Make America Great Again


Some Donald Trump supporters beat up a homeless Latino man in Boston. Trump stated that it was a horrible thing. That was after he was asked to clarify after his original reaction which was “my supporters are passionate.”

Megyn Kelly has received physical threats to which Trump stated that those making threats are passionate about America. Nice.

There’s really something dark and evil brewing out there. Trump is leading the GOP field for president and he’s leading all Democrats in some states, despite not really offering any details to any of his positions. So what is it that’s drawing people to him? It’s not policy.

Is it the divisiveness? Trump is running what’s probably the most negative presidential campaign in American history by practicing xenophobia. A lot of Americans are buying into it.

I really don’t like Nazi or Hitler comparisons but this is similar to before Hitler became chancellor of Germany. His supporters were beating up Jews. I’m sure the Hitler Youth were very passionate about their country.

I always roll my eyes when Republicans say Obama is divisive. Obama didn’t create the birther movement. To say Obama is divisive and support Trump is the hypocrisy.

Supporting Trump might be racist.

A Trump candidacy, and even his capturing the nomination, is a lot of fun and good for political cartoonists. The danger of a Trump presidency is something I will fight against. A Trump presidency would be the greatest disaster to ever hit this country and I don’t believe that’s a hyperbole.


  1. lmao i think the “artist” needs to pay attention to whos supporters are the idiot fanatics assaulting people. also the article was shit


    1. What is wrong with you? Just because you don’t agree with someone this article isn’t “shit”. And Trump is saying very racist things, while all the others aren’t. So how are, say, Hillary Clinton voters idiot fanatics that beat people up? There have been no cases of that yet…


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