A Whiter White House


After appointing white nationalist Steve Bannon as his chief strategist Donald Trump has decided to name Islamophobe Lt. General Michael Flynn as his foreign policy adviser.

You would think a guy with the temperament of Donald Trump would seek a calmer, smoother individual for this position, but no. He’s selected a guy who led chants of “lock her up” at the Republican National Convention. Flynn was referring to Hillary Clinton risking the exposure of classified material supposedly stored on her private server, despite the fact that he himself revealed sensitive U.S. intelligence to Pakistan. He’s also a big fan of Russia and Vladimir Putin having dined with him after giving a paid speech. Apparently we can’t have too many racists or people paid by Russians in the White House.

Flynn is also a lobbyist for Turkey. He’s even called for a Turkish cleric to be returned to that nation who their president blames for their recent coup attempt. Never mind seeking evidence or the fact Turkey is clamping down on dissidents, journalists, and anyone else considered a threat.

Flynn does not distinguish Islamic terrorists from followers of the religion in general. He’s called for a ban of Muslim immigrants and likes to retweet anti-Semitic material. Last July he retweeted a message of “Not anymore, Jews. Not anymore,” for which he later apologized. How do you mistakenly retweet that? He’s also praised and plugged a book for a man who claimed “date rape does not exist.”

He also fell for a fake news story (that stuff is really popular with Republicans) that the New York Police Department was “blowing the whistle” on Hillary Clinton for new emails, money laundering, sex crimes with children, pay to play, and perjury. You’re not surprised when your attic-dwelling uncle with the tin-foil helmet falls for such outlandish headlines, but a general? After listening to Queen he’s now convinced “fat-bottomed girls do make the world go round” and it’s a threat to our nation. I made that last one up. Fat-bottomed girls are not a threat to our nation.

David Duke lost in his bid to become Louisiana’s next U.S. senator and Trump’s not done filling his cabinet. The wizard’s available.

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  1. Now, now. Every president has the right to craft his or HIS administration. That goes for who he hires to guide him through the next 4 years, to what sort of place settings to have at the table. For example: I understand that all the White House bed linen will how have eye holes sewn into it.

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  2. Speaking of which. Two things.

    1. If ignorance is bliss, think of how much of Trump’s bliss is being blown away! As he learns what this job is really all about. What threats are coming at America 28 hours per day, 14 days a week! The boyo is in the Trump Tower making Trump towers in his depends!

    I would be surprised if he’s going through smelling salts like they were Ayml Nitrate at one of Jeffery Epstein’s “Modeling interview/ tryouts” parties.

    Donald Trump is more of a “Systemic racist” but his new “Base” includes a level of racist that looks at everybody “else” the way that the Hitler Youth looked at Jews. That’s way outside of Donald’s comfort zone! He’s from Queens! That’s bad. But Alabammy is a whole different kind of worse!

    2. Is there a pool yet? What month does Donald stroke out? He’s 300 pounds if he’s 1. He doesn’t have a doctor! He had that comedian saying He’s in the best shape anyone who ever ran has ever been. And I don’t mean ran for President , I mean anybody who ever ran, like to catch the bus! He doesn’t sleep. And I am not going to believe that he didn’t have a little “White Power” Snort pill or mainlined to keep him going.

    I have a C note that’s telling me “March, 2017”


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