When Dems Get Ripe


I don’t think the future of the Democratic Party is Bernie Sanders, though it may be his message. I also don’t believe Elizabeth Warren can be a winning presidential candidate. After the defeat of Hillary Clinton to a serial lying, misogynistic, narcissistic racist, it seems the country isn’t there yet to take that progressive step….you know, to elect a female who’s intelligent. Apparently America wants dumb and stupid right now. And loud. Very loud.

The Dems are about to have a house fight for leader. Nancy Pelosi, who’s been their leader since the Bush administration, is facing a challenge from Congressman Tim Ryan. I don’t know if Ryan would be a good leader for them and I’m not looking forward to the confusion of Minority Leader Ryan vs. Speaker Ryan, but that party needs new blood.

Speaking of new blood they also need a new chairman. Several candidates’ names have come up. Congressman Keith Ellison seems to be a popular pick for many but I am not wild about that. I don’t believe either party should pick someone who’s currently serving in an elected office. Even though they are partisans they shouldn’t assume the role of steering the party and its entire fundraising arm. They were elected to serve their constituents, not the lobbying machine. They need to follow Republicans in this regard and pick someone whose sole focus will be the party. We all saw how well Debbie Wasserman Schultz did…or didn’t do.

Right now the party is without a shining star. Warren and Bernie are stars but the Democrats need to get younger. Maybe Cory Booker in four years. Maybe someone else. The Democrats are in a drought of talent right now and I don’t think they can admit it. Obama has left some hard shoes to fill and the Clintons are done.

I do have one suggestion the Democrats should jump on for the next election: Run on a platform to legalize weed.

Yes. Weed. Legalize it. You want millennials to get off the couch and vote? Legalize weed. You’ll get a lot more than millennials with that platform. Nobody will vote third party and it will give you the presidency. Well, what’s left of it after Trump oozes all over it.

I don’t know if anyone will get this cartoon or not. I’m not that worried about it. I felt I needed to get away from Trump for just one day. For my clients and myself. I don’t want to burn out. My readers however seem to want nothing but Trump.

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  1. Ellison is my rep and I like him, but I don’t think he’s a good fit for DNC chair. I got into a discussion with someone about resurrecting Howard Dean, but I don’t think he’s a good fit, either. We need new – someone with a solid record, transparency and a consensus builder. Definitely got the cartoon and really sick of Trump in general, so yay you. I think, too, it’s important not to get so distracted by the flashy showman that we don’t do the work that needs to be done.

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  2. Instead of growing a whole new crop of GMO Democrats; how about we flush the open sewer of corruption and start over? The Democratic Party have salted their own fields and nothing wholesome will ever grow there again.

    After Bush and Cheney, I swore never to vote Republican again, after election 2016 I will never vote Democrat again. THAT you can take to Goldman Sachs.

    This ‘nation’ is circling the drain.

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  3. With bribery renamed lobbying and laws like Citizens United, our government will never progress smoothly. Don’t take our pot, we’ll probably need it the next 4 yrs.

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  4. Most voters did not pick the stupid bigot. Clinton got at least a million more votes than he did. Just as Gore got more votes than the frat boy, much good did it do us.

    For Dem chair, how about Martin O’Malley? He was a good liberal governor, and he’s not doing anything else vital right now.


  5. Both parties desperately need new blood and new leaders. And people committed to something besides moving to the edges and extremes. The system shouldn’t look like a teeter-totter or double bell curve with no compromise…there are a LOT of people in the middle that no one is talking to. Which is sad. Can someone move to the middle please?


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