, and the United States.

When are we supposed to start all that winning we’ll eventually get tired of? If “talking is not the answer,” then the first to shut up should be Donald Trump.

Creative note: I reserve the right to break my cartooning rules. One of the more recent ones has been to refrain from using the Twitter logo. It’s been used to the point of overkill by my colleagues. It’s as bad as using the “MAGA” caps. They were fun at first, but not after two years of campaigning. It’s time to find new metaphors…and then maybe going back to them occasionally. For me, a great time is a Sunday night when  I can’t get all the cylinders in my brain working.

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Tweeter In Chief


There’s often been complaints that bills before Congress are too complicated and lengthy to read, often consisting of thousands of pages. We won’t have that issue anymore as now they’ll be no longer than 140 characters. The cartoon above falls under that number.

Kellyanne Conway, Donald Trump’s campaign manager, future White House counselor, and present henchman (henchwoman? Henchperson?) said on The Rachel Maddow Show a few nights ago that Trump is not using Twitter to set policy. Being that she works for Donald Trump, of course that’s a lie.

She also said that when Trump tweeted about expanding our nuclear capability he wasn’t referring to building up our arsenal. The very next day he said that we needed to increase our arsenal.

Trump tweeted “The United States must greatly strengthen and expand its nuclear capability until such time as the world comes to its senses regarding nukes.” Coming to “senses” and “Trump” are not two things you expect with our president-elect (I’m getting a little better each time I type that title for Trump. I’m not throwing up as much in my mouth as I was before). Having bigger guns will make your adversaries want smaller guns? Is this the sort of advice he’s getting from his foreign policy adviser? You know, that guy who believed Hillary Clinton was selling child sex slaves out of a pizza parlor.

Trump later told Mika Brzezinski, co-host of MSNBC’s Morning Joe, “Let it be an arms race … we will outmatch them at every pass and outlast them all.” Is it time for all of us to crawl underneath our school desks again?

Trump loves Tweeting (which is ironic because he hates the company). He’d say it’s very “precedential.” He’ll retweet tweets from conservative teenagers who hate CNN, white supremacists, and Swastikas. He’ll take to the platform to express rage at Broadway plays, Alec Baldwin and Saturday Night Live, people who question the extent of his election victory, whether he could have beaten Obama, whether Bill Clinton called him or he called Clinton, to tell China to keep a drone they stole, etc., etc. He’ll also tweet agreements with Vladimir Putin, to claim there’s no Russian connection with his election victory, and to congratulate himself for predicting terrorist attacks.

The man handles Twitter like a very unstable person. Usually those people only have about seven followers. Donald Trump has 18 million. That puts him right between Coldplay and Ashton Kutcher. I only have a little over three thousand. C’mon people. Step it up.

The biggest concern coming from Trump’s tweets, which are often full of typos (people who don’t read don’t make good spellers), is that it shows he has a short attention span and that he’s a total narcissist. Can that short attention span combined with his narcissism contribute to how he’ll defend our nation? What will the man consider a threat? North Korea aiming nukes at Seoul or an unflattering political cartoon that gives him a rectum for lips?

I think they should construct the buttons to order a nuclear strike very complicated for tiny fingers. They could also combine them with a lot of big words. Trump will never figure them out.

Creative note: I might be the only cartoonist in the nation who has not done a cartoon of the presidential seal combined with the Twitter logo. You’re welcome.

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