Space Tripping with the King

You don’t need a blog today. More importantly, I don’t need to write a blog after drawing until 4 p.m. on a Saturday.

There are a lot more important things I should probably be covering since I have covered the Alex Jones story already, but this was too much fun.

I don’t think my entire readership put together can find all the Easter eggs in this cartoon. Good luck.

Update, all the Easter eggs found by readers so far:
I don’t give away the Easter eggs, and people ask me all the time what something is before it’s been found. What’s the point of hiding Easter eggs if I have to point them out? I have put thousands of Easter eggs in my cartoons that still haven’t been found. But, these have been found so I’m gonna go ahead and spill them in case you’re still searching.

Nixon’s head in a jar (nod to Futurama).
Space cat (I made him up).
Elvis’ banana sandwich.
Elvis’ “TCB” belt buckle.
Bumper sticker “You can have my ray gun when you pry it out from my cold dead tentacles.”
Borg Cube.
Millenium Falcon.
Meteor Worm from “The Empire Strikes Back” chasing Millenium Falcon.
“Keep Altair IV Weird” bumper sticker from “Forbidden Planet.”
Aurebesh (Star Wars alphabet) bumper sticker translated to “shit happens.”
And perhaps the toughest catch of them all, the galaxy on Orion’s belt from “Men In Black.”

And, some people are finding things that aren’t actually there.

Music note: I listened to Kaiser Chiefs and Kings of Leon. No Elvis.

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Watch me draw:



  1. Let’s see now…
    ◦ Millennium Falcon attacked by giant Worm from Star Wars
    ◦ Borg Cube Ship from Star Trek Next Generation
    ◦ Alien Cat wearing “Orion’s Belt” from Men In Black
    ◦ Something that almost looks like a Green Twitter Bird
    ◦ A Can of Diet Coke?
    ◦ TCB = Taking Care of Business, Elvis’s personal motto


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