Obama’s Fault


I covered this topic last August. Here, take a look at the cartoon. Last August. At what point do trump supporters stop beating up protesters, specifically minorities, at his rallies?

What’s even worse, the latest incident in Fayetteville, North Carolina is even more horrible because the man assaulted was the one taken down by police. The man who assaulted him, who moved over several feet to sucker punch the kid, in front of the police, wasn’t bothered. He has since been charged.

Trump’s campaign says they’re not responsible. Despite Trump stating how he’d like to punch protesters and that he’d pay legal defenses for anyone who does.

Trump’s spokespeople say it happens at other rallies. I’m sure there’s a lot of passion at all of the political rallies…except for Marco’s. I know there’s some pushing and shoving at Hillary’s events. Maybe some toes stepped on at Sanders’. A bible or two gets aggressively thumped at a Cruz hootinanny. But you don’t see Bernie Sanders telling his people to steal the protesters’ jackets in Burlington in January and then kick them outside to freeze.

And yet we keep hearing how this is Obama’s fault. That the president is so divisive and the GOP Congress couldn’t work with him and his tone and tenure created the atmosphere that allowed the likes of Donald Trump to destroy the Republican party and make it look like our nation is failing a massive IQ test. Of course the snapperheads who believe that also once thought Sarah Palin was presidential material. And that numb nuts they made their last nominee who recently said Trump would be a disaster for this country? Yeah, that guy. He practically threw a ticker-tape parade for the Trump’s endorsement in 2012.

But seriously? The Tea Party? The promise of a Congress to make the president a one-termer? Birtherism? Questioning his religion? Screaming “you lie” during the state of the union? None of that paved the road for this? Republicans have blamed Obama for a lot, but stating he is the one who destroyed their party is just insane.

They did that all on their own….unless it’s Obama’s fault they don’t like black presidents.

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One comment

  1. I believe descendants of Europeans in America are a bit miffed because they are becoming a minority in a land where they thought themselves to be superior.
    “The stranger that IS within thee shall get up above thee very high; and thou shalt come down very low.” Deuteronomy 28:43


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