Skanks For The Memories


Last week, Donald Trump yelled that churches are essential and demanded all the nation’s governors to reopen the churches in their states. If they won’t do it, he’ll override them and force the churches to reopen. Churches are essential dammit.

White evangelicals praised Donald Trump for declaring churches essential. Why, he’s their white knight of Christianity for saying churches are essential. And they are essential to all of them except…to Donald Trump.

Church is not essential to Donald Trump. Golf is essential to Donald Trump. Tweeting is essential to Donald Trump. Spreading childish insults, conspiracy theories, and lies are essential to Donald Trump. Being as divisive as possible to tear this country apart is essential to Donald Trump. Church? Not so much. If church was essential to Donald Trump, he would have been in one the Sunday after calling them essential.

I can not believe I’m not making this shit up. And I can not believe so many people are willing to overlook it.

During Memorial Day weekend, Donald Trump hit the links (not sausages, that we know of) twice. He visited his own course in Virginia. He was upset his golfing was criticized while totally missing why it was criticized. Trump thought he was being criticized for playing golf. No, he was criticized for playing golf during a pandemic despite criticizing President Obama for doing the same.

Differences between President Obama playing golf during the Ebola crisis, which Trump criticized him for, and Trump playing golf during a pandemic are: Two people died during the Ebola crisis. We’re nearing 100,000 for the Trump virus. Also, President Obama never swore he’d never play golf while he was president. Donald Trump did. Donald Trump described his fat ass riding around on a golf cart as exercise. Two things Donald Trump takes to the green with him: A golf cart and someone else’s golf ball, even if that ball belongs to a child.

While golfing and tweeting over the weekend, Donald Trump didn’t mention those lost to the Trump virus. That’s another thing he was criticized for. He neglected to mention those lost to the virus or even those on the front lines fighting, but he did dish out several hate tweets.

Donald Trump tweeted a conspiracy theory accusing MSNBC’s Morning Joe host Joe Scarborough of having an affair and committing murder. Did Donald Trump have any facts or evidence to back this up? No. Donald Trump is like the honey badger if the honey badger was orange and racist. Donald Trump don’t care. Donald Trump doesn’t need facts or evidence. It’s like his entire birther campaign when he swore he’d prove if President Obama was born in Kenya or not. He never did. He even took credit for President Obama producing his birth certificate, as if it’s thanks to Donald Trump that President Obama was born in Hawaii.

Donald Trump made a claim he was sending investigators to Hawaii to uncover the truth of Obama’s birth. Now, we need a search party to find those investigators because we never heard from them again. Methinks maybe John Barron led that expedition.

Donald Trump didn’t stop with the Scarborough conspiracy. He retweeted tweets from conservative and former political candidate John Stahl. John Stahl is a well-documented racist. Perhaps you don’t retweet a well-documented racist unless you yourself are a racist. In the past, John Stahl referred to Kamala Harris as “Willie’s ho,” and MSNBC’s Joy Reid as “butt ugly” and a “skank.” Apparently, racist tweets resonate with Donald Trump. In fact, he retweeted Stahl eight times on Saturday night.

Some of Trump’s Stahl retweets were about Nancy Pelosi wearing dentures (while Donald Trump himself probably wears dentures), Stacey Abrams hitting “every buffet in Georgia” while Donald Trump is no Twiggy himself, and finally, a tweet calling Hillary Clinton a skank.

It’s been three and a half years and Donald Trump still can’t get over Hillary Clinton so that must make her a skank in his book that he probably didn’t write and can’t read. Personally, I don’t think you’re fit to judge whether or not anyone is a skank when you cheated on all three of your wives who you’ve had five children with while raw-dogging porn stars and Playboy Playmates.

Racist Donald Trump also accused Joe Biden of being a racist while he was retweeting a known racist. I still can’t believe I’m not making any of this up.

Donald Trump projects. He calls someone else a racist because he’s a racist. He mocks people with dentures because he wears dentures. He calls women fat because he’s…well, Nancy called him “morbidly obese.” And, Donald Trump calls a woman a skank because he’s the biggest skank in the universe except, most skanks get sex for free. Donald Trump ultimately ends up paying for it.

Here’s the rule: If Donald Trump accuses anyone of anything, like cheating during an election, it’s because he’s doing it.

I’ll be glad when November gets here so we can rid ourselves of this skanky presidency.

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      1. Thanks, I needed that. Picturing all 45’s gophers burrowing their little tunnels for a place to hide all their dirty secrets and occasionally themselves made me laugh. Working in Skankdom has to be tiresome and one huge migraine.


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