Angry Birds


Are Angry Birds still a thing? Is the game still popular? Are you still receiving annoying invites to play on Facebook?

During a speech in Portland Friday a bird flew into the auditorium and landed on Bernie Sanders’ podium. No pun intended, but Twitter went crazy and #BirdieSanders is still trending.

Talk about an opposite dialogue. People are charmed and amused by a bird landing on Sanders’ podium. Many think it’s analogous of the man and his campaign, which is the point my cartoon is taking.

Meanwhile on the Republican side of things….ugh. Do you have a barf bag? We have Ted Cruz stealing lines from the movie An American President to script his anger at Donald Trump. I think Cruz confused Michael Douglas movies and intended to quote Wall Street. We have a debate on Ted Cruz’s sex life. Seriously.. Donald Trump is back to insulting women. Ted is upset at particular women being insulted but not all. Hey, where are these guys and their outrage when someone makes a really bad vulgar joke about Hillary Clinton’s or Michelle Obama’s physical appearance? Hypocrites.

Back to nicer stuff for a day: The bird thing was really cute. Even I can appreciate something nice and sweet occasionally…and then I’ll destroy it with vultures and flying monkeys. The audience in Portland loved it too and roared with approval. I also learned today that it really ties in with the TV show Portlandia, which I have never seen.

I love birds. I worked in a zoo once (in another lifetime) and working in the birdhouse was part of my duties. I started every morning feeding the birds at 5:00 AM and I usually finished by noon. There were a lot of birds and they all had a different diet. You’d be surprised by how many birds are meat eaters. I’m talking about worms to raw red meat (usually horse meat). The flamingos were some of my favorites as I would make them follow and go where I needed them by clapping my hands. We also had a few primates in the bird house (we weren’t a well coordinated zoo) and I had to feed and clean after them too. Basically it was like feeding a bunch of raccoons.

My first idea for this cartoon was going to involve two panels (like it still does). In the first panel it would state “birds love Sanders.” and in the next panel it would read “Trump loves the bird” and Donald would be flipping his middle finger. Then I saw some people make comments similar to my idea on social media. What really killed it for me was seeing an amateur cartoonist draw the same idea…and pretty well too. So that obvious idea went into my garbage pail along with the Sharpie and correction fluid pen I killed last night.

Did you like this cartoon? Want to help a cartoonist make a living? Look to the right of this page and make a donation through Paypal. I need to buy pens, paper, sandwiches, and dog food. The starving cartoonist and his Beagle appreciates it. If you’ve donated in the past, THANK YOU!!!


  1. Love this piece, didn’t really get the bird thing until you explained it for us.
    And “with vultures and flying monkeys.”? Where are our sharks!? We love sharks!
    And this: my first job out of high school was at the zoo, over here in SoMo. I was a hooved-stock keeper, mostly. (animals with hooves) I must say bailing/loading hay in the Louisiana summer humidity will always be the worst part (for me) of a mostly interesting job.

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  2. I like birds, too…in fact, I love birds! However, Bernie isn’t the innocuous ‘dove’ that he’s portraying, especially when he starts in with the endless name-calling. I see him as no better than the Stump, TBH – and, I see him using the same (albeit milder) tactics that the Stump uses.

    Bernie is an Independent (read: Tea-partier) who shifted to the Democratic Party – yet, he insists that the Democrats have work to do; not the Republicans. Why is that, I wonder?

    I think that Bernie is attacking Hillary so that he can deflect his own lack of leadership ability, in the same way that the Stump is attacking Ted Cruz’s wife. Get everyone up in arms over something ridiculous so that they don’t notice the real shady and scummy deals going on behind the scenes.

    Bernie says that he gets donations from “individual people,” but the last time I checked, “corporations are people, too.”

    So, why isn’t he railing against that? Inquiring minds want to know.

    If the ‘Millennials’ are the sole funders of his campaign, then I have some land, a couple of bridges, and a statue for sale at bargain prices!

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