Roughs, Volume 148

This is a pretty large batch of roughs, 14 in all drawn on August 28 and 29. But to be fair, I didn’t send all of them to an editor.

Like this one. I did not send this one to an editor.

Everyone and their brother drew weather cartoons over the past week, and I was about to draw this one but other stuff got in the way. My position on weather cartoons is, don’t draw them unless you want to suck. Now drawing climate cartoons, that’s different. This is a climate cartoon. I was actually inspired by a really stupid cartoon drawn by a really stupid right-wing MAGAt cartoonist that said the reason it’s hot is that it’s summer. Of course, he’ll shit out a cartoon this winter saying snow in Denver in January proves Global Warming is a hoax. I just can’t even with motherfuckers. I just can’t.

This was kinda boring, which is why I thought my editor might go for it. HAHAHAHA. He doesn’t read this, does he?

While I don’t like this cartoon, this is some more bullshit that pisses me off. I’m on Truth Social as an experiment and to be honest, I don’t interact or engage a lot with the users there, but they’re terrible people. They’re the worst. They comment on my work and they argue that Brittney Griner should be forced to stay in Russia since she’s criticized the United States. how dare she. Meanwhile, they’re all kissing the big orange ass of a guy whose motto is “make America great again.” They wear hats that literally say our nation isn’t great.

Tomi Lahren, who worked for that guy, tweeted that at least Griner won’t have to hear the national anthem for nine years. Yeah, Griner has a problem with the national anthem while goons like Lahren have a problem with democracy. We know what this is really about though. It’s like “shut up and dribble.” Griner is a black lesbian with a voice. How dare she exercise the same constitutionally-protected freedoms as little blonde Barbies.

Anyway, I didn’t love the cartoon.

I wasn’t too crazy about this one either. Also, noticed that I signed these roughs? I did that because they’re starting to show up on other websites, so I figured I should at least sign them so the thieves have to go to the trouble of removing them.

By the way, Tracey… I saw your post on social media about someone sharing your cartoon after removing your signature. I’m with ya’. I hate when that happens to me or anyone else. But…maybe don’t cry as big of a river about “respecting” creators’ copyrights until after you stop stealing ideas, tracing photos and claiming they’re your caricatures, signing your name on clipart and claiming it’s your artwork, and making cartoons by inserting a bunch of typed text around logos. Maybe actually draw your cartoons, and then you can complain about people manipulating your artwork when it’s actually your artwork.

Personal beefy rant over.

I turned this one into an official cartoon last Sunday. I took all day on it too.

Another I’m not crazy about.

This one became an official cartoon but I wasn’t entirely in love with it. To me, it seemed to be on the brink of my usual humor but it wasn’t all the way there with my weirdness.

This is another that became an official cartoon. I only saw one cartoon on burn pits when I drew this one last Saturday. On Monday, there were about 30 of them. And after that, the bill passed. I’m not going to say it passed because of us cartoonists, but I think we were a part of the national shaming that forced Republicans to finally do the right thing on the issue.
I wasn’t happy with the artwork in the official cartoon but it did very well on social media and a few clients ran it.

This was OK but I didn’t make an official cartoon of it. I need to do a few more of these meat-and-potato issues for my clients.

I like where this one was going but it wasn’t all the way there for me.

I didn’t like this one very much.

I turned this one into an official cartoon and I think it’s just OK. I think I really wanted to draw Hannibal.

This one became the official cartoon for the CNN Opinion newsletter and I really liked it. It was fun to draw.

Which one of these is your favorite?

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