I Can’t Breathe


Shortly after the 2016 presidential election, Saturday Night Live did a skit featuring Dave Chappelle, Chris Rock, and a few white actors at an election night party. The white attendees kept a positive attitude throughout the night confident Hillary Clinton would win while Chappelle and Rock were sure Donald Trump would come out on top. When the realization hit the white attendees, one of them said, “I think America might be racist.”

America is racist. I was one of those white election night party goers shocked to discover just how racist America is, and I’m a cynical person with a career in a negative art form. But Donald Trump was counting on America’s racism. So was Russia. They made the right bet. America is racist.

Amy Cooper knows America is racist. In fact, she was counting on it. Amy was walking her dog in Central Park (in case you’re a Republican, that’s in New York City). She was walking her dog without a leash. She came across Chris Cooper (no relation to Amy) who was in the park bird watching. They disagreed over her walking her dog unleashed. She suddenly erupted and said she was calling the cops on an “African-American” who is ‘threatening my life.’ Amy Cooper is white. Chris Cooper is black. The dog is kinda yellowish. But it was all caught on film and it went viral. Amy Cooper was counting on America being racist. She was counting on the cops being racist and taking her side in a dispute where her life was not in danger and when she was the one breaking the law. For Amy Cooper, it wasn’t a bad bet initially because America is racist. Cops can be racist. In America, it can be extremely dangerous for a black man to go bird watching.

But for Amy Cooper, it didn’t work out because it was recorded and it went viral. The company she works for…or worked for…fired her because they don’t want to be associated with any racist dog ladies. Quite frankly, the dog should quit being her dog because she was choking it while calling the cops.

What would have happened in that situation if Amy Cooper’s racist bullshit wasn’t captured on tape?  She was betting on the NYPD being racist and taking her side. In 2014, the NYPD choked to death Eric Garner, a black man selling loose cigarettes (that’s selling smokes individually instead of the entire pack). There was a tape of that too that went viral. In it, Eric Garner is heard saying, “I can’t breathe” at least 11 times.

George Floyd, a black man, is heard saying “I can’t breathe” multiple times while a Minneapolis policeman has him pinned to the ground with his knee on Floyd’s neck. The cop was emotionless, unmoving, all the while with his hands in his pocket. Other cops stood and watched. Bystanders were pleading with the cops to let Floyd up, who was handcuffed while the cop was kneeling on his neck and choking him to death. The cop left his knee on George Floyd’s neck for several minutes. He didn’t flinch at all while George Floyd pleaded for his life.

George Floyed was heard saying, “I can’t breathe.” Then he cried for his “mama.” Then he died. Four Minneapolis cops killed George Floyd on suspicion of forgery. They said he was resisting arrest but from the bystander’s camera and security footage from one of the businesses, that can’t be seen. The city’s police department issued a public statement describing the event without mentioning the knee to George Floyd’s neck.

I was eating dinner last night when I first saw the footage. I couldn’t finish. I was sickened and heartbroken. I’ve seen a lot of these tapes and they’ve all made me angry but this might be the first one that made me tear up. I can’t imagine what his family is going through after seeing that tape. I can’t imagine what every black American is going through in this racist country.

The four policemen have been fired. But they have yet to be arrested. After being caught on tape murdering a black man, how come these officers have not been arrested yet?

Because America is racist.

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  1. These is more than a hate crimes, these are crime of utter callousness, a total disregard for the life of another living being. And this is where the legal system fails so often, because no one higher up cares either. Right to the top of the garbage heap, Donald J. Trump, Esq.

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    1. Your right as can be about 45, he lit the fires of hate all over America. The intensity is shocking to witness. I hope he pays for it.


      1. If I believed in Karma, I would say he will get his in the end. But I don’t believe in Karma, I believe in chaos. Chaos is pure accident. More chances to get him in ways he can never see coming, lol.

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  2. Wasn’t our National Anthem playing in the background as this cop respectfully takes the knee? Is this the same cop in a red “Cops For Trump” shirt on stage with Trump at his Minneapolis rally?
    Powerful video as police snuff out the life of another human being in front of witnesses. Oh Say Can you See by the Dawn’s early light….

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    1. I don’t recall the ‘National Anthem’ I was trying to hear what everyone was saying but I kept the video and will watch it again. I’m not sure I can stomach another look so soon.

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      1. The national anthem was not playing. I was being sarcastic. America has two justice systems: one for the rich and one for the poor. When police openly murder citizens they are supposed to protect n serve all I hear is Hells Bells. it sure isn’t the Star Spangled Banner.

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    2. I read your reply again…I see the humor now…hello. I suppose I’m too intent on the suffering of George Floyd. I still have murder in my heart. How can such a thing be born by his family? They are left with it for a very long time.

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  3. Dear Clay, My lastest Facebook posts. Just when you thought: “Things can’t get worse”. And then they do, horribly.

    P.S. – I’m buying your Trumpster Fire book from Amazon. Keep on doing what you do best. You’re awesome.

    The REAL Lisa Simpson Mid-Hudson MENSA

    Certified Testing Proctor / Testing Proctor Coordinator

    MENSA Games Night Host

    Southern Dutchess County Area Contact

    Notary Public State of New York Dutchess County

    Private Tutor 1 To 1 Tutoring

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    1. Wow, talk about credentials! I don’t think some of us are smart enough to keep up;) Have patience;)


  4. I’m so very very sad this keeps happening.
    They won’t get away with it this time – too many people videod it on their phones
    Caroline from Australia

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  5. Reblogged this on Scotties Toy Box and commented:
    Hello claytoonz. A hard video to watch, an impossible situation to have to live under. Thank you for your well written post. I keep hoping that with each of these filmed murders the situation will change. We have a long way to go in this country to become a land of liberty and justice for all. Hugs

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    1. Your one of the nice guys Scottie, it is a horrifying video to watch. We, as whites need to make sure we say and do something any time we see someone being abused. 40% of Americans being low-life racists is way too many. Goddamn 45 for helping to expose the scabby underbelly of American racism.

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  6. Tears and anger in equal parts. Officer Derek Chavin murdered in plain sight, put his fists in his pockets to apply even more pressure on that helpless guy while he’s idiot partner Officer Tao does NOTHING to stop it! Chavin kept his knee on even after EMT’s arrived. It was shocking to watch and one of the most horrifying murders by a policeman who was enjoying what he was doing. My god! The woman with the poor dog is a skank.

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  7. You have nailed it Clay…

    America is racist. I was one of those white election night party goers shocked to discover just how racist America is, and I’m a cynical person with a career in a negative art form. But Donald Trump was counting on America’s racism. So was Russia. They made the right bet. America is racist.

    V. P.

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